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Wei Ling Chen03/02/09
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Scalability & High Availability Refcard Available Now

These days the words Scalability and Availability are thrown around so often that often it is difficult to know what they actually mean in each case. And this is why we're here to help! This DZone Refcard provides you with the tools to define these terms...

Wei Ling Chen03/02/09
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42: meaning of life or Seam UI Refcard?

Professional cheat sheets you can trust.  We bring you our #42 DZone Refcard on Seam UI.  We have literaly stuffed as much information on Seam UI as is humanly possible into these six pages.  Within this DZone Refcard you will find information on...

Wei Ling Chen02/24/09
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Emerging Technologies, Do You Have the Latest Solutions?

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise: Philadelphia, PA, March 26-27, 2009See what you can learn at this smart 2 day event! Special Offer, You can get $25 off with promo code: ETEDEVGroup special also available: Buy 3 get 1 Free!  Click here to register...

Kirk Knoernschild02/24/09
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Grass Roots Agile

Software development is hard work. We have been taught that the best way to solve the tough challenges inherent to software development efforts is to treat software development as an engineering discipline. Stabilize requirements early, followed by...

Keyvan Nayyeri02/16/09
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The Curious Case of Software Quality

Most likely you have heard about the recent debate on technical blogosphere about the importance of software quality in software development cycle. There are many posts written to contribute to this discussion so it’s difficult to point to one, but...

Pete Johnson02/10/09
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The Software Sales Pitch - Choosing Wisely

It's a common tale:  Some business need arises for capability your IT department doesn't currently offer but there are multiple commercial alternatives available and maybe even an open source solution that can help you fill your gap.  Then again, you...

Nitin Bharti02/10/09
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Maven - A Whistle Stop Video Tour

 In this presentation, recorded at a recent London Java Community meeting, put on by Skills Matter, Martijn Verburg and Michael McCarthy guide the users through a whistle stop tour of Maven. Martijn describes Maven as a Java project management (life...

Wei Ling Chen02/09/09
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Get 20% off for DZone Members on Books (Packt Publishing)

DZone has arranged with Packt Publishing to offer DZone members an amazing deal on their books. Through December 31st, 2009, you can save 20% on any purchase at Packt Publishing. Take advantage of this great offer and order your books today! Like...

Jurgen Appelo02/06/09
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The Decline and Fall of Agilists

There once was a time when being agile was being a visionary. Agile experts wrote books on how adaptive software development is about managing complex systems (Jim Highsmith), why agility is a cooperative game (Alistair...

Pietro Polsinelli02/05/09
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Teamwork 4.0, Java Web-based Project Management Available

Teamwork is a web based Java project and groupware application, running on Hibernate, and release 4 extends project tree management with JBPM-based business processes. New features cover also full text search (extending Hibernate Search), iCalendar,...

Wei Ling Chen02/04/09
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Register Now! Last day to get your 50% off for Cloud Computing Conference

This one-day conference covers everything you need to know about Cloud Computing! Last day for DZone readers to get a half-price invitation to attend Canada's leading Cloud Conference. Learn what cloud computing means to your company and identify between...

Mike Cottmeyer01/30/09
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Some Thoughts on Project Velocity

Companies I work with desperately want reliable estimates. In reality, they need them so they can run their business. Businesses really want a crystal ball to look out into the future... to know pretty much what they are going to get, when they...

Arul Kumaran01/30/09
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Job Hunting Tips in Tough Times

Job hunting can be emotionally exhausting, especially if the search lasts for a long time. You can increase your chances of finding a job by casting a wide net, writing an effective resume, practicing your interview technique, and brushing up the...

Wei Ling Chen01/28/09
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Last day to take 50% off All Manning Books for DZone Members

Limited Time! 50% off All Manning Books for DZone MembersDZone has arranged with Manning Publications to offer you an amazing deal on Manning books. Through February 3, 2009, you can save 50% in any purchase at Manning. Just use coupon code...

Eric Minick01/22/09
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AnthillPro 3.6: Automation for Build, Deploy, Test and Release.

Urbancode is pleased to announce version 3.6 of AnthillPro, a leading build and deployment automation server for the enterprise. AnthillPro provides continuous integration as well as support for activities like deployments, long running tests and releases...

Damon Poole01/20/09
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“No-Brainer” Self-Management Practices in Agile

While there may be some confusion over the meaning of self-management in Agile, not to mention some contention as to whether or not it is a good idea, many of the Agile practices contribute to self-management without requiring the wholesale adoption of...

Mitch Pronschinske01/15/09
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Where Kanban Works Well - David Anderson Interview Part II

Kanban techniques have been successful in many different industries, especially ones that don't seem to fit with agile methodologies.  IT application maintenance, media, games, and investment banking are just a few domains where Kanban has proven to be...

Jay Fields01/13/09
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Creating Objects in Java Unit Tests

Most Java unit tests consist of a Class Under Test (CUT), and possibly dependencies or collaborators. The CUT, dependencies and collaborators need to be created somewhere. Some people create each object using 'new' (vanilla construction), others use...

Nitin Bharti01/07/09
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Agile 2009 Call for Speakers Now Open

The Agile Alliance this week announced that it is opening its call for speakers for the Agile 2009 Conference, scheduled for Aug. 24 – 28 in Chicago. In its seventh year, the Agile Conference provides independent software vendors, software consultants and...

Damon Poole01/07/09
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The Use of Self-Managing Teams Outside the Context of Software Development

Even after becoming an Agile convert, I've still struggled with accepting Self-Managing teams wholeheartedly. There's just something about it that doesn't feel quite right. Before launching into a comment that describes Self Managing Teams 101,...

Alvin Ashcraft12/30/08
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Test-Driven Development in .NET

In this presentation, recorded by Skills Matter, Chris Roff, David Ross, and Gojko Adzic present tools and techniques for Test-Driven Development in .NET. They talk about TDD best practices and present unit testing frameworks and mock object toolkits that...

Dave Nicolette12/29/08
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Software Delivery - The Same Problem Again And Again

From time to time I hear people say their teams are encountering the same problems over and over again. It happens with teams our company is coaching and with our own teams. People mention the same pattern at various user group meetings. People raise the...