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By acoin
Published: Apr 16 2013 / 11:23

Now don’t get me wrong. C++11 is fantastic! I am in just about 100% agreement with all of the changes that have been made. There is one thing it didn’t become though—and this is the most important—more simple.
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eelmore replied ago:

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C++ has become less relevant only as a general purpose language for writing applications. This is because it is still a fairly low-level language (especially by today's standards). Because of this, a lot of people seem to confuse that with being "bad" when it's actually just a matter of C++ not being the best tool for *their* particular purpose. I agree that more people should learn about C++, in fact I'd take it a step further. Any professional programmer that's actually interested in their craft should spend some time working in C++ because those whom it does not destroy, it makes stronger.

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kp114111 replied ago:

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C++ has a lot of uses but I have not written anything with it in a number of years. I have moved on to Java, C#, Python and other languages that fit what I needed at the moment. I don't miss C++. When coding in it you think about the language just as much as you think about the problem at hand. With Java, as a simple example, I tend to think more about the business logic as the language is not getting in my way constantly reminding me to clean up after myself. Kind of like being a chef. If you don't have to stop and clean the pans or wipe up the spills you can just concentrate on cooking and you can make some fantastic dishes. If you have to constantly stop your cooking process to wash a skillet it slows things down and maybe you even burn something. Doing code reviews of C++ code was easy. Take one CPP and one H file and find issues. With Java we had to look at a number of classes to see how they interacted to find issues. The code was generally pretty clean. One String class instead of a CString, template string, bstr, char array etc. screwing with you. Use the best tool for the job.

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