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After some reflection, I've decided to delete my account on Facebook. I'd like to encourage you to do the same.

Posted by jrandol  |   May 03 2010 / 10:26

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ct replied ago:

This just in - using networked services creates exposure to network.

If this is your criteria for deleting yourself from facebook, just go ahead an delete yourself from the internet. It'll make the www a smarter place.

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thinksincode replied ago:


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Travis Calder replied ago:

There's a difference between "exposure to the network" and what Facebook does.

Read point #10 - yes, Facebook can ban you for NOT keeping them up to date on your life. You now owe Facebook your life's diary.

Read point #7 - yes, they are screwing you with a bait-and-switch.

Don't get me wrong, I use FB, but unlike most I don't actually assume ANY privacy there. Most users do.

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danto005 replied ago:

every company especially fortune 500 company is unethical.

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rv49649 replied ago:

From #10 "Essentially, they see their customers as unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting data."

Not precisely true - the compensation Facebook users enjoy is the use of the Facebook system, i.e., they don't have to pay a fee to use it each month.

Why are there so many people that express a tacit presumption that it is a human right to utilize resources on the Internet for free with nothing expected in return?

There are now about two generations that are growing up having never heard the phrase, "there's no free lunch".

Well, the currency you're paying for the use of the Internet's bounty is your privacy. There's no free lunch.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

#1. The Facebook application itself sucks.


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RawThinkTank replied ago:

What we need is a bittorrent like headless, open, P2P, social network app, like our telephone.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

WOW , whoever votes me down on above post cant see what i can,

poor things.

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