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Damon Poole01/20/09
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“No-Brainer” Self-Management Practices in Agile

While there may be some confusion over the meaning of self-management in Agile, not to mention some contention as to whether or not it is a good idea, many of the Agile practices contribute to self-management without requiring the wholesale adoption of...

Mitch Pronschinske01/15/09
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Where Kanban Works Well - David Anderson Interview Part II

Kanban techniques have been successful in many different industries, especially ones that don't seem to fit with agile methodologies.  IT application maintenance, media, games, and investment banking are just a few domains where Kanban has proven to be...

Jay Fields01/13/09
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Creating Objects in Java Unit Tests

Most Java unit tests consist of a Class Under Test (CUT), and possibly dependencies or collaborators. The CUT, dependencies and collaborators need to be created somewhere. Some people create each object using 'new' (vanilla construction), others use...

Nitin Bharti01/07/09
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Agile 2009 Call for Speakers Now Open

The Agile Alliance this week announced that it is opening its call for speakers for the Agile 2009 Conference, scheduled for Aug. 24 – 28 in Chicago. In its seventh year, the Agile Conference provides independent software vendors, software consultants and...

Damon Poole01/07/09
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The Use of Self-Managing Teams Outside the Context of Software Development

Even after becoming an Agile convert, I've still struggled with accepting Self-Managing teams wholeheartedly. There's just something about it that doesn't feel quite right. Before launching into a comment that describes Self Managing Teams 101,...

Alvin Ashcraft12/30/08
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Test-Driven Development in .NET

In this presentation, recorded by Skills Matter, Chris Roff, David Ross, and Gojko Adzic present tools and techniques for Test-Driven Development in .NET. They talk about TDD best practices and present unit testing frameworks and mock object toolkits that...

Dave Nicolette12/29/08
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Software Delivery - The Same Problem Again And Again

From time to time I hear people say their teams are encountering the same problems over and over again. It happens with teams our company is coaching and with our own teams. People mention the same pattern at various user group meetings. People raise the...

Meera Subbarao12/22/08
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The Top 5 Books I Read in 2008

I read several books in 2008, 90% of them were technical. I also read a number of books related to software development rather than a specific framework or technology. Listed below are the top 5 books I read in 2008 in no particular order. Clean Code: A...

Jurgen Appelo12/19/08
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What Motivates (Some of) Us

 A number of weeks ago I asked readers to tell me what motivates them. The most original/inspiring contribution was awarded with $100 worth of software development books. Some of my colleagues acted as an independent jury, and Russell Ball, the...

Frank Kelly12/19/08
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How to Motivate Developers - A three step framework

 Anyway, now that we're approaching the end of the calendar year, invariably many folks are filling out self-evaluations and managers are presiding over year-end reviews, and choosing raises and bonuses for their staff. ...

Meera Subbarao12/16/08
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2008: A Developer's Retrospective

 I have been making New Year's resolutions for a long, long time. I don’t even remember when I actually started making them either. Yes, it has been so long. However, I never made resolutions which I couldn’t keep at all. I might have not succeeded in...

Misko Hevery12/15/08
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Static Methods are Death to Testability

Recently many of you, after reading Guide to Testability, wrote to telling me there is nothing wrong with static methods. After all what can be easier to test than Math.abs()! And Math.abs() is static method! If abs() was on instance method, one would have to...

Meera Subbarao12/15/08
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The Three Pillars of Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration commonly known as CI is a process that consists of continuously compiling, testing, inspecting, and deploying source code. In any typical CI environment, this means running a new build every time code changes within a version control...

Tom Meier12/12/08
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Applying the Agile Manifesto in Practice

Just today I came across a post referring to the agile manifesto. We have it framed on the wall just beside the door to our office. It usually doesn't get much attention.We started a new sprint yesterday and a fellow team member was giving out about another...

Nitin Bharti12/09/08
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In the Red in 2009? Here’s How Scrum Can Bail You Out

In this article, Victor Szalvay, co-founder of Danube Technologies, predicts that in the coming year, more businesses engaged in software development will turn to Scrum. According to Szalvay,  Scrum can be leveraged to weather volatile conditions (a...

Sadek Drobi12/05/08
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Refx :: Is OOP Better for Structuring your Code?

Programming languages that offer more power and flexibility have been lately gaining momentum. Johnatan Tang highlights, however, the flexibility vs. productivity tradeoff in terms of program structure. Whereas multi-dispatch languages provide...

Derek Young11/22/08
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Improvement as a Developer

I was doing some thinking about areas where I’m lacking as a developer. There are many, but I’ll list a few here.Testing ImprovementsI think I’ve come a long way in the last few years in the area of testing. I’m disciplined about testing now and...

Rob Williams11/21/08
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Testing Code Generation

Some things lend themselves to TDD better than others. Code generation, it turns out, scores a 10 on this front. (To some people, it‘s heresy to think that one should favor one approach over another based on the ease of development; I would disagree with...

Nitin Bharti11/17/08
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Coverity Architecture Analyzer Improves 'Software DNA'

Coverity, Inc., a provider of static source code analysis tools, today unveiled Coverity Architecture Analyzer, providing development teams with the ability to ensure the integrity of application architecture across development teams, analyze the complexity...

Nitin Bharti11/10/08
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Scrum success within the large organization

Agile development practices are continuing to gain increasing attention within organizations looking to improve software quality; however, there are still unique challenges associated with bringing Agile practices into larger organizations. In response to...

Nitin Bharti11/05/08
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Chris Spagnuolo11/05/08
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Q&A Testing in an Agile Environment

In the past few weeks I’ve been asked about and have been considering exactly how to fit QA and testing into a two week iteration. A primary concern of the folks I’ve been talking with is that QA’s and testers on an agile team have nothing to do at...

Kevin Pang11/04/08
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Is Code Coverage Really All That Useful?

Test driven development proponents often tend to push code coverage as a useful metric for gauging how well tested an application is. 100% code coverage has long been the ultimate goal of testing fanatics. But is code coverage really all that useful? If...

Mike Cottmeyer11/03/08
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The Agile Project Plan

When we think about a project plan, what do we typically think about? Most people I talk with think a project plan is the schedule…. they think about the Gantt chart… the dependencies... and the critical path. The project plan can contain the schedule,...