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Aruna Karunarathna07/11/14
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Mount WSO2 products to a remote WSO2 Governance Registry instance(MsSQL 2012)

In this post we are going to mount wso2 products into a remote governance registry. In the default scenario wso2 governance registry is pointed to a local h2 database. In this article we use MSSQL Server 2012.

Mauro Carniel07/11/14
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Migrating from Lotus Domino to modern web solutions

Migrating a large degree of custom applications developed using Lotus Notes represents the real challenge at the moment for a company, since it has sensible costs involved with the ri-engineering and redevelopment of these applications with another platform.

Omri Erel07/10/14
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Seven Cloud Statistics You Must Read

Cloud computing is being used at every organizational level. Since it conveniently meets a wide range of needs, from the individual to major corporations and governments, cloud computing has become one of the most widely discussed topics among the IT community.

Andrew Phillips07/09/14
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“Will the future be Dockerized?” — A Discussion on Docker, Containers, and the Future of Application Delivery

Even though Docker is getting all the attention at present, this "virtual appliance" style deployment model isn't new - tech companies have been doing much the same with Amazon EC2 AMIs for a while, and Twitter does something similar using Mesos.

Neil Mackenzie07/09/14
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Migrating a VM from EC2 to Azure at 300 Mbps

This post contains instructions for migrating a VM from Amazon Web Services EC2 to Microsoft Azure. The instructions assume a basic setup where the AWS EC2 instance is running Windows Server and comprises a single disk containing the OS. A similar technique can be used to migrate additional disks.

Sharone Zitzman07/08/14
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OpenStack Orchestration with Heat + Devstack

Today in order to bootstrap a Cloudify manager you have to take care of the OpenStack compute, networking and security services yourself, essentially all of the OpenStack orchestration (this is still a good reference).

Trevor Parsons07/07/14
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Simple Logging to Logentries from a Docker Container

While building Docker images for a production deployment I encountered a problem with proper logging of what’s going on inside the containers, especially if using supervisord to run multiple processes. One simple solution can be to share the /var/log/supervisor directory with the host.

Benjamin Ball07/06/14
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The Best of the Week (June 27): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (June 27 to July 3). This week's topics include OpenStack's birthday celebration, Cloudcast at the OpenStack summit, the use of DBaaS in the enterprise, and five common obstacles to introducing DevOps.

Benjamin Ball07/03/14
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OpenStack Turns 4 - The Top 4 OpenStack Articles in its Lifetime!

It was recently mentioned this week on OpenStack's blog that OpenStack, the free and much-loved open source cloud computing platform, will turn 4 years old on July 19th, and they're declaring it a cause for celebration.

Phil Whelan07/03/14
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5 Common Barriers When Introducing DevOps

In my talk at Silicon Valley DevOpsDays last week, I wanted to bring about awareness, discuss some of the lessons learned, and offer some thoughts and tips about bringing DevOps to an organization. I've listed below five common barriers and ways to overcome them.

Lukas Eder07/02/14
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Stop Unit Testing Database Code

Now that this has been established, let’s have a look at a blog post by Marco Behler, in which he elaborates on various options when testing database code, with respect to transactionality. Testing database transactions is even harder than just testing database code.

Brian Gracely07/02/14
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The Cloudcast #151 - Continuous Security Responsibilities on AWS

Brian talks with Tim Prendergast (@Auxome, Founder/CEO of about recent security problems for AWS customers, the evolution of Continuous Security Monitoring and the best practices that companies need to understand as they leverage public cloud for more business applications.

Omri Erel07/02/14
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Creating a SaaS Marketing Plan That Rocks

When creating your Software as a Service marketing plan, it is paramount to understand that the business model you have chosen is a fully integrated architecture, and all aspects of your business – product, service, marketing, and revenue model – are tightly coupled.

Lisa Schultz07/01/14
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DBaaS: Solving the Cloud Business Continuity Conundrum

Today’s enterprises are expected to be “always-on”; you never know what time of day or night your customers are going to make a transaction. At the same time, these companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve efficiency, scalability, and reduce costs.

Topher Marie07/01/14
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Chef, Puppet, and JumpCloud Server Management Tools

We often hear how we compare to Chef and Puppet (and all of the rest of the configuration automation / management solutions). The simple answer on how we compare is that we each do something different. Chef and Puppet programmatically manage your infrastructure.

Rick Delgado06/30/14
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Service on the Cloud: A Look at the Pros and Cons of Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service is a popular cloud computing option, but it's not the only option out there. Learn the pros and cons of IaaS to see if it's the right option for you.

Brian Gracely06/28/14
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The Cloudcast at OpenStack Summit

We had the chance to record six shows at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. We also spoke with Stu Miniman (@stu) on theCUBE, talking Cloud trends, DevOps and Openstack.

Brian Gracely06/27/14
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The Cloudcast #150 - Evolving From Plumbers to Coders

Aaron and Brian talk with Jason Edelman about his continued evolution from plumber to coder. They discuss his latest projects focused on SDN, Docker, Ansible and Python. They discuss the learning curve from CLI to writing code and lessons learned in creating labs to build these new environments.

Brian Gracely06/26/14
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The Cloudcast #149 - Perspective from Cloud Foundry Summit

Aaron and Brian talk with Kenny Coleman about his experience and perspective at Cloud Foundry Summit. They discuss how different the customer stories were from traditional IT and how software impacts today’s IT professional. They also discuss why smart infrastructure professionals are moving towards development.

Tatiana Crawford06/25/14
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Feng Shui and Cloud Server Configurations

Starting a cloud server workload without proper configuration is like putting out a beacon alerting hackers to an easy mark. In fact, a CloudPassage study called The Gauntlet showed that even a novice hacker can compromise a poorly configured cloud server in a matter of hours.

Phil Whelan06/25/14
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Consul for Service Discovery - Mitchell Hashimoto Explains

I chatted with Mitchell Hashimoto about his recently released open-source project Consul for service discovery, which builds upon their previous project Serf. Many people will know Mitchell as the creator of Vagrant, but since then he has formed Hashicorp and released projects Packer, Serf and now Consul.

Chris Haddad06/24/14
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Adopting the Infrastructure Cloud Services Model

Cloud API popularity is fueling interest in creating service ecosystems across organizations, teams, and applications. By externalizing software platform functions from containers, operating systems, and on-premise data center environments, new business opportunities emerge.

Daniel Schneller06/24/14
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Ansible: Simple, Yet Powerful Automation

It is no shoot out between different automation tools, but rather a collection of Ansible basics and our experience with it so far. Soon another post will follow about dynamically generated inventories for OpenStack virtual environments.

Omri Erel06/24/14
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The Secret to Getting High ROI Through SaaS

Leading IT suppliers of software and hardware services seeking to address the needs of their customers have thoroughly evaluated and adopted a cloud-style strategy. The challenges and issues must be expressed in a language that users understand.

Topher Marie06/23/14
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Mythbusting: DevOps and Security

There is a lot of noise around DevOps right now with pundits calling it the next great IT “movement.” DevOps represents the integration of development, IT operations, security, and quality assurance (and some even saying, sales and marketing), under a single automated umbrella.