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Sharone Zitzman04/16/14
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Why You Should Want to Use OpenStack

OpenStack is currently in a better position to have a good public/private cloud story that uses the same underlying infrastructure. This ties into what I previously discussed, regarding the reason you have public/private cloud offering based on OpenStack more than on any other alternative in the first place.

Tim Millwood04/16/14
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What is SaaS? What is PaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a model of software delivery when all the software and data is stored in the "cloud". SaaS or Software as a Service is a model of software delivery when all the software and data is stored in the "cloud".

Comindware Inc.04/14/14
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Essential Characteristics of Effective Cloud-Based Project Collaboration Tools

Cloud-based collaboration tools are becoming more and more popular. From instant messaging to file and document management, from video conferencing to remote access, from collaborative mind-mapping to knowledge sharing, and everything in between, there’s most possibly a cloud-based app you can try.

Craig Matsumoto04/14/14
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Cisco’s Howie Xu: On Learning the Rhythms of OpenStack

After tracking him from VMware to Big Switch Networks and then to Cisco, we thought it might be nice to talk to Howie Xu about something besides changing jobs. Turns out he’d recently started looking into OpenStack, approaching it with a point of view steeped in networking and virtual switching.

Tatiana Crawford04/14/14
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OpenSSL Heartbleed Security Update

As of Tuesday, April 8th, all CloudPassage production systems have been updated and are no longer vulnerable. All communication between the Halo agents and the Halo analytics engine use message-level encryption, encrypting each payload, in order to mitigate SSL vulnerabilities at the transport layer.

Benjamin Ball04/13/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 4): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Apr. 4 to Apr. 10). This week's topics include Continuous Delivery and PaaS, an update from the DZone Research team on the cloud industry, switching cloud-based solutions, the Cloudcast, and the DZone link roundup.

Kon Soulianidis04/11/14
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Google Cloud Live 2014 - A Humbling Experience

Thought provoking, surreal and just downright cool are just some of the words that pop into my head when I reflect back on it. But above else it was humbling. So humbling in fact that it led me down that dark and eerie path of asking myself: “did that really just happen?”. *Pinch*: yes, it most certainly did.

Mark Hinkle04/11/14
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Apache CloudStack System VM Architecture Choice

I had a recent discussion with some folks wondering why there was now an option for 32 or 64-bit System VMs with CloudStack 4.3. I provided an answer, and linked back to some mailing list discussions. I figured this might be of general interest, so I’d document in the short term with a blog post.

Tatiana Crawford04/11/14
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Internet of Things and Cloud Dreams

The flexibility and potential to meet the demands that are coming with IoT will require not just control but orchestration across environments that will include the new hardware and software elements that will communicate, collaborate and possibly autonomously make decisions based on the data at hand.

Phil Whelan04/10/14
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Docker and Cloud Foundry

How closely integrated should a PaaS be with its containerization implementation? Should Cloud Foundry users be able to easily plug in and out different container managers, such as switching out Warden for Docker? What do we lose from the overhead of decoupling these? What do we gain?

Benjamin Ball04/09/14
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 9)

This week in the link roundup: Oculus VR's security issues, a new release of Apache CloudStack, SIMD Javascript support hits browsers, a word on cloud providers from Engine Yard, the top four performing SQL databases, Mozilla CEO steps down, it's not Microsoft Azure, and IE6 is dead.

Topher Marie04/08/14
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User Management in the Cloud Era

Spinning up a server is a snap. No longer do you have to procure hardware, a server, install software, and then configure it. With just the click of a button, a standard server can be up and running in seconds — and better yet, your own server image is too, and it has all of your software and configurations.

Brian Gracely04/08/14
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The Cloudcast #136 - 3D Printing & The Future of Manufacturing

Aaron and Brian talk with Rich Stump (@RichStump), Founder/Principle of FATHOM, about the evolution of 3D printing; how companies are using rapid prototyping to introduce new products; how the materials and process are improving to allow almost every industry to participate and how new ideas (eg. KickStarter campaigns) can be improved and accelerated.

Benjamin Ball04/07/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (April 7)

Things continue to evolve in the Cloud industry every day. Pivotal made waves by spinning off Cloud Foundry into its own foundation in late February, and IBM acquired Cloudant, and the Amazon-Google-Microsoft price wars are out of control. Here's all the best industry news updates through April 7th.

Craig Matsumoto04/07/14
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As Cisco’s SDN Focuses on Policy, Martin Casado Offers an Alternative

This week, Cisco put itself forth as a champion of policy-based networking, but it turns out VMware Chief Networking Architect Martin Casado has been looking in that direction. He started about a year ago. That’s when he got rolling with Congress, an OpenStack initiative that’s drawn the interest of IBM, among others.

Gaurav Mantri04/07/14
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Managing Storage Emulator in Azure SDK Version 2.3

With SDK 2.3, Azure SDK team got rid of “DSInit.exe” application and instead the new application for Storage Emulator is “WAStorageEmulator.exe” which can be found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\Storage Emulator”.

Mitch Pronschinske04/06/14
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The Hybrid Cloud Should Be Whatever You Need It to Be

One of the major conclusions revealed in the data from DZone’s 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report was a distaste for trade-offs. IT professionals don’t want to choose between the benefits of public cloud and the benefits of private cloud.

Sacha Labourey04/05/14
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Continuous Delivery and Platform-as-a-Service: A World of PaaSibilities

Just as continuous integration gives way to continuous delivery, IaaS naturally leads to PaaS. This is echoed by 2014 predictions that value will start to migrate “up the stack” from IaaS to PaaS. Let’s now turn our focus to PaaS and talk about what can and can’t be done with CI and CD on PaaS.

Omri Erel04/04/14
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Why You Should Switch to Cloud Based Solutions

The popularity of cloud computing has been increasing rapidly since it was invented and the reason for this is that it has numerous benefits to offer. A majority of medium and small sized businesses are switching to cloud based solutions and owners are smiling all the way to the bank after the switch.

Christian Posta04/03/14
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Integration Platform-as-a-Service, the Cloud, and... Baby Unicorns

For those of us in the real world that have worked on business-critical integration projects, we know the cold reality. They suck. Coding them by hand is going to land us into a world of hurt. So if we’re smart, we leverage existing tried-and-true integration libraries like Apache Camel to do the heavy lifting.

Claus Ibsen04/03/14
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JBoss Fuse on OpenShift - How to Connect to Twitter

This article contains links to resources by Clause Ibsen on how to use JBoss Fuse on OpenShift to deploy a new container running a Camel based application that polls Twitter feeds and logs them. The article includes a link to a video tutorial created by Ibsen.

Phil Whelan04/02/14
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10 Awesome Features of Stackato 3.2

Stackato 3.0, which was released at the end of 2013, was a huge milestone for the product. It adds a slew of new features and it received an overhaul from top to bottom. They replaced the Cloud Foundry implementation with version 2 of the open-source project, which was a major update.

Topher Marie04/02/14
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User Management Primer: Secure User Authentication

At its core user management is about making sure the right people have access to the right servers, and the ability to control what they do on those servers. This can be broken down into the authentication (who can access) and authorization (what they can do) components. We’ll discuss authentication in this post.

Yung Chou03/31/14
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Windows Azure Infrastructure Services IP Address Management (Part 1)

This two-part series details the IP address management of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services including Windows Azure Infrastructure Services IP assignments facts and how to assign a static IP to a Windows Azure VM and a sample session.

Craig Matsumoto03/31/14
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Dell’s Fabric Gets More Active With OpenStack

Dell partnered with Red Hat and agreed to curate the CloudNFV project. Now it’s bringing its network fabric closer to OpenStack. Today, Dell announced the Active Fabric Controller (AFC), software that connects OpenStack’s Neutron (the plug-in for networking) with Dell’s Active Fabric.