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By devmentia
Published: Nov 03 2009 / 09:02

Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) are everywhere and they are great. Here's one: 17887139-b280-4984-849a-9029aefc055d ...and it's unique. You can try to generate it again but, unless you cheat, the chances are slimmer than Twiggy's chances of winning the North-Eastern Pie-Eating contest....
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chocolim replied ago:

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I have not a lot of common sense, but after read that article i had a lot less...

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devmentia replied ago:

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You understand that I'm not being entirely serious don't you? In the UK there has been a lot of kerfuffle for a long time about introducing ID cards for everyone. The government wants them, the people (in general) do not. One of the goverment arguments is that they don't hold any personal data. One presumes they will hold a GUID or similar ID.

Then again, given the usual debacles of government IT projects, they'll probably have an incrementing integer.

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