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Abby Fichtner04/27/11
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What’s Stopping You?

“To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.” – William James I got this quote from Michael Bungay Stanier’s book Do More Great Work. Great Work, you see, is what lights you up, it’s what makes a difference....

Esther Derby 04/27/11
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Building Trust, One Iteration at a Time

A while back I talked to a CEO of a contract development shop.  He wondered how Agile could help him with fixed price, fixed scope contracts to deliver software. Of course, the requirements that come with these contracts are never complete or...

Giorgio Sironi04/27/11
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The Gang of Four patterns as everyday objects

A System Metaphor is what eXtreme Programming use to describe an architecture: for example you can think of particular application as production lines, or flying planes, or other kinds of machines. A metaphor has its limits in describing a concept, but it's...

Katie Mckinsey04/26/11
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Daily Dose: CloudBees Extends Java PaaS to Private Cloud

CloudBees now supports OpenStack and vSphere. This new move will extend CloudBees' Java PaaS support to the private cloud environment, i.e. behind company firewalls.  Until now, Run@cloud service has traditionally been implemented publicly using Amazon's EC2...

Daniel Ackerson04/26/11
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Why Automated Testing is a Must for DevOps

You’ve heard a lot about test automation. But why is it so important? It’s a lot of additional effort and adds lots of code which needs to be maintained later, right? DevOps Favors Continuous Releases One of the important parts of any devops process...

Tobias Mayer04/26/11
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Scrum is not Project Management

Scrum, and the way of thinking that it attempts to socialize in the world of work, has nothing to do with project management. Anyone who is laboring under the misapprehension that Scrum is some form of “Agile Project Management” is seriously missing...

Robert Diana04/26/11
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Who Is Your Target Customer?

In the past few weeks, the same question of “who is your customer” has been discussed. Each of these conversations were completely unrelated to each other, but the general content was the same. So, it was with much delight that I saw Seth Godin...

Michael Sahota04/26/11
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Agile Culture Series Reading Guide

This is a reading guide to the series that explores corporate culture and how that has a direct impact (sometimes very negative) on efforts towards Agile adoption. It is a must-read for anyone that is considering taking their company agile or for...

Kevin Rutherford04/26/11
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Releasing vs Delivering

Here’s a quick thought that you might like to use in your next retrospective: Do you know that the software you just released has realised the expected value? What if the answer is that you don’t know? How could you find out? And what might be the...

Patrick Debois04/25/11
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Devops: The War Is Over - if You Want It

These are the slides of my presentations a the Scrum NL: Scrum Operations and the presentations at Xpdays 2010: Devops why should developers care. The presentation is created out of three parts: An introductory story A comparison on the...

Katie Mckinsey04/25/11
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Daily Dose: JavaOne Set For October

The official dates of the JavaOne Conference have been announced by Oracle.  Speculation has still lingered around the future of the popular Java conference since the former sponsor, Sun, was acquired by Oracle.  JavaOne 2011 will be held from October 2nd...

Michael Sahota04/25/11
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Ways to Make Progress with Culture Gaps

In an earlier post, I talked about how Agile Fits Better in Some Company Cultures than Others. In this post, we’ll review some common strategies for handling cultural mismatches. The Big Pitcure I almost posted this blog without a summary picture and I...

Jurgen Appelo04/25/11
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Old Ideas, New Words

Sometimes I am accused of re-iterating old ideas, and not adding much that’s new. They say my ideas are just old messages in new words. That is mostly correct. But not quite. I see no reason to come up with ideas that are totally new, when the...

Michael Dubakov04/25/11
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Our Development Process: 1.5 Years Later

1.5 years ago I wrote a post that described our development process. It is interesting to see what’ve changed. Legend: SurvivedRemovedAdded Context Product development (quite large web application)Two development teams: Core and Integration Several...

Giorgio Sironi04/25/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Superclass

Oh my God, here's a duplication in test code. What do we do?If you answered nothing, go back to square 1. Test code is like production code: I like to say that we should give him the same dignity.A common refactoring that we already saw and comes to mind here...

Jesse Warden04/24/11
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Agile Chronicles #6: Tools, Extra Merge Day, and Postponed Transitions

Agile Chronicles #6: Tools, Extra Merge Day, and Postponed Transitions Posted on December 7, 2008 by admin The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software...

Jurgen Appelo04/24/11
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The Three Manifestos

I was in a creative mood... The Manifesto for Agile Software Development... (You can download the big version of this image here.) ... The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship... (You can download the big version of this image...

Venkatesh Kris...04/23/11
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Need for matured developers in Agile Teams – A Myth

I have heard many times from in-experienced scrum coaches saying Agile projects need matured team members. The Big myth The above statement is as big a...

Peter Schuh04/23/11
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Agile Agenda

Okay, what I’ve done here is taken a practice that is necessary but lame and have tried to make it new and cool by slapping the word agile in front of it. You know, like agile modeling, agile development, agile analysis and agile DBA. But, really,...

Roman Pichler04/22/11
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Choosing the Right Agile Pilot Project

“Which project is best suited to pilot Scrum?” is a question I get regularly asked in my workshops and training courses. While it is always important to carefully consider the specific situation of an organisation, I have found the following six...

Jesse Warden04/22/11
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Agile Chronicles #10: Conclusions

The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development on my current Flex project. Part 1 – StressfulPart 2 – Code RefactoringPart 3 – Branch WorkflowPart 4 – POC,...

Jurgen Appelo04/22/11
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Iterate Your Flawed Models

I recently came across the Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS ever. It lists a number of logo designs that, in all their innocence, invite all kinds of associations with some not so innocent human behaviors. I laughed so hard that part of my brain was dangling...

Katie Mckinsey04/21/11
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Daily Dose: Countdown to the End of XP Support

Microsoft XP is officially being retired.  To mark the date when Microsoft will officially withdraw support for XP, developers at the software giant have released a "Windows XP End of Support Countdown Gadget."  Installing directly to the desktop,...

Tobias Mayer04/21/11
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In Praise of Unpreparedness

It wasn’t intentional, but because I came into my Scrum training session yesterday with a half-baked idea for a game, the participants were able to experience first-hand the Scrum approach to working with customers (like me!) who don’t know...

Johanna Rothman04/21/11
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Musings About Agile Program Management

I’ve been working with organizations who want to move their programs to agile. They’ve been successful with small projects. But now, they want to make agile work with large programs, programs that involve hardware or firmware, programs with many...