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Omri Erel06/24/14
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The Secret to Getting High ROI Through SaaS

Leading IT suppliers of software and hardware services seeking to address the needs of their customers have thoroughly evaluated and adopted a cloud-style strategy. The challenges and issues must be expressed in a language that users understand.

Topher Marie06/23/14
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Mythbusting: DevOps and Security

There is a lot of noise around DevOps right now with pundits calling it the next great IT “movement.” DevOps represents the integration of development, IT operations, security, and quality assurance (and some even saying, sales and marketing), under a single automated umbrella.

Topher Marie06/20/14
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Manually Managing Users Across Servers

Our goal is to automate the management of your servers. Managing users is one of the top items that sysadmins spend their time on. Let us help you make it more efficient and secure at the same time! Give JumpCloud a try for free and let us know what you think.

Benjamin Ball06/19/14
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Electric Cloud Launches Two Products and Brings New Attention to Continuous Delivery

Yesterday, Electric Cloud announced two new products, as well as several new industry initiatives, that show a lot about what the company has learned after 10 years of software pipeline and delivery experience. The company is coming out with a number of new focuses on DevOps in the Enterprise.

Phil Whelan06/19/14
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Two Factors to Docker's Success

I have long been convinced that Docker will be part of the revolution to engineering a better cloud, and, in effect, upgrading the internet. Join in the revolution and have fun hacking with the community. They inspire developers, and they appreciate developers, making developers want to build around Docker.

Brian Gracely06/18/14
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The Cloudcast #148 - DevOps, WebScale & BigData at Gilt

Brian talks with Eric Bowman about the evolution from monolithic apps to scaleable micro-services. They discuss how to manage scale, how they manage deployments across internal, managed and public clouds. They discuss when to open-source a project and how to engage with open-source communities.

Pritiman Panda06/18/14
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How Important is the Cloud to Business Process Management?

Business Process Management does not have any direct dependency on Cloud for its implementation or functioning. It is just yet another approach or way to implement BPM based solutions. It’s not that BPM solutions cannot be developed in the absence of Cloud Solutions.

Phil Whelan06/17/14
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Stackato and Lessons Learned with Cloud Foundry

Here are the slides from my Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 presentation: Stackato and the Lessons Learned with Cloud Foundry. Below are some of the topics I discussed.

Benjamin Ball06/16/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (June 16)

This research update includes Docker support for Stackato and Google Cloud, lower prices for Clever Cloud, improved performance for cloudControl from hardware improvements, Chef 10 and data bags for Engine Yard, open source HTTP API toolchain from Heroku, Jelastic V2.2 with Ruby support, and more.

Tatiana Crawford06/15/14
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Cloud Service Attacks: Consider a New Approach to Cloud Security

Attackers are constantly improving their tactics and finding new vectors to exploit. Unauthorized activity should be detected quickly and a plan should be put into play to whack these moles efficiently. But how can organizations reduce the unforeseen or unprotected paths to compromise?

Benjamin Ball06/15/14
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The Best of the Week (June 6): Cloud Zone

This week's topic include Docker getting ready for the Enterprise, distributed caching for clusters, why everybody loves Cloud Foundry, why cloud is making Windows irrelevant, and getting started with network connectivity in Microsoft Azure.

Topher Marie06/14/14
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Why Cloud Server Outages Don't Scare Me

The sky isn’t really falling, but it can feel that way when your cloud provider fails. We’ve seen some spectacular failures by cloud providers in recent years, equivalent to taking down a very large traditional data center, and having all back ups (back up network, power, and cooling) fail at the same time.

Phil Whelan06/13/14
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libswarm - Docker Orchestration Announced

A year ago Docker was announced. Thanks to our 3 plus years experience working with Linux containers, ActiveState could clearly see its potential and understand Solomon Hykes' vision for the future of containerization. We wasted no time making Docker part of Stackato.

Maarten Ectors06/12/14
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How the Cloud Makes Windows Irrelevant

Windows has been running on the majority of PCs for many years now. Microsoft successfully translated its client monopoly into a stronghold server position. However times are changing and it is no surprise that the new CEO of Microsoft is a Cloud expert. Cloud can make Windows irrelevant.

Chris Haddad06/11/14
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Embrace Shadow IT Clouds

Cloud is the new shadow IT for enterprises. While stable, well-known SaaS offerings such as Salesforce or Netsuite are excellent paths forward, unregulated, shadow IT cloud deployments often expand business risk and magnify IT inefficiencies.

Rambo Zhou06/11/14
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Make Distributed Systems Auto-Scalable : Examples

In the last post we talked about the conception how to make distributed system auto-scalable. It will be a design pattern for distributed system in auto-scalability. In this post we introduce 2 examples to explain it. We will talk about node elastic in next post.

Mitch Pronschinske06/10/14
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Is Docker Ready for the Enterpise?

Docker 1.0 has been pushed to users today to coincide with the start of the inaugural DockerCon conference. Now the community is ready to find out if the symbolic 1.0 release lives up to the enterprise-ready label.

Keith Mayer06/10/14
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Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud Using Microsoft Azure

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles aimed at showcasing examples of leveraging relevant cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Online, that encourage a DevOps mission within an organization.

Tatiana Crawford06/10/14
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Troublesome Old IT Antics in the New Cloud Playground

The current IT environment is evolving rapidly, and many organizations are moving to cloud-based infrastructures for reasons related to both cost and scalability. Every IT innovation brings its challenges as well as its benefits, but cloud environments especially add additional complexity when it comes to security.

Brian Gracely06/10/14
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The Cloudcast #147 - Scalable OpenStack in Europe and Globally

Aaron and Eric Wright talk with Carl Perry (@edolnx, Cloud Architect at @eNovance) talks about deploying large scale OpenStack environments, European community design summits, being a significant contributor to OpenStack, NFV capabilities for SPs, and working upstream vs. delivering a distribution.

Trevor Parsons06/09/14
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Managing DevOps Across Multiple Clouds

Like it or not the future of enterprise IT involves hybrid cloud computing in multiple forms. At the moment, most IT organizations are simply struggling with how to manage DevOps between their own on-premise systems and a single cloud.

Phil Whelan06/09/14
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Everybody Loves Cloud Foundry

With the growing list of Cloud Foundry supporters, the question is...can other open source PaaSes survive or has a new industry standard emerged? Despite PaaS being a nascent market, 33 companies (including HP, IBM, Rackspace, Docker and, of course, ActiveState) have bet on this particular horse in the race.

Brian Gracely06/09/14
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The Cloudcast #146 - Red Hat's Big Cloud Vision

Aaron and Eric Wright (@discoposse) talk to Brian Stevens (@addvin, CTO/EVP at Red Hat) about being a CTO, customer expectationd of OpenStack from RedHat, how he see Private and Public Cloud evolving and how Red Hat is pulling together all the "full stack" pieces they have developed and acquired for the Cloud.

Benjamin Ball06/09/14
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The Best of the Week (May 30): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (May 30 to June 5). This week's topics include PaaS service discovery, developing applications for OpenStack, automating server management, off-premise managed clouds, and Heat & DevStack on HP Cloud.

Dmitriy Setrakyan06/09/14
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Distributed Caching in 5 Minutes

Distributed In-Memory Caching generally allows you to replicate or partition your data in memory across your cluster. Memory provides a much faster access to the data, and by utilizing multiple cluster nodes the performance and scalability of the application increases significantly.