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Hello friends! Today I am going to share zoom image code in Android using TouchListner, MotionEvent, Matrix. Please copy paste below code and enjoy!

Posted by manishsri01  |   May 22 2013 / 09:58

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manishsri01 replied ago:

Thanks all for your up vote! and vickytamblue May I know reason for negative vote? Is it not good post? or something else please let me know so in future I will mind it...

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vickytambule replied ago:

Manish Srivastava first of all no doubt the post deserve up vote. the only reason i have given down vote is , the post was at the top in the new links queue and only after a few minutes of submission it had around 146 clicks while the posts following it were trailing a way behind.

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manishsri01 replied ago:

its okay and thanks for your nice word!

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