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Omri Erel03/28/14
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3 Great Lies of Cloud Computing

As a cloud expert, you encounter several hurdles to adoption and many misconceptions related to cloud use. Some of these obstacles are minor, and easily overcome, but others can prevent cloud implementation all together.

Anindita Basak03/28/14
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A Lap Around of Cloud Design Patterns – Microsoft Patterns & Practices

Patterns & Practices are key indicators of any application development life-cycle, whether it’s Windows Store/Desktop app, Web, Cloud, mobility, or LOB app. Microsoft P&P leverages few new patterns as well for Cloud based apps. Lets have a summation as followed.

Mark Hinkle03/27/14
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Exoscale a Swiss Cloud Provider Expands its Cloud Services with Apache CloudStack

Exoscale is a global provider of swiss-based cloud services. Exoscale offers local or international companies real technological and financial benefits while preserving top-level customer relationship. Its service catalog proposes IaaS products from compute to storage.

Rob Sanders03/27/14
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Oracle Software on Windows Azure

If you’ve invested into Oracle/Java on Azure, you’ll need to be prepared for increased usage charges as they go into “general availability” around the time of publishing this article. Here is the official advice from Microsoft.

Tatiana Crawford03/26/14
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What a Beautiful Cryptocurrency Mining Operation You’re Funding…

Lately there has been a lot of buzz around public and private cloud machines being compromised and used to mine digital currency, and every day we’re presented with new opportunities to learn from the misfortunes of others.

Oliver Hookins03/26/14
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Cloudformation and the Data Transformation Nightmare

The background to this story is that I spent the bulk of one week recently working on getting a prototype service deployed with AWS CloudFormation, and the experience was still reasonably painful. My team has other services deployed with CloudFormation, which is working perfectly fine (now) but I had hoped there would be some improvements available since the last time we went through the process.

Brian Gracely03/24/14
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The Cloudcast #135 - Scaling and DevOps at GitHub

Aaron and Brian talk with Mark Imbriaco (@markimbriaco), Technical Ops at GitHub, about the evolution of web-scale, enabling software developers to be successful, automating systems and how the culture of DevOps is applicable to every company.

Omri Erel03/24/14
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SRA Government Adoption of Cloud Services

Cloud computing adoption rates are growing substantially. In many cases, the cloud has considerably reduced operating costs for private users and businesses. While some consider migration to the cloud to be somewhat of a “revolution” in IT, it is really just the natural progression of our digital landscape.

Sharone Zitzman03/24/14
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Network Automation and Orchestration with Openstack and Cloudify

In my previous post I discussed the evolution of networking in the cloud and the need for the virtualization of network functions, and the different drivers for change. In this post I will focus on orchestrating your networking through OpenStack's Neutron, its challenges and potential.

Benjamin Ball03/23/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 14): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Mar. 14 to Mar. 20). This week's topics include Apache CloudStack, the DZone weekly link roundup, cloud automation with WinRM, and best practices for private PaaS implementation.

Anders Abel03/21/14
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Add a Language to Windows Azure Visual Studio VM

I was recently made aware that some unit tests for Kentor.AuthServices were failing on non-English computers. To be able to test a different setup I turned to Azure and set up a machine with VS2013 Pro and installed Swedish language support. Once I found the right way, it was very straight forward.

Peter Cohen03/21/14
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How SaaS Marketing Has Changed

Over the 10 years since went public, a few things have changed in the way we market software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. For one, companies are getting more comfortable with the idea of running critical business functions in the cloud.

Mark Hinkle03/20/14
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Why CloudStack is Not a Citrix Project

When Citrix donated CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation, it relinquished control of the software and the brand. This put Citrix in a bind, not being able to easily promote the CloudStack project. Indeed, CloudStack is now a trademark of the ASF and Citrix had to rename their own product CloudPlatform.

Phil Whelan03/20/14
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Best Practices for a Private PaaS Implementation

Usually customers have come to us after trying to build their own private PaaS from scratch or from using a variety of open source components, However, for a wide variety of reasons, it doesn’t quite materialize the way they originally hoped.

Greg Duncan03/19/14
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The OneNote Services API

Of today's many OneNote announcements, the best is hard to pick (free is heard to beat), but being a dev I have to pick the new OneNote Services API. With it and the new ITTT support, I've been able to make a very workflow change to how I gather the news items I find cool.

Sharone Zitzman03/19/14
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Cloud Automation with WinRM vs SSH

In the Linux world SSH is the standard for remote connectivity and automation for the purpose of logging into a remote machine to install tools and run commands. It's ubiquitous, runs across multiple Linux versions and distributions, and every Linux admin worth their salt knows SSH and how to configure it.

Benjamin Ball03/18/14
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (March 18)

The week in the link roundup: a new major version of Python is released, OneNote comes out for Mac with some new and free features, become an asteroid hunter for NASA, is the U.S. Supreme Court going to tackle software patent protection, concern about the future of AngularJS, and addictive DOGE2048.

Tetiana Fydorenchyk03/17/14
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PHP Improvements in 1.9.3 Jelastic Release

Recently, we announced the release of a new version of Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure. This version delivers key features for enterprises and hosting service providers, focusing on application scalability, security and performance.

Sharone Zitzman03/17/14
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From Configuration Management to Cloud Orchestration - How Cloudify Integrates with Chef

For those unfamiliar with Chef, it is an open-source management tool, essentially an automation platform built to address the most difficult infrastructure challenges. It provides rapid provisioning and deployment of servers for automated delivery of applications and services, at scale, as well.

Benjamin Ball03/16/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 7): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Mar. 7) to Mar. 13). This week's topics include the developer of the week, the Cloudcast on Cloud Foundry, replication as a service, the Cloud Foundry project ecosystem, and multi-tenant SaaS architecture.

Topher Marie03/16/14
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3 Tasks for Every IT Organization in 2014

The early part of a year is always a time when IT organizations are finishing up their plans for the year, putting the final touches on budgets, and thinking about new technologies for the coming year. Here’s our list of three items that every IT organization should be looking at.

Brian Gracely03/14/14
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The Cloudcast #132 - Cloud Apps need Borderless Security

Aaron and Brian talk with Rehan Jalil (CEO of @ElasticaInc; @R_Jalil) about trends at the RSA conference, how to monitor & secure application in the cloud, why companies no longer have borders and why new approaches to Security and Coud SOC are needed with the changing patterns of applications and users.

Omri Erel03/14/14
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Architecture Multi Tenant SaaS Architecture – A Cost-Efficient Hosting Solution

Multi tenant SaaS architecture is becoming more and more popular among Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors. This is because; in a multi tenant environment, clients together with the users share a common service which is provided by one single technology platform.

Phil Whelan03/13/14
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I, For One, Welcome Our New Cloud Foundry Overlords

Cloud Foundry is establishing its own independent governing foundation. It was certainly covered extensively in the press (by Ben Kepes, Barb Darrow, and many others). Paul Maritz even went so far as to create a Twitter account just prior to announcing it!

Ofir Nachmani03/13/14
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Cloud Academy: Test Drive Your Cloud Skills

According to IDC’s prediction, 7 million new cloud related IT jobs will be created by 2015. As cloud is still evolving, there is an overall lack of knowledge, skills and experience in the IT industry. The constant expansion of the cloud world is causing this knowledge gap to constantly increase.