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Giorgio Sironi02/16/11
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Do not fear the command line

As you know I love ssh, but I also love the command line tools  in general.However, many times I see ordinary people (non-programmers, but even programmers) struggle with entering textual commands. The reality is that the cli should not be a pain to use:...

Michael Norton02/15/11
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Telling the complete 'Story'

Decomposing the story formatWorking with several clients, I see differing story formats. The format I see most recommended is "As a, I want, So that".  The format I see most utilized is "I want". Isn't this the important part of...

Giorgio Sironi02/15/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Garbage-Collected Teardown

In order to perform tests, you create fixtures such as the System Under Test and input or output data. Usually this fixtures are just objects.Garbage collection, a mechanism present in many languages, deletes objects and variables (and thus fixtures) when...

James Sugrue02/15/11
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Prediction #4: The single vendor ALM stack becomes extinct in organizations with more than two developers

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone Development managers at large organizations with monolithic application lifecycle management (ALM) stacks once had it good. ...

Mike Cohn02/14/11
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Reflections on the 10 Years Since the Agile Manifesto

Today is the tenth anniversary of the start of the meeting that resulted in the Agile Manifesto. Much has changed in the ten years since the Agile Manifesto. Back then, the processes encompassed by the Manifesto—Extreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM,...

James Shore02/14/11
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Proficiencies of Planning

With our Art of Agile Planning training course coming up at the end of the month, Diana Larsen and I met for our normal pre-course review and revision. We had tried teaching the material top-down and bottom-up, and both ways caused confusion in the...

Giorgio Sironi02/14/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Unfinished Test Assertion

Sometimes we are in the middle of writing a test and another possible, unrelated test comes to mind. Now we are in a tough situation: Test-Driven Development tells us to go one step at a time for good reasons. But if we just wait before inserting that test,...

Jurgen Appelo02/11/11
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"Management 3.0" Book Launch & Book Winners

 The Management 3.0 book launch last Friday was a big success. There were more than 100 people attending the event at the Selexyz Donner book store in Rotterdam. A big thanks to all who were there, and in particular to Femke Cuijpers, Erik...

Steve Ciske02/10/11
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My Rant: Introducing New Technology in Agile

I’m not typically a person that takes issue with someone or some else’s post on my blog.  I’m of the opinion that blogs are there to put forth your ideas.  However, I happened across two posts today, one that references the other. One I disagree...

Jesse Warden02/10/11
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Agile Chronicles #5: Acceptance Criteria & Punting

The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development on my current Flex project. Part 1 – StressfulPart 2 – Code RefactoringPart 3 – Branch WorkflowPart 4 – POC, Strategy,...

Steven Lott02/09/11
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Unit Test Case, Subject Matter Experts and Requirements

Here's a typical "I don't like TDD" question: the topic is "Does TDD really work for complex projects?"Part of the question focused on the difficulty of preparing test cases that cover the requirements. In particular, there was some...

Giorgio Sironi02/09/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Guard Assertion

When tests are complex, or long to run, you may be tempted to insert ifs, for cycles and other logic. However, this practice may result in bugs introduced in your testing logic: after all, no one is testing the tests.Usually, you can easily replace most of...

James Sugrue02/09/11
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Prediction #5: Open source ALM tools continue to gain market share, give the development manager a migraine

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone.The influence of open source on software development is often measured by the impact of successful libraries and frameworks. ...

Mitch Pronschinske02/08/11
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Strategies Against Architecture & Interactions Over Processes and Tools

Building an effective, elegant, and enduring architecture requires a strong vision and smart people who can implement it.  The interaction between developers is just as important as the coding process.  Kevlin Henney's two talks at the 2010 Norwegian...

Jurgen Appelo02/08/11
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7 Questions for Philippe Kruchten, Co-developer of RUP

Philippe Kruchten is a Canadian software engineer, Professor of Software Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, co-developer of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), and author of several books about this development...

Robert McIlree02/08/11
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Where Enterprise Architecture and Project Management Intersect

My long-term readers know that I function as an enterprise architect and project manager (but not both simultaneously) and that I have taught (and continue to teach) project management courses at the university level for over 10 years. Over the years,...

Giorgio Sironi02/08/11
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Behavior-Driven Development in PHP with Behat

What is Behavior-Driven Development? A formal definition can be found on Wikipedia:BDD is a second-generation, outside-in, pull-based, multiple-stakeholder, multiple-scale, high-automation, agile methodology. It describes a cycle of interactions with...

Jesse Warden02/07/11
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Agile Chronicles #4: P to the Oh to the Sea, Strategy, and Design Challenges

The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development on my current Flex project. Part 1 – StressfulPart 2 – Code RefactoringPart 3 – Branch WorkflowPart 4 – POC, Strategy,...

Kelly Waters02/07/11
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Track Your Agile Projects with a Project Burndown Chart

Agile project management often needs more than the practices provided as standard by agile methods. Tracking project status is one area where I think that’s true. Scrum includes the concept of a Sprint Burndown Chart.  For those that aren’t familiar...

Giorgio Sironi02/07/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Delta Assertion

Sometimes we do not know the initial state of the fixture we are going to use for a test. In this case, it's likely to be a Shared Fixture, or even simply a Standard one which we do not want to be coupled to.In other, more complex scenarios, the fixture is...

Imran Baloch02/05/11
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New Validation Attributes in ASP.NET MVC 3 Future

Introduction: Validating user inputs is an very important step in collecting information from users because it helps you to prevent errors during processing data. Incomplete or improperly formatted user inputs will create lot of problems for your...

James Sugrue02/05/11
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Prediction #6: Continuous integration becomes central to deployment, Jenkins attacks Hudson with a chicken

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone.How does a continuous integration (CI) tool named after a butler or two grab such a large market share when much more feature-rich...

Maarten Balliauw02/05/11
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MvcSiteMapProvider 3.0.0 released

Just a quick note to tell that MvcSiteMapProvider 3.0.0 has been released and is available on CodePlex and NuGet. This version is targeted at ASP.NET MVC 3. If you are still using ASP.NET MVC 2, no worries: version 2.3.1 contains the exact same...

Den D.02/04/11
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January 2011 Update for Windows Phone 7 dev tools - New Emulator & Utilities

The long awaited update for the official developer tools is out. And although the actual update for the phone itself is not out, you can already see what the new system will carry - copy and paste functionality. One interesting thing is that you won't be able...