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By alashcraft
Published: Feb 02 2009 / 15:51

The other day I was reading Jeff Atwood's blog post discussing why OO.o couldn't attract people to their open source initiative. He made some great points about it being OO's job to attract the developers to them by offering a worry-free coding environment and catering to their needs. I completely agree, but it really got me to wonder. When on earth do I have time to contribute to an open source project?
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zynasis replied ago:

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single and unemployeed geeks, thats all

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Gregg Bolinger replied ago:

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Voted down for using the word "Absolu". Come on, really? You couldn't type four more letters? Oh, and for the fact that there isn't anything to this. No real dev content. Just someone talking to themselves. Blog worthy? Sure. DZone worthy? Hardly.

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noahz replied ago:

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This article is spot on. The largest and most successful open source projects are backed by for-profit corporations that employ a staff of developers that work on the code base. Its a myth that OSS projects are built from the ground up by nerds in their PJs working in their basements at night after work. According to Wikipedia, "development [of] is managed by staff members of StarOffice," so is exactly one such example of this.

In short, corporations are trying to use open source as a backstop for what should paid development efforts. They shouldn't complain if no one wants to volunteer free (but valuable work). And users shouldn't complain if a free product has unfixed bugs.

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Topnotch replied ago:

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Finally, some reality is shone on this subject. Too bad so many people create valuable software and then believe it should be given away for free.

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Brian LeRoux replied ago:

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Down. I have a fulltime gig and I contribute to open source. How? Like everything in life: I make time. I consider it as important as investing in myself by going to the gym, reading books and spending time with my friends and family. Life is not an 'all or none' proposition. Its about balance. If you don't have time it is because you choose to not make the time. The "I have no time" statement is a weak excuse for denying yourself better opportunities for personal and professional development.

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PeS17 replied ago:

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+1; plus comment under the blog.

Anyway, I am always confused whether to put comments here or on the blog itself... errr, nevermind, I guess

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leedumond replied ago:

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Navel-gazing isn't all that interesting, no matter how cute the navel in question may be. And reading the ruminations of someone else's navel-gazing is even less interesting.

I agree with Gregg Bolinger -- no dev content, and not DZone worthy.

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