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Henrik Mårtensson06/09/09
10 replies

Defining Kanban

There has been a long thread in the kanbandev group at Yahoo about how to define what a kanban system is, and is not. Defining kanban is important because without an unambiguous definition it is difficult to discuss kanban.A kanban system is a system for...

Jurgen Appelo06/08/09
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Three Levels of Control (Example)

In my last post I told you about the three levels of control for managers. I didn't have much time to go into details then, and it was no surprise to see several readers asking for specific examples. I am glad to oblige now, because like you I'm also...

Jack Milunsky06/05/09
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The Product Owner - Top 10 Responsibilities

Over the course of the past 5 years, I have often been asked about the role the Product Owner plays in an Agile company. More recently in a rather controversial blog post by Adam Bullied he raised the question – Is there such a thing as an Agile Product...

Kelly Waters06/03/09
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To Estimate or Not - That Is the Question

Lean software development shares many of the key principles of agile software development.Although one of the key aspects of lean development is all about identifying and eliminating waste from the development process...One of the most hotly debated aspects...

Nitin Bharti06/02/09
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Atlassian Acquires GreenHopper for JIRA

Atlassian, a provider of software development and collaboration software, today announced the acquisition of GreenHopper for JIRA from GreenPepper Software. Atlassian's JIRA product provides bug tracking, issue tracking and agile project management software....

Dean Leffingwell06/01/09
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Agile Product Manager in the Enterprise (3): Responsibility-Owning the Vision

Note: this is the third in a series of posts on the changing role of product management as the enterprise transitions to agile development methods. This series in turn, is a continuation of the series on the Role of Product Manager and Product Owner in...

Mike Cottmeyer05/29/09
3 replies

Recommended Books on Agile

Quite frequently I am out talking to traditional project managers or new agile teams that want to learn a little bit more about all this agile stuff. Inevitibly I get asked what books I recommend for folks trying to sharpen their agile chops. Thought I...

Jurgen Appelo05/27/09
1 replies

Self-Organization (Part 3)

In part 1 and part 2 of this multi-post article I told you that self-organization does not distinguish between valuable and harmful results. This distinction is only made by humans, because we have learned to assign value to things. And command-and-control...

Karl Scotland05/26/09
4 replies

Introducing Kanban, Flow, and Cadence

There has been some noticeable increase in interest in Kanban recently, with a number of people asking for more basic info, and more people writing new blogs and articles.  This is my attempt to describe in more detail my take on it all, which I refer...

Jack Milunsky05/25/09
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Why have a Product Owner anyway?

I can’t stress enough just how important the role of the Product Owner really is. This job is not for the faint-of-heart. In fact, the Product Owner is probably the most important individual on the Scrum team since he single-handedly is responsible...

Jurgen Appelo05/21/09
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Self-Organization (Part 2)

In part 1 of this multi-post article I explained that self-organization has built the universe and everything in it, from quarks to strawberries to humans, and all that lies in between. And then humans acquired consciousness, and they invented the concept of...

Jack Milunsky05/21/09
3 replies

Agile and Lean - Closer than you think

Sara Peyton published a really informative blog on Lean Software development. Essentially it's a pretty detailed overview of the characteristics of Lean. The point of the blog however is to outline the differences between Agile and Lean. As Sara points...

Jurgen Appelo05/20/09
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Self-Organization (Part 1)

Self-Organization = Anarchy (Part 1) In the beginning there was nothing. And then something formed quarks. And the quarks organized themselves into composite particles, like protons and neutrons. And these guys, with the help of some friends...

Misko Hevery05/19/09
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Convince your boss to use TDD

A reader asks: My boss knows about TDD but won’t allow us to use it because he thinks that it is just a passing hype that everyone talks about but no serious, big projects actually use it on daily basis. How could I convince him that it is not...

Lyndsey Clevesy05/18/09
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Reduce Your Software Developement Costs Now!

Are your software development costs breaking the bank? Click here for a solution! Adopting Agile methods in your projects is easier than you think. This DZone Refcard teaches you four practical strategies for reducing the cost of software development.  Learn...

Jack Milunsky05/15/09
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Why switch to Agile - besides failure

There's a thread currently bouncing around the Yahoo Agile group as to why organizations would consider switching to Agile. A lot has been said about project failures and there's debating back and forth as to what statistical data is out there to back...

Kirk Knoernschild05/14/09
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Agile 2009 Developer Jam Preview

Agile 2009 takes place in Chicago from August 24th - 28th. The call for papers is closed, and the agenda has been developed. The conference is composed of 20 different stages. As stage producer for Developer Jam, I'm incredibly excited about the sessions...

Kirk Knoernschild05/13/09
2 replies

Agile Architecture or Accidental Architecture

Architecture is an overloaded term these days, and one that is not always easy to define. There's also a myth surrounding architecture and agile methods - some feel it isn't necessary. But architecture is a critical component of any software development...

Kirk Knoernschild05/12/09
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The Big Agile Practices Survey

Jurgen Appelo has published the results of his agile practices survey. The information he collected was sizeable, valuable, and interesting. There were a few surprises though. The highest rated agile practice, or the practice often associated with the...

Mike Cottmeyer05/11/09
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Lean or Kanban or Agile

Here I am.. Sunday afternoon.. Mother's day. Just got back from taking the family out for a low key Mother's day celebration and now I've got a little quiet time before the week begins. The conference last week was quite a rush... had a great time... met a...

Kirk Knoernschild05/08/09
1 replies

Agile Transitions - NOT!

David Anderson, an agile thoughtleader and Kanban evangelist, has posted a very interesting blog post surrounding agile transitions - they simply don't work! His point is that the approach used by organizations that embark on these initiatives is...

Mike Cottmeyer05/07/09
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Formation of the Lean Software & Systems Consortium

Prior to the Lean & Kanban conference this week... I had the opportunity to participate in the formation of this organization... and as a result have become a founding member.   I'll give you more on my thoughts around this organization sometime next...

Kirk Knoernschild05/06/09
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Agile Coaching Tips

 In this presentation, Rachel Davies provides 10 tips for agile coaches. Whether you're new to agile, or an experienced practioner, this video is enlightening, refreshing, and very pragmatic. My favorite tip? Having courage in your convictions. It's much...

Jack Milunsky05/05/09
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Significance of Time Boxing

Everything in Scrum is time boxed - assuming you go by the book of course. Did you ever stop to wonder why?  The Sprint planning meeting is time boxed to two 4 hours sessions (One to define what you’re doing, the other to define how you’re going to do...

Jack Milunsky04/30/09
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QA - The Agile Approach

QA is always near and dear to our hearts. We all talk a lot about the fact that Quality is "King" but we certainly don't show it. In fact, we cut quality without even so much as a thought - "It's in our bones" (Ken Schwaber). For most...