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I think everyone in the technology field knows Microsoft, you either love them or you hate them.  It seems there are more haters these days than those that love them and it is often times their own fault.

Posted by mswatcher  |   Nov 06 2010 / 15:17

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

Woha, they did the same thing to VB6.

If they see something not adding to their revenue they will always sabotage it.

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alien3d replied ago:

same as Visual Fox Pro.odbc driver 1999.Come la.

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stimpy77 replied ago:

Microsoft has not killed Silverlight, it's not dead, and Tim Heuer just posted on a .NET mailing list that their team (the Silverlight team) is bigger than it ever has been. This quote about Microsoft shifting its strategy is not about waffling, it's about Microsoft paying attention to the reality that HTML 5 is frickin' awesome and needs to be supported. Silverlight was in many ways a band-aid to fix a problem that HTML 5 largely addresses (the problem being the need for rich UI over the web). But meanwhile Microsoft is still in the software platform business, and unless people upgrade from Windows XP to get their hands on IE9 they don't make any money off of HTML 5, so they'll certainly keep supporting Silverlight and WPF as well. They're just not stupid, either; they know that if they want to stay relevant in the world of rich user interfaces, they have to support HTML 5, too. This comes as very good news for those of us who are dependent upon Microsoft.

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stimpy77 replied ago:

And on a side note, HTML 5 *is* open (even if IE9 isn't), so the contradictions here are pretty drastic. Going with Microsoft nowadays means supporting both Microsoft and open platforms at the same time.

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