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Torbjörn Gannholm08/30/09
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Clarity of code is clarity of thought

I remember at my first job when we introduced the concept of code reviews. I don't think anybody really looked at anybody else's code before pressing the "approve" button, I know I didn't. Reading code is boring and it can be hard and it felt like a...

Justin Sargent08/28/09
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Rally Software Debuts ALM Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Rally Software Development Corp unveiled an ALM data warehouse in the cloud and the third generation of its award-winning Agile ALM solution.  Rally's new ALM data warehouse lets organizations build the custom roll-up and drill-down reports. Unlike...

Kirk Knoernschild08/27/09
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Agile 2009: Day Three

After a great first day, day three at Agile 2009 is a wrap. I have some general observations about the conference, but I’ll save those until next week to offer an overall recap. I missed out on most of Day 2 due to a pretty full meeting schedule. I was...

Jack Milunsky08/26/09
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User Stories - Tell it like it is

At every training session I do on Agile and Scrum, there two questions that are guaranteed to be asked without fail. What are user stories? and Why are they called user stories? Most participants understand that they're some form of user requirement but...

Justin Sargent08/26/09
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ThoughtWorks and Tasktop join to integrate with Eclipse

ThoughtWorks Studios and Tasktop Technologies announced the ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector. Set for release with Tasktop Pro in October, the connector will help streamline software development by providing direct access to ThoughtWorks Studios'...

Justin Sargent08/25/09
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Rally Releases New Agile ALM System

Rally Software, a producer of agile application lifecycle management software, will announce the third generation of its Agile ALM system, Rally Release 2009.4. The new Rally technology features an ALM data warehouse in the cloud, Rally officials said....

Kirk Knoernschild08/25/09
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Stars & Craftsmanship

The first day of Agile 2009 is in the books. While it’s great that the conference is packed with amazing sessions, it also means that it’s not possible to take it all in. Today’s highlights for myself included Programming with the Stars and the...

Justin Sargent08/24/09
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OpenMake Software and Creoss Partner to Improve Agile Methods

OpenMake Software announced today a technology partnership with Creoss( the creators of the Agile Framework Paceline). The partnership integrates OpenMake Meister's advanced build automation software into the Paceline methodology. The integration allows...

Jack Milunsky08/19/09
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Planning Poker - The Real Epiphany

Last week I established three good reasons to go with Story Points and why they're so popular. This week I want to talk about one more important aspect of story points and then provide tips on how to get started estimating in Story Points. I find this...

Mike Cottmeyer08/19/09
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Agile Adoption and Scaling Patterns

Over the past few months of writing Leading Agile... doing the Cutter Paper... and now preparing to write this book... we've talked a lot about different agile adoption and scaling patterns in the enterprise. Specifically here we've talked about team based...

Nitin Bharti08/18/09
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Agile Tour Comes to Toronto: Oct 20th

The Toronto Agile Software Development Community will host Agile Tour Toronto as a one day conference that will take place Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency on King in the heart of downtown Toronto. Agile Tour Toronto will provide a forum to...

Justin Sargent08/17/09
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ThoughtWorks Studios Announces Adaptive ALM

ThoughtWorks Studios today announced Adaptive ALM, a new solution to help organizations streamline and automate the Agile software development lifecycle. Using Adaptive ALM, development organizations have the flexibility to better manage a variety of...

Henry Mark08/14/09
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Using Prototypes to Improve UI Design

When we design an application for desktop, Web, or mobile, an important consideration to make is the user experience (UX). To achieve better UX, we need to design the user interface (UI) very carefully. UI is not only the way we layout and paint the widgets...

Jack Milunsky08/10/09
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The Significance of Story points

Expecting your teams to estimate in Story Points can be quite a leap of faith. When I first introduced the concept of Story Points at my previous company, no-one could wrap their heads around the concept. When it comes to estimating, we’re so accustomed...

Nitin Bharti08/04/09
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Scaling Agile with Danube ScrumWorks 4

As the agile tools market continues to mature, more organizations are beginning to scale their development processes in ways that were previously not possible.  Danube Technologies this week unveiled the latest version of its Scrum lifecycle management...

Justin Sargent08/04/09
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VersionOne Goes Lean with new Storyboard, Kanban support

VersionOne announced today their Summer '09 release introducing a new Storyboard, support for Lean / Kanban and significant performance improvements throughout the application. Organizations that have a mix of Scrum and Kanban teams can now manage agile...

Justin Sargent07/30/09
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Coverity goes to School with Static Analysis Product

Coverity, provider of static source code analysis software, today announced an expansion of its academic research program. The Coverity Software Integrity Academic Program is designed to help universities advance the study of software integrity, which...

Justin Sargent07/22/09
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OpenMake Meister and Mojo 7.3 Released

OpenMake Software, provider of build automation, build management, and continuous integration software, has released OpenMake Meister and Mojo 7.3. This new release delivers optimized acceleration capabilities of the Meister build engine to improve...

Kirk Knoernschild07/22/09
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The Project Date - Kill It!

Tom DeMarco recently published an article in IEEE Software suggesting he may have been wrong in stating that metrics are a requirement for successful software development. He questions his timeless statement, “You can’t control what...

Justin Sargent07/20/09
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Borland Introduces Silk 2009

Borland today unveiled Silk 2009, a comprehensive software test suite designed to support the testing needs of both Agile and traditional development teams by simplifying testing activities, increasing the speed of test execution and integrating with...

Misko Hevery07/18/09
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Software Testing Categorization

You hear people talking about small/medium/large/unit/integration/functional/scenario tests but do most of us really know what is meant by that? Here is how I think about tests. Unit/Small Lets start with unit test. The best definition I can find...

Nitin Bharti07/14/09
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Electric Cloud Adds Amazon EC2 Support

Electric Cloud, provider of software build automation and testing software, has added pre-configured Amazon EC2 support to its full product line, which includes Electric Commander, Electric Accelerator, and Electric Insight.Electric Commander, the company's...

Raj Datla07/05/09
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CASE Spec 8.7 Tool for Agile and Non-agile Projects Released with Discount Offers

Goda Software announces the release of CASE Spec 8.7 with discount offers. CASE Spec 8.7 features many enhancements, including inline data editing in grids. It also enables users to create reports with data analysis functions. ARLINGTON, VA — Goda...