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James Shore04/10/09
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The Agile Startup: Build and Deploy

Q: What's the difference between an unemployed programmer and an entrepreneur? A: You don't know either? Kent Beck The economy's down, and that sucks, but it's good news for innovation. People everywhere are creating startups. A lot of you...

Pietro Polsinelli04/10/09
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Teamwork 4.1 available - includes worklog validation

This release's main improvements include: Work log management Work log can now be classified, verified, approved, billed, and moved. A Subscription engine Default subscriptions on roles: now on each roles for assignments one can set some default...

Kirk Knoernschild04/09/09
2 replies

Continuous Deployment? Or Continuously Deployable?

Eric Ries recently posted a nice little piece on Continuous Deployment. In it, he describes the process used at IMVU where all code that's written for an application is immediately deployed to production. In the post, he describes the five key ingredients...

Mike Cottmeyer04/08/09
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The Product Owner at Scale

Okay... everyone caught up now?It was kind of neat to spend the time yesterday going back over all those old posts and interesting to see how the process of writing this out has shaped how I look at the whole Product Owner and scaling issue. The timing of...

Wei Ling Chen04/06/09
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Flex and Spring Integration Refcard Now Available

In 2009,  an increasing number of organizations will look to replace the user interface of existing Spring applications using Flex. Stay on top of your game and let this Refcard shows you how to integrate Flex and Spring to creates a powerful platform for...

Kelly Waters04/06/09
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Agile Estimating

I've written quite a bit about various aspects of estimating in agile software development. I think it's about time I joined up the dots...PRODUCT BACKLOGThe Product Backlog is a feature list. Or a list of User Stories if that's your approach. Either way,...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/03/09
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8 must read papers for project managers

I decided to do another article collection post. As I mentioned in the last post that I am extremely busy these days  as we're preparing to launch the first public pilot of our service. On top of that I cannot disregard the ROI (views vs. hours invested)...

James Shore04/01/09
2 replies

Why I Don't Provide Agile Certification

There's been a lot said about certification lately. I think it's a natural outgrowth of Agile's growing popularity. Unfortunately, I think it's also an outgrowth of the continued watering-down of Agile, which--if we're not careful--will lead to Agile...

Dave Nicolette03/31/09
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Agile thinking in action: A tale of two projects

These past few weeks at Lean Dog Software, there have been two project teams working on the main, that is, in the main room of the boat; the room that used to be the main seating area when the boat was a restaurant. It occurs to me that these two...

Jurgen Appelo03/30/09
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Optimize Communication, Throw the Boss Out

It is well-known that difficult goals are best achieved when people work in small teams of under ten people. Various agile methods were created based on this principle. Communication in teams is optimal when the lines are short. But that doesn't tell you...

Christopher Bennage03/27/09
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Idealistic vs. Practical

I often identify myself as an Agilist. When I first began to use the term, I was met with a great deal of trepidation. I remember the first few times I attended the local user group. “Oh, you’re one of those guys”. This hesitation has diminished...

Dean Leffingwell03/27/09
1 replies

Agile Release Train: A Whitepaper

Recently, I’ve been working with a  software enterprise helping them tune their agile process to better align the agile teams to the broader enterprise objectives. One particular subgroup has twelve agile teams, each of whom has a specific product...

Kelly Waters03/25/09
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3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Do Agile Software Development

Agile software development has been a revelation for me. It has brought me and my teams much success, and a very rewarding working environment.Sometimes I hear people say that agile development isn't appropriate in all circumstances.In fact, I used to say...

Artem Marchenko03/20/09
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Why I don't use standard user story format that much

Agile requirements are different from the traditional ones and are usually defined as user stories that allow for slicing functionality in the shippable increments. There are recommendations for a standard user story format and the most known one is “As...

Michael Dubakov03/20/09
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Zero Defects? Are You Kidding Me?

Are you familiar with zero defects mentality? It looks very good from the first sight. Zero defects... Let me think... Well, cool! I like it! I’d like to have zero defects in my projects. So, what is zero defects mentality? Here is the quote from Lean...

Kirk Knoernschild03/20/09
14 replies

Certification or Craftsmanship

About 10 years ago I recall studying profusely so that I might pass my Java programmer's certification exam. I purchased a copy of an exam cram book that had sample questions similar to what I might encounter on my certification test. I recall dealing with...

Frederic Tardieu03/19/09
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Holism and Agility

Agility is often seen as a young paradigm which works only at low scale, especially because some Agile methodologies work good at small scale, but are difficult to use at large scale « out of the box », as the practices they suggest to use cannot be...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz03/19/09
2 replies

Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration

You might have noticed my blogging is slowing down a little,  in case you're wondering the culprit is xsights - As we're getting closer toproduction (2-3 weeks if all goes well) everything else slows down... We all know about continuous integration (CI)....

Wei Ling Chen03/17/09
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IT 360 Conference, Free Trade Show Pass

IT360 CONFERENCE & EXPO 2009April 8, 2009, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, CanadaDZone members get free admission to the trade show, simply register here with code: TS1 Do you want to stay on top in a Game-changing world?...

Kirk Knoernschild03/16/09
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Agile Methods - Delivering Software Faster

A core tenet of agile methodologies is to help teams deliver software more quickly. But with the plethora of agile practices available to choose from, teams new to agile struggle to find the right practices that help them realize speedier delivery. In...

Mike Cottmeyer03/13/09
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Teams are the Building Blocks of Agile Organizations

If you are going to embrace any form of agile, you need to start by thinking about your teams as the elemental building blocks of your agile organization. Teams are ElementalRegardless of whether you decide to organize around feature teams or...

Kirk Knoernschild03/12/09
1 replies

Big Teams & Agility - Take 2

In Big Teams & Agility, I talked about a macro process for agile development on large teams (those up to, possibly exceeding, 100 developers). The article was posted on AgileZone at JavaLobby (where I now help out as zone leader, though did not at the...

Kelly Waters03/11/09
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Themes in Agile Software Development

Agile software development teams often use User Stories as a simple and concise way to express user requirements.Ideally these User Stories are broken down as small as possible, whilst also trying to minimise dependencies.Naturally, though, as you break User...

Jared Richardson03/09/09
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The Blue Angles Model: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

A few weeks ago in Atlanta a class attendee told me about an idea she'd been considering. A "Blue Angels" style dev group at large companies. The more she talked about it, the more the idea sounded exciting. You set up an elite team of...

Kirk Knoernschild03/06/09
7 replies

Big Teams and Agility

In Grass Roots Agile, I talked about some of the details surrounding how development teams can increase their agility, and I presented a diagram similar to what’s above that discusses how to measure and manage a system’s tested features. Here, I want to...