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Jurgen Appelo10/08/08
3 replies

To Motivate or Not to Demotivate

Some people tell me that "you cannot motivate a person". You can only "remove the impediments that prevent a person from being motivated". Or, in other words, "you can only eliminate demotivation". Well, I don't agree! Can...

Mike Cottmeyer10/02/08
0 replies

Agile or Iterative and Incremental

Many companies want the benefits of agile but are not ready to make the organizational changes necessary to take full advantage of the methodology. Companies want to say they are agile… they want to derive the benefits of agile… but they are not...

Frank Cohen09/30/08
2 replies

ThoughtWorks Introduces Twist functional test tool for Java developers

ThoughtWorks released a "beta" of Twist, a new commercial functional testing platform for software teams. Twist features a design environment using an English-like syntax for test creation. It looks like the underlying technology has its roots in...

Meera Subbarao09/29/08
8 replies

fusemetrics - Build Metrics Dashboard

If you have been using CI for quite sometime, you probably have a wide array of metrics for your projects - code coverage, complexity, coupling, bugs, tests, suspicious code, style violations, copy/paste detectors, performance measurements, dependency...

Misko Hevery09/24/08
0 replies

Application Wiring on Auto-Pilot

We talked about how it is important to separate the new operators from the application logic. This separation forces your code to have factories which are responsible for wiring your application together. By separating this responsibility the tests can...

Jurgen Appelo09/24/08
0 replies

Fixed Price Contracts in Agile Projects

Again and again I am asked (or feel compelled) to explain why agile software development fits nicely with fixed price contracts. Some people still think that a fixed price contract requires a detailed up-front requirements study, to accurately calculate the...

Meera Subbarao09/23/08
34 replies

Ant or Gant?

Yes, this is exactly what I am frequently asked by my clients and many developers. It isn't easy to answer this question. There are several  projects using Ant. Should you run away from Ant just because there is a new cool tool out there called Gant? Should...

Alex Miller09/18/08
2 replies

Software Rhythm Part 3: End-Game

I define the end-game as everything between “feature-complete” and release. After all features are complete, the primary activities are integration, bug-fixing, testing, and, documentation. (Note: This is the final part of the Software Rhythm series,...

Pratik Patel09/17/08
0 replies

Distributed development not contrary to "Mythical Man Month"

Every now and then I read challenges to Frederick Brooks' wisdom. Mr. Brooks is the author of the "Mythical Man Month" and other must-read writing for software developers and particularly for software managers. His insights solidify what...

Meera Subbarao09/17/08
14 replies

Is easyb Easy?

I was introduced to easyb by none other than the creator of easyb: Andrew Glover. In spite of hearing and reading a lot about easyb from Andy, I never had a chance to actually work on easyb. So, I spent a couple of hours last weekend to dig deep into this...

Mike Cottmeyer09/16/08
3 replies

Agile and UI design

A few days ago, one of my Twitter buddies asked me to explain how the UI designers fit in on an agile team. I have some experience working with dedicated design teams and user experience folks so I thought I'd take a stab at his question and share my...

Hillel Glazer09/16/08
0 replies

You've gotta be doing something

An earlier post mentioned my "go-in" position is assuming that any successful company has to be doing something in many of the process areas, else they wouldn't be successful in general, let alone in using CMMI to improve their processes.It might be...

Alex Miller09/12/08
0 replies

Software Rhythm Part 2: Mid-Game

The Mid-Game is where the rubber hits the road. Your primary activities will be writing code and writing tests. I’ll let you decide which order to write them in, as long as you write them both. (Note: This is part two of the Software Rhythm...

Meera Subbarao09/10/08
16 replies

Javadoc or Doxygen?

In the last two articles, "Reverse-engineer Source Code into UML Diagrams" and "Visual Documentation of Ant Dependencies in 3 Simple Steps"  we saw how easy and valuable it was to automate technical documentation. By using open source...

Alex Miller09/10/08
1 replies

Software Rhythm Part 1: The Opening

I’ve been thinking about doing a series of posts on this for a while. For some reason I’m inspired to write it now. I’ve been involved in a number of software companies and projects of a variety of shapes and sizes but I find there is a similar...

Steve Rowe09/09/08
1 replies

Not Everyone Has the Same Definition of "Done"

Years ago I had an employee, let's call him Vanya (not the real name). He was struggling a bit so I was watching his work closely. Every week we discussed what he needed to get done the next week and what he had done the previous week. I kept a list of...

Mike Cottmeyer09/07/08
0 replies

Secretaries Make the Best ScrumMasters

Okay... so my writing is slowing down again. I came of weeks of preparing for Agile 2008 and now am in the thick of getting ready for the APLN Leadership Summit in Atlanta ( and preparing more presentations for talks coming up...

Kelly Waters09/02/08
0 replies

Agile Project Status Reporting

A little while ago I wrote about agile project management and how agile project management alone is not enough.One area agile methods don't really address is project status reporting.Obviously the daily stand-up (or daily scrum) is a good form of...

Meera Subbarao09/01/08
7 replies

Code Metrics in Minutes

One of the primary goals of every developer should be to prevent or drastically limit the number of bugs or defects from being introduced in their source code. It is also our responsibility to write good, extensible, testable, and maintainable code. This...

Sara Chipps08/27/08
3 replies

Agile Development: why it rocks, who it helps, and why it's failing

The Agile method was the best thing that happened to me in my career as a developer. Before I came across Agile, one of my biggest frustrations was the difficulty I had with getting large assignments and breaking them down in little pieces. Usually,...

Meera Subbarao08/26/08
6 replies

Create Quiet Time

Yes, this is exactly the second paragraph, Neal Ford writes about in Chapter 3:Focus in his latest book "The Productive Programmer". To quote NealIf you work in an office with lots of other developers, consider instituting "quiet time",...

Jay Fields08/26/08
0 replies

Lean Software Development

While working in London for TrafficBroker I had the opportunity to try out Fred George's Lean process. To date, it's absolutely my favorite way to deliver software.StoriesStories truly are placeholders for a conversation. They are short sentences such as...

Meera Subbarao08/22/08
72 replies

Reverse-engineer Source Code into UML Diagrams

I have been on several teams where we studiously designed UML diagrams at the beginning of the project. As the project progressed, and deadlines approached, the UML diagrams were left somewhere behind, not to be updated in months. When a new developer joined...

Martin Fowler08/22/08
0 replies

Incremental Migration

Like any profession, software development has it's share of oft-forgotten activities that are usually ignored but have a habit of biting back at just the wrong moment. One of these is data migration.Most new software projects involve data that's lived...

Kelly Waters08/22/08
0 replies

Agile Project Planning

Projects are a necessary evil :-) But necessary they are.Some people really feel the need to understand precisely what the project will cost and exactly long it will take. If this is the basis for investment, of course that's a completely understandable...