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Mike Bushong11/27/14
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The Victims of Networking's UX

In networking, this means that our current normal has been forged through diligent neglect of actual user experience for decades. It’s not so much purposeful behavior by the incumbent networking players so much as placing focus elsewhere.

Barton George11/26/14
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Learning About Dell’s OpenStack Private Cloud Offering

The week before last I bumped into Steve Croce. Steve is at Dell and is the product manager and strategist for our OpenStack private cloud offering. I got Steve to spend a few minutes with me and give me the lowdown on what we are offering and where Red Hat plays in. Take a listen.

Ayende Rahien11/25/14
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Large Scale Distributed Consensus Approaches: Concurrent Consistent Decisions

So far we tackled the idea of large compute cluster, and a large storage cluster. I mentioned that the problem with the large storage cluster is that it doesn’t handle consistency. Two concurrent requests can hit two storage nodes and make concurrent operations that aren’t synchronized between themselves.

Hüseyin Akdoğan11/25/14
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How Does Elasticsearch Real-time Search?

Compared to other features, real-time search capability is undoubtedly one of the most important features in Elasticsearch. Today we’ll look closely how is provided real-time search by Elasticsearch.

Barton George11/24/14
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Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS, What It's About, And Where Dell Fits In

The next interview in my series from Dell World features Julio Tapia of Red Hat. Julio is a global director for Red Hat’s platform as a service, OpenShift. I got Julio to give me a quick overview of OpenShift, where Dell plays and what they are planning going forward.

Phil Whelan11/24/14
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What Still Confuses You About PaaS?

Most people have heard the term SaaS and know what it means. Fewer people have heard IaaS and know what that means. Watch, and hopefully by the end, you'll have a better understanding of PaaS too.

Benjamin Ball11/24/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov 14): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (November 14 - November 21). This week's topics include 5 evolving Docker technologies, the upcoming hack.summit() conference, an argument for hybrid clouds, and more.

Mihir Punjabi11/22/14
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De-Mystifying Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined Storage (SDS) is being spoken about everywhere these days and various definitions of SDS are floating! This write-up is an attempt to represent SDS in simple language!

Eugene Ivantsov11/22/14
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Build And Share Developer Environments in Your Browser

A modern browser is all you need to develop and share complex developer environments. Build environments that fit your project requirements. Instantly share your environments. Code, build, test and run projects in your browser.

Phil Whelan11/21/14
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Is Docker The Right Abstraction For PaaS?

Docker has been Stackato's container implementation for a year now, responsible for provisioning and managing the life-cycle of who knows how many Linux containers. The next question is how do we start exposing Docker features to end users, rather than having them as an unexposed implementation detail.

Mike Bushong11/21/14
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Maturity and Evolution of SDN

Networking technology is moving at a fast pace after being relatively stagnant for many years. And it’s not even the fundamentals of how we move packets around that is changing. We have finally realized that the network provides a set of services to applications.

Christopher Blake11/21/14
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IBM Verse Takes Centre Stage delivering a New Way to Work

IBM intends to make available IBM Verse first as a beta in Q4 2014. This beta will support customers who meet certain criteria. IBM intends general service availability on the IBM Cloud in Q1, 2015, and on premises general availability late 2015.

Tomer Levi11/21/14
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Solr Cloud Performance - Windows Server 2012 R2

I would like to share with you the results and conclusions from our last Solr Cloud 4.8.1 performance tests at NICE.

Ayende Rahien11/20/14
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Large Scale Distributed Consensus Approaches: Computing with a Hundred Node Cluster

I’m using 100/99 node cluster as the example, but the discussion also apply for smaller clusters (dozens of nodes) and bigger clusters (hundreds or thousands). Pretty much the only reason that you want to go with clusters of that size is that you want to scale out your processing in some manner.

Omri Erel11/20/14
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Implementing the SaaS Maturity Model

When it comes to SaaS maturity model, maturity is not an all-or-nothing proposition, as a SaaS application can possess one or two important attributes and still manage to fit the typical definition and meet the essential business requirements.

Phil Whelan11/19/14
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The Cloud Foundry Jenkins Plugin

There's a lot of interest in using Stackato in conjunction with continuous integration tools, and the most popular of those tools is Jenkins CI. Until now, the only ways to deploy your applications to Cloud Foundry or Stackato from a Jenkins build are included in this article.

Benjamin Ball11/19/14
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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

I just wanted to let everyone know about this great virtual developer conferencing coming up called hack.summit(), which takes place Dec 2-4; there's already more than 13,000 developers signed up for the conference.

Gaurav Mantri11/19/14
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Azure SDK 2.5 and Cloud Service Diagnostics

Recently Azure team announced the availability of SDK 2.5. One of the major change that was done in this release is related to diagnostics. In this post we will talk about diagnostics changes in the latest SDK. First let’s talk about the new stuff you get in the latest version of diagnostics.

Brian Gracely11/18/14
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The Cloudcast #171 - Evolving API Economy & Hackathons

Brian talks with Steven Willmott (@njyx; Founder/CEO of 3Scale) with the APItools Middleware Contest and how competitive events drive innovation and make APIs better.

Barton George11/18/14
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Talking to Red Hat About How They Are Working with Dell on OpenStack

The first of these is with Red Hat Sr. Solution Architect, Ian Pilcher who was on the expo floor. Ian was talking to attendees about how Red Hat and Dell are working together in the cloud space. I got him to give a short overview.

Ravi Namboori11/18/14
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A Primer to Network Topologies

This write-up begins with an introduction to networking topologies. It then goes on to describe the major ones and their sub-domains. It explains the arena in which each of them functions in and what their applications exactly are.

Mike Bushong11/17/14
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The Case for Hybrid Clouds

Businesses rely on flexibility, cost advantage, and time-to-market for new innovations. For companies that rely on IT to drive new products and innovations, the computing infrastructure looks a lot like their software development infrastructure in terms of either creating barriers or opening up opportunities.

Phil Whelan11/16/14
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5 Evolving Docker Technologies

This post is only the tip of the iceberg for the number of technologies in this ecosystem. New solutions are being announced almost every week and with each iteration existing technologies are bending and adapting according to the new landscape. The Docker ecosystem itself is evolving and evolving rapidly.

Ana-maria Mihalceanu11/16/14
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Step by Step Java Web Application Development using IBM Bluemix PaaS (Part 1)

This article aims to showcase how easy is to develop a java web application on a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) like IBM Bluemix. Technologies involved are Java 1.6 or higher, Servlets, JSP, SQL DB database service available on Bluemix, Liberty for Java runtime, GIT and any IDE desired for implementation (eclipse is being recommended by Bluemix documentation, but I used NetBeans).

Suraj Kumar11/16/14
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Why Should Developers Consider a Cloud Based Platform for Coding?

Why are developers gung-ho about the cloud and why is it imperative that they maximize its potential? Take a look!