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By mswatcher
Published: Nov 23 2009 / 21:18

Linux has failed to win either mind share or market share on the desktop. Google’s Chrome OS will do little to change that. Learn why.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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Linux is for the Server and the embedded but not for the desktop.

User 349415 avatar replied ago:

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I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I've been happily running Linux on my desktops for years...

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mezmo replied ago:

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I think they put the wrong date on the article. Its GOTTA be from April 1.....right?

User 349415 avatar replied ago:

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In one graph he shows Linux steadily increasing in market share and then poses the question, "Why hasn't Linux succeeded?" It looks to me like Linux is succeeding just fine. The more important question is, "Why do people think having a user base in the millions that is growing is not a success?" Linux is still growing slowly and will continue growing slowly. There's nothing wrong with this and it's hardly a market rejection."

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uboness replied ago:

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In the last year (mainly due the last two ubuntu releases) more and more developers in my company switched to Linux as their desktop (it really rocks for development). And once you move to ubuntu, you just cannot go back to Windows. The problem is, that now everyone is starting to look towards moving from Linux to a Mac... which really makes sense if you think about it... it's sort of a logical path you need to take: Windows (all is crap, but relatively snappy and loads of applications) -> Linux (rock solid OS, powerful shell, better UI, windowing system not as snappy and stable and you're missing applications) -> Mac (best of all worlds)

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Ahmed Soliman replied ago:

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I agree.

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Adam Hošek replied ago:

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Although this path is not suitable for everyone, for techies it is. When people get to the linux/unix phase, they are all like kids. Linux is fun to play with, if you like it. But then some of them realize that it is no longer that entertaining as it was when you were 16 or 21. People grow up and some of those just don't want to be forced to play with linux (yeah, it really kind of forces you a little bit to play with the configuration etc. all the time imho). I am somewhere on the boundary of Windows and looking to the other side where the Macland lies. Linux is great platform but not suitable as a desktop for me. Therefore I partially agree with the article but this is really subjective.

(Oops, I'm sorry I voted down your comment. It was by mistake but now I can't change it WTF!)

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bercolax replied ago:

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@uboness I completely agree with you. Even in my company 3 developers have switched to Ubuntu for development this month and they hate to go back to windows for development (though windows may be great for activities other than development)

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kunnar replied ago:

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Dream on. Seems that you are just a Mac fan :)

In my company many developers switched to Linux as well, including myself, but i do not know anybody who moved to Mac. Not a single person. In fact nobody even cant move because there is hardware barrier, company just does not buy from Apple. Windows->Linux is possible with current hardware. But honestly i do not see a reason why anybody should want move to Mac, even when hardware barrier is somehow solved.

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gonzone replied ago:

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magix replied ago:

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In what planet???

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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General people dont like command line and things changing drastically in every version every 6 months.

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