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I love dzone however none of the mobile browser can display DZone in a mobile device. I am requesting for a mobile friendly DZone. What you say community?

Posted by mammen  |   Aug 18 2010 / 08:56

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bloid replied ago:

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te12026 replied ago:

Agreed. My otherwise regular sized mobile phone screen is too small to allow me to go from rss-feed to an article. The intermediate dzone page's static header fills and locks the screen.

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varkon replied ago:


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siddii replied ago:

I use DZone on my Android through iGoogle using this gadget and it works perfectly fine.

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mchean replied ago:


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Daniel Ribeiro replied ago:

Open the Api. I want so many more feature from dzone, and opening the api would enable dzone to be more relevant from the work of others. Which is good for dzone, the users and the others.

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matt replied ago:

Love the votes on this. As bloid mentioned, we have an iPhone version. Someone also mentioned the iGoogle interface. We've got some stuff in the works (especially around Refcardz), but plan to make this thing much more useable from a mobile perspective soon.

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jankotek replied ago:

It is wonderful how this website s* on mobile phones.

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User 349673 avatar replied ago:

Yes please!

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James Williams replied ago:

Dzone is not that usable on many netbook screens either. The bottom ads cover all the links and tags.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

Just stretch your mobile a bit

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John Rockefeller replied ago:

Well I think we have our answer...

Is this the most voted article on DZone of all time?

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@thierry_lefort replied ago:

No, this one is :, but it still reached top 10 ;-)

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Peter Schröder replied ago:

i started working on a RESTfull api for dzone:

and an iphone app using it:

both need some work, but i think i will get it done until mid september

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