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Matthias Marschall05/10/11
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Scrum vs Continuous Deployment or why Scrum falls short for web applications

Product development needs consistency The basic idea of Scrum is to create a safe and change-free environment to enable a team to concentrate on the planned development tasks. The team plans out a sprint of typically two weeks and the idea is that they...

Katie Mckinsey05/09/11
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Daily Dose: Google Chrome Pwned

After withstanding several hacking attempts, Google Chrome's sandbox has been compromised. The VUPEN Security team officially announced their accomplishment on their website. A video accompanying the announcement shows the hack in progress, but fails to...

David Bland05/09/11
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How to Create a Burndown Chart in Google Docs

A burndown chart can be used by an agile team to track their progress against a release plan. In its simplest form, the chart consists of time on the X axis and the amount of work on the Y axis. You can choose to burn down on whatever metrics that are...

Robert Diana05/09/11
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Acknowledge Your Bias And Succeed

As is typical in the blogosphere, people will latch onto whatever topic is popular or controversial. Today, I read an interesting post from Michael Arrington regarding the responses to his investment policy. In his “Screw Them All” post, he says something...

Johanna Rothman05/09/11
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Plan for Murphy

It seems strange to plan for Murphy’s Law, but if you don’t plan for risks, they will happen and they will turn into disasters. Some risks you can’t plan for, but many risks you can anticipate. I plan for some typical risks: I keep a power cord in...

Jez Humble05/09/11
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Continuous Delivery (Free Chapter): Anatomy of the Deployment Pipeline

The following is a full chapter from Jez Humble and David Farley's new book: "Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation".  You can find a link to purchase the full book in our recommended...

Giorgio Sironi05/09/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Table Truncation Teardown

It's a fact of life that you will have to executes tests which touch some kind of database, usually on a Fake database like Sqlite to boost speed. Test isolation should be preserved across test cases: a failed test may not influence subsequent ones by leaving...

Matt O'Keefe05/08/11
0 replies Interview with @DEVOPS_BORAT

@DEVOPS_BORAT has exploded onto the DevOps scene as of late, via Twitter. He won Best Cloud Philospher and Best Cloud Tweet at Cloudy Awards 2011. is pleased to share with you this interview from @mattokeefe: Congrats on winning...

Israel Gat05/08/11
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Making Agile Work Measuring Agile Success Rate the Right Way

Much has been said recently about the success/failure rate of Agile projects. In particular, a debate arose around the success rate of Scrum vis-a-vis Kanban.  For example, in a post entitled Some Day Kanban will fail 75% of the Time, colleague Jurgen...

Bob Hartman05/08/11
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New To Agile? Give Thanks!

Here in the United States we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 26.  If you are currently on an agile team you may want to consider giving thanks a bit earlier!  My thank you list would definitely include: 1. Thanks...

Mike Cottmeyer05/08/11
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Guaranteed Success With Scrum

At this point in my coaching career, I’ve worked with lots of teams, in lots of companies, trying to adopt Scrum. I’ve seen teams do exceedingly well… and I’ve seen a few totally crash and burn. I want to share a few things I believe to be...

Israel Gat05/06/11
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Beautiful Quality

    Figure 1: Agile Assessment – Quality (Source: QSMA) Colleague and friend Michael Mah has kindly shared with me the figure above – quality assessment for a sample of Agile projects in the QSMA metrics database of more than 8000...

Venkatesh Kris...05/06/11
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Agile and Model of Concurrent Perception

Dr. Rubinstein is professor of engineering and applied science at the University of California, Los Angeles, has written articles and books on Concepts in Problem Solving and Tools for Thinking and Problem Solving.As per Dr.Rubinstein's model of...

David Bernstein05/06/11
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Who is Our Customer?

Have you ever stay up until three in the morning trying to track down a bug? Maybe it was code that you were charged with maintaining or maybe it’s something you just wrote. Remember how it felt trying to figure out what the author was doing? Who...

Johanna Rothman05/06/11
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A Rant on People, Resources, Men and Women

Rant on. There’s a flame-fest on the scrumdevelopment list about the use of “resources” or “people” to describe the human beings on projects. I like “humans” or “human beings” or “people.” And, I actually prefer “resources” to...

Mike Cohn05/06/11
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A New Artifact – The Long-Term Product Backlog

The weather turned nice about two weeks ago, which meant it was time for spring cleaning about the Cohn home, affectionately known as the Cohnderosa (which will only mean something if you’re old enough to remember “Bonanza”). While washing the...

Jurgen Appelo05/06/11
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The Birth of a Network

The moment is nearly there! Next week the Agile Lean Europe network will have its first gathering at the XP2011 conference. The buzz around our new initiative is simply amazing. At least 17 European countries will be represented in our vision and ideas...

Israel Gat05/06/11
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How to Initiate a DevOps Project

Agile consultants on a development project often start by helping the team construct a backlog. The task is sufficiently concrete to get all stakeholders (product management, project management, development, test, any others) on a collaborative track...

Ayende Rahien05/06/11
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What where they THINKING? The github merge button is STUPID

I just love git pull requests, but the new behavior from GitHub is beyond moronic. Take a look at a typical pull request: The problem is that clicking on this button would actually merge the changes to the public repository. I don’t know about you, but...

Katie Mckinsey05/05/11
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Daily Dose: jQuery Creator Leaves Mozilla

John Resig has announced that he will no longer be acting as a JavaScript evangelist for Mozilla. He plans on scaling back his involvement with the jQuery project, and focusing on new challenges.  His next project will be with a non-profit, online...

Mitch Pronschinske05/05/11
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ThoughtWorks Studios Jez Humble and Tom Sulston To Address Key Issues In DevOpps

Presentations to outline key principles of Continuous Delivery and explain the technical practices that enable rapid incremental delivery of high quality, valuable softwareWHO:    Jez Humble ThoughtWorks Studios ( Humble is...

Michael Dubakov05/05/11
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UX Meets Agile: Design Studio Methodology

Design Studio is a quite simple and efficient way to run UX meetings. Yesterday we tried it for the first time. There are several variations of Design Studio, we made it simple for the first run and set the following rules: Define problem. Sketch 5 ideas...

Esther Derby 05/05/11
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Fixing the Quick Fix

Here in the United States, our business culture tends to be action-oriented. We value the ability to think fast and act decisively. These qualities can be strengths. However, like most strengths, they can also be a weakness. Taking action when you...

Israel Gat05/05/11
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Use the Agile Triangle Instead of the Balanced Scorecard

As the name implies, the Balanced Scorecard strives to strike a balance between various performance measures.  When Financial, Customer, Business Processes and Learning and Growth measures are presented together, as in Figure 1 below, the Balanced...

Giorgio Sironi05/05/11
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A Mockery review

Mockery is a mock object framework (more properly Test Double framework) from @padraicb, independent from testing frameworks like PHPUnit. It can be used to quickly prepare Mocks, Stubs and other Test Doubles to use inside your unit tests.I've tried Mockery...