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I’m not ashamed of those sins any more, so here you go :) 1. Building my own Object Relational Mapping framework. 2. Using an Entity-Attribute-Value model database schema design. etc...

Posted by cherouvim  |   Feb 08 2009 / 00:42

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Motion Control replied ago:

ad 1. ORM

Consequence: You don't need an ORM. Neither your home-grown 'solution' nor over-engineered bloatware like Hibernate.

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herval replied ago:

are you, like, in the 80s?

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zynasis replied ago:

well, kindof

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geetee replied ago:

Amen, Motion Control. I see so much (home-grown) ORM abuse daily and it makes me sad.

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ceaseoleo replied ago:

probably one of the best posts ever. To be a better programmer boils down to recognizing and admitting when and why you did something wrong.

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bensonreg replied ago:


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iskober replied ago:


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henk replied ago:


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