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Rob Williams11/21/08
2 replies

Testing Code Generation

Some things lend themselves to TDD better than others. Code generation, it turns out, scores a 10 on this front. (To some people, it‘s heresy to think that one should favor one approach over another based on the ease of development; I would disagree with...

Nitin Bharti11/17/08
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Coverity Architecture Analyzer Improves 'Software DNA'

Coverity, Inc., a provider of static source code analysis tools, today unveiled Coverity Architecture Analyzer, providing development teams with the ability to ensure the integrity of application architecture across development teams, analyze the complexity...

Nitin Bharti11/10/08
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Scrum success within the large organization

Agile development practices are continuing to gain increasing attention within organizations looking to improve software quality; however, there are still unique challenges associated with bringing Agile practices into larger organizations. In response to...

Nitin Bharti11/05/08
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Chris Spagnuolo11/05/08
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Q&A Testing in an Agile Environment

In the past few weeks I’ve been asked about and have been considering exactly how to fit QA and testing into a two week iteration. A primary concern of the folks I’ve been talking with is that QA’s and testers on an agile team have nothing to do at...

Kevin Pang11/04/08
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Is Code Coverage Really All That Useful?

Test driven development proponents often tend to push code coverage as a useful metric for gauging how well tested an application is. 100% code coverage has long been the ultimate goal of testing fanatics. But is code coverage really all that useful? If...

Mike Cottmeyer11/03/08
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The Agile Project Plan

When we think about a project plan, what do we typically think about? Most people I talk with think a project plan is the schedule…. they think about the Gantt chart… the dependencies... and the critical path. The project plan can contain the schedule,...

Chris Spagnuolo11/03/08
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Know Your Users

In agile software development, we create user stories as a way to communicate the requirements of our users in an easy to understand format. Usually, they take the following form: “As a <user type>, I want to <function> so that I can...

Chris Spagnuolo10/23/08
2 replies

Discipline versus Motivation

A lot of organizations I’ve worked with have said that they think adopting agile practices requires a tremendous amount of discipline for teams to be successful. I’ve thought about that a lot and I’m not sure I agree. Actually, it’s more that I...

Chris Spagnuolo10/22/08
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Embracing Change with Agile Practices

Building software is complex. Every time you think have something nailed down, the requirements change. In fact, it reminds me of a quote from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth“: “It’s like beach combing. Every time the tide comes in and out, you...

Meera Subbarao10/20/08
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Is Code Coverage Important?

How much code coverage is enough? Do you consider having 100% code coverage an uphill task? Based on whom you talk to, the reply you get varies considerably. I have worked with Managers who would not compromise on anything less than 100% code coverage.  On...

Chris Spagnuolo10/17/08
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How To Cross The Chasm

Last week I had the good fortune of meeting and speaking with Geoffrey Moore, author of the widely acclaimed books Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado. If you haven’t heard of him before, Geoff writes and speaks about the technology adoption...

Chris Spagnuolo10/16/08
2 replies

Tools For Distributed Teams

These days, it’s not unusual for development or product teams to be geographically dispersed. It could be that your team members work on different floors, in different buildings, in different states, or even in different countries. Although I believe...

Jason Rudolph10/16/08
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Testing Anti-Patterns Potpourri - Quotes, Resources, and Collective Wisdom

While working on the Testing Anti-Patterns series over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of reading some great writing on testing, test-driven development, code coverage analysis, and the bigger picture of software quality in general. What...

Sebastien Arbogast10/16/08
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I’ve been a professional software development consultant for 3 years now and I’ve seen agile methodologies become very popular in the company I work for. A lot of people have started using SCRUM on their customer projects and the approach has proven to...

Pete Johnson10/14/08
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Five Reasons Software Developers Hate Software Architects

I remember it well.In 2005, after twelve years as a developer and project lead inside HP IT, I agreed to a promotion that gave me the swanky sounding title of " Chief Architect". I went to a friend of mine who I'd done a lot of both Java and...

Meera Subbarao10/13/08
19 replies

Why You MUST Read Clean Code

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship written by Robert C. Martin is one of the best books I have read in the past few years. This is the book for developers looking to produce better code. To be honest, any developer, software engineer,...

Richard Sharpe10/11/08
2 replies

Video: Breaking Brooks's Law

Fred Brooks’s law of adding manpower to a late software project makes it later is one most of us have tried to prove wrong... and failed! I was at Agile 2008 and saw an interesting session, “Breaking Brooks’s Law” from Menlo Innovations, a...

Meera Subbarao10/10/08
19 replies

How Do You Rate Yourself?

Just yesterday I received the book "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware" by Andy Hunt. I browsed through the TOC, read the introduction and started the second chapter "Journey from Novice to Expert". Even though it was...

Gojko Adzic10/09/08
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Beware Of The Second Worst Programmer

I attended a Domain Driven Design course on Monday at Skills Matter offices. Eric Evans led the course and put forward a very interesting theory that the quality of a software system is proportional to the skills of the second worst programmer. The...

Sean Pan10/09/08
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Polarion Track & Wiki - All In One Team Collboration

Polarion Software Launches Polarion Track & Wiki - Web-based Bug Tracking, Wiki-based Team Collaboration and Subversion-based version control rolled into one. Polarion’s new Track & Wiki is the industry’s first productivity tool for software...

Jurgen Appelo10/08/08
3 replies

To Motivate or Not to Demotivate

Some people tell me that "you cannot motivate a person". You can only "remove the impediments that prevent a person from being motivated". Or, in other words, "you can only eliminate demotivation". Well, I don't agree! Can...

Mike Cottmeyer10/02/08
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Agile or Iterative and Incremental

Many companies want the benefits of agile but are not ready to make the organizational changes necessary to take full advantage of the methodology. Companies want to say they are agile… they want to derive the benefits of agile… but they are not...

Frank Cohen09/30/08
2 replies

ThoughtWorks Introduces Twist functional test tool for Java developers

ThoughtWorks released a "beta" of Twist, a new commercial functional testing platform for software teams. Twist features a design environment using an English-like syntax for test creation. It looks like the underlying technology has its roots in...

Meera Subbarao09/29/08
8 replies

fusemetrics - Build Metrics Dashboard

If you have been using CI for quite sometime, you probably have a wide array of metrics for your projects - code coverage, complexity, coupling, bugs, tests, suspicious code, style violations, copy/paste detectors, performance measurements, dependency...