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Animation is an essential ingredient of a good demo applet. In this ShowMeDo John demonstrates using a thread for animation.

Posted by ianATshowmedo  |   Sep 19 2006 / 09:55

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ianATshowmedo replied ago:

Wrong Description Text! Sorry, the text for Part 4 (animation) was copied in for Part 3 (double-buffering) by mistake. The correct text is:
"Double-buffering is a technique used to minimise flicker on the screen, by drawing to an offscreen buffer and copying the buffer to the screen in one operation. John demonstrates this technique to create a double buffered Java Applet."

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ct replied ago:

show me do is a great site and idea btw. just a quick tip though, you may want to convert to a flash based player... the streaming is awesome, it's a user interface people like using, lots of reasons why...

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ianATshowmedo replied ago:

Actually...we *will* be switching to a Flash-based system. Given that everyone can use YouTube, it makes perfect sense. Expect to see the transition over the next two months - and thanks for the compliments.

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gwoods replied ago:

Any one still uses applet?

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