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Android tablets were expected to give the Apple iPad fierce competition in 2011. It never happened. Here’s why Android tablets flopped.

Posted by mswatcher  |   Jan 08 2012 / 12:56

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javakata replied ago:

Oh, get the Apple ass kissing outta here. This is the same speech I've heard over the years about Firefox, Google Chrome, Android Phones and the list goes on and on. Gobble the numbers up, dice them around, and whatever you want to be the winner will be the winner.

How can someone state that tablet traffic is 95% IPad but at the same time the Android tablets are making up between 15 and 30% of the market and all that proves that the the Android tablets are doomed. First off, maybe there's so much IPad traffic vs Android Tablet traffic because on an Android tablet you can do lots more then just check your emails and browse the web (tho even if we take only that into comparison the IPad comes inferior). How about the fact that on Android you can install a butt-load of browsers, each with it's own user-agent that the "web metrics" company of apple-kiss-ass inc. might now know about them. How about the fact that on Android devices you can easily change the user agent to whatever you want?

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ararog replied ago:


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reachajaig replied ago:

Am not sure whatever the points mentioned in the article are the causes of failure. Since ICS is out, we might see more updates on the market..

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joemckedreck replied ago:


I am also not getting whether these are really causes behind failure.
As in INDIA, there is a huge response to AAKASH tablet. Its the cheapest tablet till now it cost around $60.
For student it cost around $30 due to some subsides provided by INDIAN government. Data wind manufacture is selling 1lac unit per day, looking at such a good response it seems that android tablet not failed. Check google for features in AAKASH tablet by DATAWIND

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Amr Ellafy replied ago:

can't see them failing !

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