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By Djkiou
Published: Feb 08 2013 / 02:24

It is a simple question. So why don’t you get more training? Do you feel that you operate already effectively? Is there no more stuff to learn? Do you think that you are already “good”? Sometimes, just when we are walking about and we feel everything is going smoothly, then the bottom drops out of the bucket, our world suddenly of positivity, in the situation, our lives, family and friends, takes a nose dive to the other side. When our world changes to tragedy, conflict and controversy those times,we all experienced, can be really depressing and shockingly awful. These are the times when we start to kick ourselves, probably. We reproach ourselves with, “I should’ve done this. I could’ve done that.” Well the question at the beginning still stand, why do you not care about any changing the train, saving for a rainy day, and could of all of this tragedy be avoided. They say, prevention is better than the cure.
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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

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its Because most of the Bafoons work for an 8 to 12 (midnight) job, since they are INCOMPETENT in rattling the govt by organizing and marching to attack their parliaments and kill the political puppets there.

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