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Jack Milunsky05/05/09
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Significance of Time Boxing

Everything in Scrum is time boxed - assuming you go by the book of course. Did you ever stop to wonder why?  The Sprint planning meeting is time boxed to two 4 hours sessions (One to define what you’re doing, the other to define how you’re going to do...

Jack Milunsky04/30/09
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QA - The Agile Approach

QA is always near and dear to our hearts. We all talk a lot about the fact that Quality is "King" but we certainly don't show it. In fact, we cut quality without even so much as a thought - "It's in our bones" (Ken Schwaber). For most...

Jurgen Appelo04/28/09
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Leader vs Ruler

When I was trying to search for "leaders vs. rulers" on Google, I found many references to governments, royalty, and the military, throughout history. But the strange thing is that none of the articles seemed to distinguish between leaders and...

Eric Minick04/28/09
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The Changing Definition of Continuous Integration

As we wrap up every CITCON, we’re asked about what we take away. For me, a revelation was that the definition of Continuous Integration has changed wildly. Traditionally, Martin Fowler’s CI paper has been the benchmark. His current definition is:...

Maxfield Pool04/27/09
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If You Aren’t The Caretaker, Why Are You The Product Owner?

Agile and Scrum has done a horrible and irreversible injustice on software culture with it’s term - Product Owner. The definition of Product Owner straight from Mountain Goat: The Product Owner (typically someone from a Marketing role or a key user in...

Alvin Ashcraft04/27/09
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Kirk Knoernschild04/24/09
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Top 10 Agile Twitterers

In conjunction with the Top 10 Java and Eclipse Twitterers, DZone presents the top 10 agile twitterrers you'll want to follow to stay in touch with leading agile practices and processes. Here's the top 10 list.Follow The DZone TeamYou can get most of the...

James Shore04/24/09
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Stumbling Through Mediocrity

From the beginning of the Agile movement, I've heard the question: "But does it scale?" And at first, I was interested in that question. "We're not sure yet," I would reply. "Here are the challenges of scaling Agile, and here's...

Jack Milunsky04/23/09
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Agile is not just about speed

Without doubt, Scrum has become a household name in Software Development arenas. Scrum as we all know it today, is not an acronym but derives from the game of rugby. A Scrum in Rugby is a loose formation of forwards designed to bring the rugby ball back...

Kirk Knoernschild04/22/09
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Scrum - A Q&A with Refcard Author Michael James

Scrum is a leading agile software development process. In coordination with the recently published Scrum RefCard, DZone had the opportunity to chat with Michael James, a software process mentor, team coach, and Scrum trainer, about Scrum and some of it's...

Kirk Knoernschild04/21/09
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So Now You're an Agilist...What's Next

 In this presentation, Jurgen Appelo talks about agility and the 12 laws of software development. Among other topics, he talks about motivation, empowerment, discipline, and feedback. The presentation is full of compelling graphics, and great...

Wei Ling Chen04/20/09
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#50 Scrum Refcard: How well do you know Scrum?

Scrum is an iterative, incremental software development framework commonly used with agile software development. This Refcard provides a concise overview of the structure of roles, meetings, rules and artifacts within a Scrum organization – it is...

Mike Cottmeyer04/20/09
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First Order Agile Scaling

When we talk about scaling agile... we are really talking about how to coordinate the activities of many small teams to do the business of the enterprise. The interesting thing is that we don't have to go from 6-8 people to thousands in one giant...

Jurgen Appelo04/17/09
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The Big Agile Practices Survey

There are several agile surveys, most notably those of VersionOne and Scott Ambler.However, while those surveys are very useful, neither of them has given me an answer to some very important questions.Questions that I care deeply about...Which practices are...

Dave Nicolette04/16/09
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An alternative format for the daily stand-up

A couple of years have passed since Corey Ladas commented on the limitations of the basic form of the daily stand-up, or daily Scrum, when we begin to scale to larger initiatives. Given the recommended team size of 5 to 9 people, Corey notes that a...

Jurgen Appelo04/13/09
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The Optimal Team Size is Five

What is the optimal size of a team?People have been trying to answer this question for ages, and there seems to be little consensus. At the SPA 2009 conference this week I attended a very inspiring session by Joseph Pelrine, who told his audience that the...

James Shore04/10/09
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The Agile Startup: Build and Deploy

Q: What's the difference between an unemployed programmer and an entrepreneur? A: You don't know either? Kent Beck The economy's down, and that sucks, but it's good news for innovation. People everywhere are creating startups. A lot of you...

Pietro Polsinelli04/10/09
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Teamwork 4.1 available - includes worklog validation

This release's main improvements include: Work log management Work log can now be classified, verified, approved, billed, and moved. A Subscription engine Default subscriptions on roles: now on each roles for assignments one can set some default...

Kirk Knoernschild04/09/09
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Continuous Deployment? Or Continuously Deployable?

Eric Ries recently posted a nice little piece on Continuous Deployment. In it, he describes the process used at IMVU where all code that's written for an application is immediately deployed to production. In the post, he describes the five key ingredients...

Mike Cottmeyer04/08/09
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The Product Owner at Scale

Okay... everyone caught up now?It was kind of neat to spend the time yesterday going back over all those old posts and interesting to see how the process of writing this out has shaped how I look at the whole Product Owner and scaling issue. The timing of...

Wei Ling Chen04/06/09
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Flex and Spring Integration Refcard Now Available

In 2009,  an increasing number of organizations will look to replace the user interface of existing Spring applications using Flex. Stay on top of your game and let this Refcard shows you how to integrate Flex and Spring to creates a powerful platform for...

Kelly Waters04/06/09
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Agile Estimating

I've written quite a bit about various aspects of estimating in agile software development. I think it's about time I joined up the dots...PRODUCT BACKLOGThe Product Backlog is a feature list. Or a list of User Stories if that's your approach. Either way,...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/03/09
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8 must read papers for project managers

I decided to do another article collection post. As I mentioned in the last post that I am extremely busy these days  as we're preparing to launch the first public pilot of our service. On top of that I cannot disregard the ROI (views vs. hours invested)...