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The JDK is big, too—though not (yet) as big as space. It’s big because over the last thirteen years the Java SE platform has grown from a small system originally intended for embedded devices into a rich collection of libraries serving a wide variety of needs across a broad range of environments. It’s incredibly handy to have such a large and capable Swiss-Army knife at one’s disposal, but size is not without its costs.

Posted by bloid  |   Nov 25 2008 / 08:44

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PeS17 replied ago:

Interesting, wanted to post comment on the blog itself but got "404". So here is what I had to say:

Sorry guys I seem to be minority here but I do not mind. I mean modular JDK? What is the deal? You download it once and install. That is it, you can be sure you have everything you need and go coding.

Now if you had just "kernel" and went coding while waiting for next flight (or at the hotel room) in some god forbidden country and incidentally you needed something you never used before you are.. hmmm... stucked (feel free to :s/st/f/)

Modular JRE might be more interesting but then again, not all PCs are on (fast) Internet. Also, imagine BigCorp Inc. with tight security, firewalls, restricted web access, blah blah. Unless you can serve JRE from your own (internal) server/URL it is not that much interesting either, is it?

I very much do welcome speed improvements in JDKu10, still I will prefer to install full JRE on client stations. And I definitely do not want to get back 10 years when Swing was not part of JDK/JRE and every applet or app had to have that as 3rd party lib (i.e. downloading all the time).

Or am I missing the point here?

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henk replied ago:

I think you hit the nail on the head ;)

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