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Wrench is an up-to-date websocket server implementation in php that works with current chrome and firefox versions. The library has no external dependencies, just php 5.3 is required.

Posted by DerFichtl  |   Submitted: Dec 13 2012 / 15:49

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zukisaniz replied ago:

Hi man I like the example you put up... I used it to implement both the echo example and managed to build a simple chat application. I am at a loss though when I try to do this: I have access to a local server that I connect to using filezilla... I want to implement Wrench there but my problem is that I don't know two things: 1: How to set up the client side: ws = new WebSocket("ws://WHAT TO WRITE:8080/chat"); 2: How to start up "server.php" remotely. I can use filezilla to dump the files into the server but I don't know how to take it from there. Please help if you can.

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