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By Cameron McKenzie
Published: Dec 15 2011 / 22:57

In years past, writing a Java certification exam meant your wallet would be lighter by $150 or $200. In recent times though, the price to sit an Oracle certification exam has been raised to $300. The cost of taking the OCP exam will likely remain at the $300 rate. However, since the $300 OCA exam is a prerequisite, you will now have to pass two exams to obtain your OCP designation, which means people who aren’t fortunate enough to simply write an upgrade exam are looking at a whopping $600 price tag in order to become a certified Java 7 professional.
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zynasis replied ago:

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People actually go for these? What a waste of time and money.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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For learn Java just get a damn book and learn the syntax and constructs.

Now , If you want to learn how to program go to the nearest university and get a degree on software engineering and learn the concepts, data structures etc. Programming languages are just tools as a hammer, You dont need a certification to use a hammer but yes you need a degree for become an engineer.

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dxxvi replied ago:

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Java is not a regular hammer, it's a multi-function tool, I think. We need to know about that tool quite well to use it in the best way.
If we don't talk about the exam cost, those exams are very good (not like MS exams). If you're just a Joe Java programmer, I think you should try it (at home only to save money).

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a1programmer replied ago:

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Maybe this will stop the guys who cram, take the test, then get the cert.

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gregorypierce replied ago:

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Its not worth $600 (barely $150). Epic fail.

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