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By smaye81
Published: Jan 30 2014 / 02:35

I’m a huge fan of unit testing front end code no matter what platform I’m coding in. The rule about being smart about what you test is even more important with UI code. Uncle Bob said, “having dirty tests is equivalent to, if not worse than, having no tests.”
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sbp_romania replied ago:

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“If it is not testable, maintainable, and understandable, it is trash.” - This is so true, and unfortunately, a lot of legacy code is like that, it makes you laugh because it's so bad and then it makes you cry because you have to fix it.

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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Not just legacy code. There's a lot of bad test code out there, where people use scaffolding during development (mock objects and the like) and then forgot to kick away the scaffolding once the rest of the app is developed. The great thing with this approach is the tests always work - because they imagine a perfect world. That kind of testing makes ME cry... coz I have to fix that :)

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sbp_romania replied ago:

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Well, leaving placeholders even though the app is finished, is a very serious thing, and the developer who did this should be ashamed of it. :) Also, if the tests always work, for me is a sign that something is wrong, with the tests, or with the tester.

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