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By jrandol
Published: Aug 15 2010 / 09:07

Oracle managers are clearly out of their minds. Rather then embrace huge potential Android brings to Java market thanks to Google they are trying to kill it again – the same way they killed it on Microsoft and Apple platform – by inserting themselves as “guides” on innovation. Turning Java from legacy to red-hot environment again was not an easy task.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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I will agree with Oracle cause is their product/rights/business/owner and all if Java was a new platform and product with years coming of profit but Java is a legacy platform with a lot of history and I think is a huge mistake what Oracle is trying to do now with Java the platform, ecosystem and community, I think is to late. Maybe Google is trying to cash also with Android but thanks to Android Java was becoming relevant again but with this Oracle move push Java to the bottom, even the .net guys are laughing about all this mess right now. About Android I dont care about it, tomorrow I get Nokia Meego and I can develop for it in C++ or Python but the problem here is Java it what it gets the more hurt with this bad move. As Michael Urban said since Gosling resigned from Oracle I was smelling the (new Cobol)Java is aproching and we will watch the dead of Java little by little. This is very sad to see lots of efforts and jobs/projects from the Open Source and Java people put into this platform in years and in one day fell down all this. In early 2000's I was loosing interest on Java cause didnt become an ISO standard but Sun begin to speak about OpenSourcing it and let the world drive the future of Java as with Linux and that gain me interested again with Java but right now I fear, doubt and Im uncertain thanks to Oracle about the future of Java. I dont want to live again this and I would prefer to use true open standard or open source languages as C++ or Python that nobody owns and I can work without worry about a company driven your platform of choice to the dead. Thats why also I quited in the earlies 2000's Microsoft products, Look how Visual Basic people lived after that. I hope All this just a bad dream and Java is healthy and we can continue to work on it but if this the true life and Oracle decide to push more deep this bullshit, Im done with Java and I will have to give to Java the kiss of good bye.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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By the way, Everything is based on OpenJDK so Java is GPL with the classpath exception, Why Google needs a license with Oracle?, Cause dalvik is based on Harmony? but I think Dalvik already using OpenJDK stuff so it complains to the GPL plus dalvik is open source you can get a copy of the source.

Also I was reading somewhere that Oracle patents Google is infringing cant be applied anymore so it means all this thing is bullshit and Oracle did an auto FUD to their own platform as some people said they shoot their self in the foot. This is dumbest thing Oracle ever did or any company, Even Microsoft is not that stupid, Oracle does not have a case and Java is FREE is GPLed.

Oracle does not have the capacity to control Java and Java the ecosystem and also they suck big time driving opensource. It was a joke Oracle was at the last Linux show they dont know the spirit of opensource, they just know to make money but not with innovation they just buy other companies and cash cow everything. Like a Virus.

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devdanke replied ago:

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Oracle is showing it's incapable of being a good steward for the Java language. This is not a big surprise, given Oracle's poor history of working cooperatively with other companies.

IBM, Google, and Oracle are the big corporate backers that support Java and make it the dominant programming language. Oracle's heavy handed lawsuit against Google is driving a wedge between these three Java backers.

It's time for Google and IBM to come together to make Open Source Java a reality. Sun dragged it's feet for many years and wouldn't let the Apache Foundation make an Open Source JDK. Apache lacked the resources to get around Sun's road blocks. But with Google's and IBM's support, Apache could finally make Open Source Java a viable industrial strength, production ready alternative to Oracle's JDK/JRE.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Dalvik is fast, i mean very very very fast.

So please dont talk about JVM anymore, Dalvik + Scala on desktop can nail down JVM.

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