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Sarah Ervin04/27/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 18): Agile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Agile Zone (Apr. 18 to Apr. 24). This week's topics include some career advice for programmers, how being lazy can help you be a good developer, why "Ready For" columns on Kanban boards are bad, and a discussion of women in tech.

Chris Odell04/25/14
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Talent Helps But It's Hard Work That Counts

Sometimes people fail before they have even started. This is not because the task is too big or too complicated, it is simply that the person lacks confidence in their ability, and do not believe that they can do whatever the task is.

Kristina Chodorow04/25/14
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TEALS – Teaching CS on your way to work, part 2

Give it a shot! It’s a great way to give back and get people interested in computer science.

Chris Odell04/25/14
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Simplicity is Hard

Most devs can knock out a code module or two. But it is the ones that go back and check their work and refactor through a number of cycles that make clean, elegant code which is simple.

Roman Pichler04/24/14
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Beyond the Product Demo: Choosing the Right Validation Technique in Scrum

Scrum employs the product demo as its default technique to understand if the right product with the right features is developed. This post provides an overview of alternative validation methods so you can choose the one that is best suited for your product.

Johanna Rothman04/24/14
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Design Your Agile Project, Part 4

In the program, what you need is for each team to deliver, all the time. The program wants as close to continuous delivery as possible. You can reduce the interdependencies—or plan for them. You can certainly expose them.

Tathagat Varma04/24/14
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Three Questions Every Program Manager Must Ask

I have found that these are not just relevant for a program manager but are helpful to anyone – a product manager trying to understand more about why his customers buy (or ignore) their product, or an HR manager trying to create the new hiring campaign, and so on.

Scott Westfall04/23/14
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Software Development Fomentor?

With all of the negative connotations associated with the word, “manager”, I’d rather be called a Software Development Fomentor. But even if you can’t get them to change your job title to Fomentor, you can still make things better by shaking them up a bit. So, let’s start some fomenting today!

Jeremiah Orr04/23/14
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Solve Your Problem by ALMOST Asking a Question on StackOverflow

More often than not, the author solves the problem himself by going through this process. And if he doesn't discover the solution himself, then he has constructed a proper question that gives him the best chance of getting the help he needs from the community.

Michael Sahota04/23/14
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Self-Appreciation Game: Personal Growth Hack

This is a great game to help people and teams become more resourceful so they are able to co-create a more positive environment. It is very helpful if you are working to create a people-oriented organization.

Trisha Gee04/22/14
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Career Advice for Programmers

I have a tendency to bang on every now and again about how we, as developers, could do better in managing our careers.

Edmund Kirwan04/22/14
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Structural Contingency (Part One)

Order, in mathematics, matters.

Dave Rooney04/22/14
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Agile Transformation Phase 2 - Get Real With Your Portfolio

If you're in the middle of an Agile pilot project and are wondering what the question mark is in Phase 2, then you need to start determining what work your organization really should be doing. Don't be the Underpants Gnomes and end up with a giant pile of underwear and no one to wear them!

Dalip Mahal04/21/14
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Productive Developers are Smart and Lazy

Code is often written before the requirements are understood or gathered. In addition, quickly written code often fails to fit with everyone else's code; often, it is only during integration that this problem is discovered. Good developers are patient and realize that there is a cost to writing code quickly.

Tim Millwood04/21/14
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Definition of done

It is often tempting to mark something as done when it's not quite done. However this sets the wrong expectation with the client, and also confuses development. Wait until all criteria has been met, every last bit.

Sarah Ervin04/20/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 11): Agile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Agile Zone (Apr. 11 to Apr. 17). This week's topics include the relationship between golf and agile, the fate of eXtreme Programming, and how to properly handle management conundrums while implementing agile.

James Betteley04/18/14
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Are “Ready For” Columns on Kanban Boards The Enemy of God?

“Ready for Test” usually means it’s either deployed (and yet to be tested) or waiting to be deployed. Either way, not much is happening to the work sitting in this column. Basically it’s waste, and remember, waste is very bad.

Sarah Ervin04/17/14
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Women in Tech: The Current State of Gender Bias

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women comprise 47% of the general workforce. Why then, does the same survey say that women comprise only 26.1% of all "Computer and Mathematical" occupations?

Rob Galanakis04/17/14
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Results Are Not the Point?

The point is to create a repeatable, empirical, continuously improving process. If we can create a reliable, successful process (which here includes culture and practices), we can get reliable, successful results.

Kristina Chodorow04/17/14
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TEALS – Teaching CS on Your Way to Work

TEALS, is a volunteer program where software engineers teach CS to high school students on their way to work. Basically, the schools schedule the CS class for first period so that the engineers can make it into work by 9:30. One group is teaching at a school that is 100% English-as-a-second-language students.

Jim Bird04/16/14
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Agile - What’s a Manager to Do?

There are lots of management problems that need to be taken care of in any project. Agile spreads some management responsibilities around, but doesn’t make management problems go away. Projects can’t scale and teams can’t succeed unless somebody - a project manager - takes care of them.

Mike Bushong04/16/14
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Leadership essentials: Get on the green, then go for the hole

The sport of golf is a mathematician's dream. Why?

Ricci Gian Maria04/15/14
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The advantage of Scrum in evaluating "new stuff"

In a rapid evolving industry, like software development, using Scrum is a really good solution to constantly verify new technologies in your team, with little risks, but with real world feedback at the same time.

Dave Fecak04/15/14
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How to Level Up

I regularly hear from and read about technologists in a career rut. Unless one is both lucky and adept at predicting the future, experiencing some temporary stall can happen to professionals at any career stage.

Chase Seibert04/15/14
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Better debugging through healthy living

Debugging code is more of an art than a science. It’s an art form that you will have plenty of time to practice as a software engineer.