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Which way you'll prefer to go in future and Why....? Since IronRuby, IronPython, VBx are just few months away... I plan to write a blog to collect suggestions and feed backs here as a guideline for others to decide for the future. the topic is such like.... " Which way you'll go in future... from this 6 DotNet Languages "I would like to highlight few points that can help you decide/Judge. Your suggestions, Comments

Posted by SoftMind  |   Sep 30 2007 / 21:43

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SoftMind replied ago:

It would be nice to get the feedbacks or comments on the programing languages that could be useful for the best results in web2.0

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ddelponte replied ago:

Java, JRuby, Ruby?

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mycall replied ago:

Does various java language compiling down to JVM bytecode allow them to share each other's libraries and code? If so, I see Java/JVM being much more interesting as far as new languages go. Still, Microsoft is innovating too.

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ddelponte replied ago:

Yes... it does. For example, JRuby and Groovy may make calls into all existing Java libraries.

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