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You could hear a collective sigh of relief from the software developer world when Judge William Alsup issued his ruling in the Oracle-Google lawsuit. Oracle lost on pretty much every point. Now the legal appeal of the decision is underway. If Oracle succeeds in claiming you need their permission to use the Java APIs that they pushed as a community standard, software developers and innovation will be the losers. The debate is this: will our economy thrive and be more competitive because companies can easily switch from one service provider to the other, by leveraging identical APIs; or, will we allow vendors to inhibit competition through API lock-in? Sign the White House petition about this:

Posted by heidig  |   Apr 11 2013 / 08:22

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heidig replied ago:

If you agree that APIs (not just Java APIs, by the way) should be open and usable by all developers, please e-sign the White House petition:

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