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Mike Cottmeyer01/17/11
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12 Key Barriers to Agile Transformation

So… we’ve got another snow day here in Atlanta. After getting about 7 inches Sunday night, the snow turned to freezing rain and then turned the snow on the ground into ice. Since we have no way to melt the snow… and the forecast is calling for...

Giorgio Sironi01/17/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Suite Fixture Setup

If you have a Shared Fixture you want your tests to use, there is an alternative to implementing it as a Prebuilt Fixture which is built during bootstrap. This solution ties a little more into the testing framework, but will prevent a fixture from being...

Ted Theodoropoulos01/17/11
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Technical Debt - Part 5: Governance

Corporate governance programs have taken on a much more significant focus since the latest wave of high profile corporate failures. Companies with tremendous history and prestige like Bear Stearns, AIG, and Lehman Brothers collapsed practically...

Mike Cottmeyer01/17/11
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12 Key Agile Thinking Tools

Well, turns out that today is toast too.  We are still iced-in with no real hope of things melting until the weekend. At this point I am hoping for a mid-week heat wave.  Probably not going to happen.  This is a totally odd feeling… being trapped...

Mitch Pronschinske01/17/11
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Daily Dose - Tomcat 7 Servlet Container Declared Stable

Apache Tomcat has full support for Java EE 6 specs this week, including Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, and JSP EL.  The developers just announced that the new release of Tomcat 7.0.6 is the first stable release in the 7.x branch.  The other new features in this...

Ted Theodoropoulos01/16/11
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Technical Debt - Part 4: Remediation

In the first three parts of this series we discussed topics related to defining, identifying, and quantifying technical debt.  In this article we will discuss topics for consideration when planning a remediation...

Ted Theodoropoulos01/15/11
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Technical Debt - Part 3: Quantifying

There are two key components to the technical debt equation: principal and interest.  Quantifying both the principal owed and the interest payments being made are critical.  Without a complete picture of the cost of the debt, calculating the return on...

Mike Cottmeyer01/14/11
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12 Key Agile Assumptions

Last time we talked about the attributes of successful agile teams. I did that post because sometimes I think we get hung up on implementing some set specific practices, just because we think that’s what it means to be agile. My belief is that agile...

Peter Schuh01/14/11
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Make Something Awesome

We have so many things to fret over when building software: Requirements. Quality. Deadlines. Budgets. Scope creep. Dependencies. Audits. Deployment plans. Disaster recovery. Single points of failure. Other systems. Other teams. Other...

Mike Cottmeyer01/14/11
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12 Keys to Success with Agile

We are having a snow day in Atlanta.  Snowmageddon they call it. Literally, everything is shutting down. We don’t do salt trucks and we don’t have snow plows, and we sure as hell don’t have any experience actually driving on snow. I guess...

Ted Theodoropoulos01/14/11
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Technical Debt - Part 2: Identification

We discussed the process of defining technical debt in a previous article which outlines some important items that should be considered before going about identifying it within an organization. Only after a clear...

Den D.01/14/11
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So you want to get that TFS-powered project from CodePlex...

CodePlex currently hosts 19845 projects. If you've used CodePlex before, then you probably know that you can get the pre-built library/executable/package if such is provided by the developer. But you can also download the source code. There are a couple of...

Mitch Pronschinske01/13/11
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Challenges in Agile Adoption: Distributed Teams and Getting Left Behind

Early agile adopters usually start with Scrum.  Everything goes well, iterations are smaller, and work becomes manageable, but somewhere along the line developers get left behind.  Roshan Uttangi believes that developers need more power in the agile process...

Martin Fowler01/13/11
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One of the most common cases of using a TestDouble is when you are communicating with an external service. Typically such services are being maintained by a different team, they may be subject to slow, and unreliable networks, and maybe unreliable ...

Jon Archer01/13/11
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Shouting is not an agile value

The Agile Manifesto is well known: We are uncovering better ways of developingsoftware by doing it and helping others do it.Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive...

J.d. Baker01/13/11
2 replies

Requirements Metadata Attributes – part 1

Recently I was asked to provide a suggested list of requirements management attributes (aka metadata) for a client.  I immediately went to my relatively new laptop and searched for the list that I had built over the last few years.  I couldn’t find...

Giorgio Sironi01/13/11
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TDD for algorithms: the state of the art

Uncle Bob's recent formalization of the Transformation Priority Premise may improve the ability to build an algorithm with Test-Driven Development.In his example, Uncle Bob follows strict rules of evolution in his code for implementing sorting, and finally...

Mike Cottmeyer01/12/11
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Blending Scrum and Kanban to Create an End-to-End Agile Enterprise

Here is a quick 10 minute video presentation of how I blend concepts like Epics, Features, User Stories, Story Maps, Minimally Marketable Features, Scrum, Kanban, RUP, and even traditional SDLC to create a scaleable agile enterprise portfolio framework....

Kelly Waters01/12/11
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Lean Principles #5 - Deliver Fast

Deliver Fast.  In a way, that's a funny principle to have.  I would have thought that's stating the blinking obvious!  But the reality is that it isn't.  All too often in software development, things seem to take ages.   It is common for people to...

Mike Cottmeyer01/11/11
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Tools for Disciplined Thinking

There is nothing in the manifesto that says we can’t write documentation if we think it’s a valuable contribution the the product. That line in the Agile Manifesto about working software over comprehensive documentation means is that we can’t use...

Robert Diana01/11/11
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Data, Context, Analysis And Meaning

Data, context and analysis has come up a lot lately. I talked about data and context about a month ago when people were arguing about JSON vs. XML. The problem at that time was that people were comparing data formats instead of potential usage: As with any...

Giorgio Sironi01/11/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Lazy Setup

Shared Fixtures are useful to save time, and speed up execution: a resource is shared between many tests and is not recreated from scratch everytime. The typical example is always a database connection, which sometimes has an heavy bootstrap.Sometimes however...

Lorna Mitchell01/10/11
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Github API: Issues List

I'm deeply involved with an open source development project (, the event feedback site) and we recently made the decision to move our issue tracking away from GitHub (because it's awful and meets none of the requirements for a bug...

Stephen Forte01/10/11
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Agile Estimation Presentation by Stephen Forte

Last night I spoke at the SofiaDev .NET User Group in Sofia, Bulgaria on Agile Estimation. We covered how my Bulgarian is horrible, all I know is “pull” and “push” (as in doors). After an introduction to the estimation problem, we talked about...

Jon Archer01/10/11
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Top ten tips for distributed scrum team teleconferences

Distributed software teams using scrum can spend a fair bit of time on the telephone. Even if you only talk for just sprint planning, daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives that could easily be 6+ hours in a two week sprint. When the team is...