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Mitch Pronschinske10/12/09
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Epic Management Improvements in ScrumWorks 4.1

More improvements in large-scale agile software development are emerging today as Danube Technologies has released the 4.1 version of ScrumWorks Pro, the only software tool designed specifically to manage Scrum.  The program's new features for...

Lyndsey Clevesy10/08/09
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Danube's Michael James on Scrum Adoption

Scrum is beginning to emerge as an increasingly popular choice for organizations seeking to improve software quality, decrease time-to-market, and stay competitive. Evolving in tandem a new generation of agile project management software and Scrum training...

Jack Milunsky10/07/09
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Burndown Charts - It's not about staying below the line

I recently participated in a Scrum development discussion thread on Yahoo Groups where one member new to Scrum asked the following: "Our burndown chart's remaining work line always goes up. As a Scrum Master, what do I have to do to make it go...

Kelly Waters10/06/09
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The Problem With Planning

I think I've been pretty successful in my career. But if I was better at planning, I wouldn't have achieved half the things I've achieved in my career! In fact, I wouldn't even have started some of them...In reality, there are some things you can plan, and...

Kirk Knoernschild10/05/09
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Lean and Kanban Collection

For those of you interested in Lean and Kanban, but not much knowledge yet, it can be tough filter the noise and find information explaining what they are and how they might be different from what you’re already doing (agile, Scrum, etc.). Since top 10...

Mark Needham10/02/09
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QTB: Agile Governance – Managing the Enterprise Issues

I went to watch the latest ThoughtWorks Australia Quarterly Technology Briefing in Sydney on Wednesday where my colleague Lindy Stephens, Suncorp's Josh Melville and Lonely Planet's Nigel Dalton presented on 'Agile Governance – Managing the Enterprise...

Nitin Bharti09/30/09
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Pair Programming - Dispelling the Conspiracy

Richard Stobart has written an excellent article over at that provides some very interesting perspectives on the practice of pair programming.  Conspiracy theorists, cynics, and even customers might view pair programming as an attempt by the...

Jack Milunsky09/29/09
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Scrum shortcomings

Many of us have come to love Scrum, including me. Scrum has been a huge success overall and has turned many a development team around and for the better. Yet in my opinion, I think Scrum falls short in at least one area. Concept to Cash Firstly, it's...

Nitin Bharti09/24/09
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Exclusive Interview: VP Sue McKinney on IBM's Agile Transformation

If there were ever any doubts about agile's ability to scale within large organizations, Sue McKinney might have some encouraging words of advice. The VP of Development Transformation within the IBM Software Group spearheaded what is perhaps one of the...

Matt Raible09/24/09
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Lean Teams: Doing More With Less

This evening I attended the Denver Rails User Group (a.k.a. DeRailed) to hear a presentation by Marty Haught. It was titled "Lean Teams: Doing more with less" and the following are my notes from the event. Today's talk is about "Rocking with...

Justin Sargent09/22/09
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ThoughtWorks Offers Free Upgrades for Twist and Cruise Products

ThoughtWorks Studios today announced new versions of its Twist test management and Cruise release management products. Together with Mingle, an Agile project management tool, the new versions of Twist and Cruise strengthen ThoughtWorks Studios’ recently...

Richard Perfect09/22/09
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Building Better Burn-Down Charts

As a developer you have just finished your latest bit of code and have released it to the test team. It took a little longer than you thought it would but finally you can say to your project manager that this task is now 100% complete. The test team receives...

Jack Milunsky09/21/09
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The Kano Model - Measuring Agile Value

In all the Scrum literature, there is much rhetoric on focusing on delivering value but there is very little explanation on how you calculate it. Exactly how do you calculate value? I came across an interesting article by Ryan Shriver called...

Damon Poole09/21/09
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The Only Person Keeping You From Going Agile Is You

If you are interested in going Agile, but you are surrounded by folks that are not, don’t despair. You can still experience significant benefit from Agile on your own. Also, after reading this post you won't be able to say that somebody is preventing...

Damon Poole09/16/09
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Scrum and Kanban: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

This post is primarily geared toward folks who have been doing Scrum for at least 6-9 months and are curious about what options are out there for further improving their process. One reason for looking beyond Scrum may be that you are bumping your head on...

Nitin Bharti09/10/09
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Holistic Agility: Thoughtworks Studios' Cyndi Mitchell

In this interview, recorded at the Agile 2009 Conference, Cyndi Mitchell, Managing Director of ThoughtWorks Studios, discusses the company's new Adaptive ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) offering, which was unveiled last month. According to Cyndi, the...

Jack Milunsky09/08/09
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"Stop Starting and Start Finishing" - A successful Lean philosophy

One of the killers on software development projects is Work-In-Progress. We have learned from the Lean experts, and from the teachings on the Toyota Production System, that too much work-in-progress is a liability. Just yesterday I was asked to spot...

Kirk Knoernschild09/07/09
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Conclusion of Programming with the Stars at Agile 2009

The conclusion of Programming with the Stars at Agile 2009 was an awesome event. A huge thank you to Jeff Nielsen and Joshua Kerievsky for coordinating the event and pulling together the great list of judges and contestants. A huge thank you to the judges...

Nitin Bharti09/02/09
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Houston TechFest (Sept 26) to feature Java, .NET, Agile and iPhone development

The third annual Houston TechFest will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at University of Houston's Main Campus. This free event is the largest of its kind in Texas and provides a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in information...

Jack Milunsky09/01/09
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What makes a good user story

Leading on from last week where I described that there are two main parts to user stories, the user (or persona or role) and the story (a short description of the intended functionality), this week's blog is intended to focus on specific details on how to...

Justin Sargent08/31/09
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Rally adds support for Orcale JDeveloper

Rally Software Development, which offers a hosted service and onsite software for application lifecycle management for agile programming teams, is connecting its platform to Oracle's JDeveloper IDE for Java development. Unveiled last week at the...

Torbjörn Gannholm08/30/09
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Clarity of code is clarity of thought

I remember at my first job when we introduced the concept of code reviews. I don't think anybody really looked at anybody else's code before pressing the "approve" button, I know I didn't. Reading code is boring and it can be hard and it felt like a...

Justin Sargent08/28/09
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Rally Software Debuts ALM Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Rally Software Development Corp unveiled an ALM data warehouse in the cloud and the third generation of its award-winning Agile ALM solution.  Rally's new ALM data warehouse lets organizations build the custom roll-up and drill-down reports. Unlike...

Kirk Knoernschild08/27/09
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Agile 2009: Day Three

After a great first day, day three at Agile 2009 is a wrap. I have some general observations about the conference, but I’ll save those until next week to offer an overall recap. I missed out on most of Day 2 due to a pretty full meeting schedule. I was...