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By mswatcher
Published: Nov 29 2011 / 15:28

un Microsystems in 2007 announced a re-imagining of GUI platform Swing with JavaFX. Swing, Sun said, had reached an architectural dead-end and need a reboot to compete on modern, Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms.
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cbegin replied ago:

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JavaFX couldn't even kill Silverlight, the thing that Flash killed.
Nor could it kill Flash, the thing that HTML5 killed.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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We have to understand the real situation here why Microsoft and Adobe took a different path right now.

Microsoft because is loosing all really, so they had to organize internally and kill the projects that made noise. so they are all going with Metro UI, Native and Windows 8, They had to kill silverlight. Also they are integrating into Metro UI html5/javascript to attract new developers so its settle on the windows platform and not loose more market share on the mobile and desktop space, Microsoft is all is business.

Adobe is more simple story, Flash plugin sucks big time!. they never innovated it they way was designed. Flash sucks on mobiles with bugs and energy hungry, they never took a time to fix all that, Steve Jobs was right there, Adobe was and it is lazy company and they didnt took the time to fix it. Look flash at the Mac and Linux is a disaster. So they went the easy way, Tools and html5/javascript is the hot thing right now so also it is all business here.

JavaFX is another story, Sun created it to compete with Silverlight and Flash but it failed in its first version because it was targeted at the wrong audience. So Java developers ware hungry of a new GUI api for Java because Swing couldn't do it anymore so when Oracle took the crown of Java it switched the design to create a new Java GUI api for Java developers that they could create GUIs for desktop, mobile or any kind of device using plain java the language and also there is the fxml extension and that is not all business, it is just an evolution of GUI api for Java and the JVM. As it is Metro UI for Microsoft platform or as an alternative to HTML5 when we need a thick or thin clients for presentation. JavaFX2 have not been designed to replace Silverlight or Flash or HTML5, It is designed to replace Swing/Java2D and thats all. It is just one GUI api for Java.

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