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As a followup to our article on reasons to listen to music while coding, we look at the kind of things which you should consider when choosing your music, and add a couple of suggestions while we're at it.

Posted by SamHoward  |   Aug 07 2014 / 05:41

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sbp_romania replied ago:

What do you think about some classical music from Maestro Beethoven? I find it very relaxing and uplifting...

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bhames50 replied ago:

Contemporary jazz - very upbeat to keep you positive while coding, and no words to distract while coding. ,

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adpet replied ago:

Uplifting trance. Nice pace, and the distorsed, filtered remnants of human voices keep the brain on the toes without distraction. ,

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User 293513 avatar replied ago:

Beethoven is too emotional for me to code to but I find Bach being very helpful. Contemporary jazz? - always! :) ,

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