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By jsugrue
Published: Nov 06 2008 / 17:05

As someone who works primarily on desktop application development, I was disappointed to read Kirill's blog today, where he discusses how JavaFX is taking all the focus from new Swing development. While I'll admit that getting JavaFX 1.0 released will be great, and that we should finally see Java UI's hitting more platforms and devices, I'm not sure it's a great move to have only bug fixing and support as the Swing activities at Sun.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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JavaFX is not worth it and many people knows it. Swing was perfect for Multiplatform GUI development just need to evolve more thats all, It was mature and fast and took 10 years to get to the point where Swing is it.

JavaFX will take another 10 years to get to the place Swing is it now so no thanks I better use already proven technologies as Flash/Flex or continue to contribute to Swing development without Sun support.

At this times technologies does not come and go, we need to keep the best of the best and try to improve, It is getting very very expensive everytime to reinvent the wheel, That doesn't work anymore.

This is the stupidest ever move Sun made, period.

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