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Phil Whelan07/16/14
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6 Reasons Why IT Needs PaaS

Developers have enjoyed the benefits of a public PaaS—deployment of their apps without a cumbersome process of IT tickets and wait times. However, circumventing the process and using a "rogue" cloud is only a temporary solution and not suitable as a long-term strategy. IT will shut it down… eventually.

Eric Bannon07/16/14
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The Brave New World of Storage Virtualization: Can You Put Your Virtual Environment on Autopilot?

Virtualization obscures the lines with storage and it becomes complex to manage the supply and demand of resources occurring across the stack. Traditional management tools, storage and virtualization related, are running into the limitations of their stats-based, linear approach to managing diverse environments.

Lorna Mitchell07/16/14
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Quickly add Amazon Cloudfront as a CDN

We needed to look at ways of trying to bring down the pressure on the servers, and decided to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for our image files. It was surprisingly painless to implement once I got into it so here it is in case it's helpful.

Moshe Kaplan07/15/14
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Scale Out Patterns for OpenStack (and Other Cloud) Based Systems

It is a common question these days how one should design their next system to support elastic and growth requirements in the cloud era. As I got this specific query today, I would like to share with you my answer based on various materials I created in the last few years.

Neil Mackenzie07/15/14
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Affinity Groups in Azure

I see a lot of confusion about the status of affinity groups in Microsoft Azure and thought it worthwhile to describe that status. Until 2012, Azure used a north-south network built to handle traditional internet traffic. In this scenario a request comes in from the internet at the top and gets routed down to a server.

Benjamin Ball07/14/14
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Introducing Amazon Cognito—Simple User Identity and Data Synchronization

Amazon Cognito is a backend service that simplifies user identity and data synch services for a variety of applications--and it fits right into the hefty portfolio of cloud services that Amazon already has under it's umbrella. It allows users to access identity data from multiple mobile devices through cloud connectivity.

Benjamin Ball07/14/14
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An Introduction to Beginning with Chef (Part 1)

Anirudh Bhatnagar, a blogger over at Xebia, has started a series for beginner users of Chef, a configuration management tool. Chef's use for creating infrastructure as code for cloud automation is well known, and a good guide for getting started in this realm is a big plus for many developers.

Benjamin Ball07/13/14
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The Best of the Week (July 4): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (July 4 to July 10). This week's topics include a lot of OpenStack--the top 4 OpenStack articles on DZone, Docker and the future of app delivery, an OpenStack tutorial, seven cloud statistics, and OpenStack orchestration.

Eric Berg07/13/14
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Accelerating The Move to Office 365 and Enabling Your Cloud/Mobile Future of Choice

We are announcing a broad set of investments that will make it even easier for customers to seamlessly and securely adopt Office 365. And, as always, they can also use Okta to secure and manage all of their applications, be they on-premises, in the cloud, from Microsoft or from any other vendor.

Cloudify Community07/12/14
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What is OpenStack? A Quick OpenStack Tutorial

In this blog we often discuss OpenStack, and the different components, and have an OpenStack tutorial or guide at your disposal for many topics – from OpenStack Neutron and networking in general, through NFV, through OpenStack orchestration, DevStack, network automation, and much more.

Brian Gracely07/11/14
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The Cloudcast #153 - Building Better APIs for Business Success

Aaron and Brian talk with James Higginbotham (@launchany; Founder, Author, Developer) building better APIs, helping companies understand the need for public and private APIs, how to enable SaaS applications and why companies might consider an Interim CTO.

Mauro Carniel07/11/14
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Migrating from Lotus Domino to modern web solutions

Migrating a large degree of custom applications developed using Lotus Notes represents the real challenge at the moment for a company, since it has sensible costs involved with the ri-engineering and redevelopment of these applications with another platform.

Aruna Karunarathna07/11/14
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Mount WSO2 products to a remote WSO2 Governance Registry instance(MsSQL 2012)

In this post we are going to mount wso2 products into a remote governance registry. In the default scenario wso2 governance registry is pointed to a local h2 database. In this article we use MSSQL Server 2012.

Omri Erel07/10/14
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Seven Cloud Statistics You Must Read

Cloud computing is being used at every organizational level. Since it conveniently meets a wide range of needs, from the individual to major corporations and governments, cloud computing has become one of the most widely discussed topics among the IT community.

Andrew Phillips07/09/14
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“Will the future be Dockerized?” — A Discussion on Docker, Containers, and the Future of Application Delivery

Even though Docker is getting all the attention at present, this "virtual appliance" style deployment model isn't new - tech companies have been doing much the same with Amazon EC2 AMIs for a while, and Twitter does something similar using Mesos.

Neil Mackenzie07/09/14
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Migrating a VM from EC2 to Azure at 300 Mbps

This post contains instructions for migrating a VM from Amazon Web Services EC2 to Microsoft Azure. The instructions assume a basic setup where the AWS EC2 instance is running Windows Server and comprises a single disk containing the OS. A similar technique can be used to migrate additional disks.

Cloudify Community07/08/14
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OpenStack Orchestration with Heat + Devstack

Today in order to bootstrap a Cloudify manager you have to take care of the OpenStack compute, networking and security services yourself, essentially all of the OpenStack orchestration (this is still a good reference).

Trevor Parsons07/07/14
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Simple Logging to Logentries from a Docker Container

While building Docker images for a production deployment I encountered a problem with proper logging of what’s going on inside the containers, especially if using supervisord to run multiple processes. One simple solution can be to share the /var/log/supervisor directory with the host.

Benjamin Ball07/06/14
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The Best of the Week (June 27): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (June 27 to July 3). This week's topics include OpenStack's birthday celebration, Cloudcast at the OpenStack summit, the use of DBaaS in the enterprise, and five common obstacles to introducing DevOps.

Benjamin Ball07/03/14
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OpenStack Turns 4 - The Top 4 OpenStack Articles in its Lifetime!

It was recently mentioned this week on OpenStack's blog that OpenStack, the free and much-loved open source cloud computing platform, will turn 4 years old on July 19th, and they're declaring it a cause for celebration.

Phil Whelan07/03/14
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5 Common Barriers When Introducing DevOps

In my talk at Silicon Valley DevOpsDays last week, I wanted to bring about awareness, discuss some of the lessons learned, and offer some thoughts and tips about bringing DevOps to an organization. I've listed below five common barriers and ways to overcome them.

Lukas Eder07/02/14
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Stop Unit Testing Database Code

Now that this has been established, let’s have a look at a blog post by Marco Behler, in which he elaborates on various options when testing database code, with respect to transactionality. Testing database transactions is even harder than just testing database code.

Brian Gracely07/02/14
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The Cloudcast #151 - Continuous Security Responsibilities on AWS

Brian talks with Tim Prendergast (@Auxome, Founder/CEO of about recent security problems for AWS customers, the evolution of Continuous Security Monitoring and the best practices that companies need to understand as they leverage public cloud for more business applications.

Omri Erel07/02/14
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Creating a SaaS Marketing Plan That Rocks

When creating your Software as a Service marketing plan, it is paramount to understand that the business model you have chosen is a fully integrated architecture, and all aspects of your business – product, service, marketing, and revenue model – are tightly coupled.

Lisa Schultz07/01/14
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DBaaS: Solving the Cloud Business Continuity Conundrum

Today’s enterprises are expected to be “always-on”; you never know what time of day or night your customers are going to make a transaction. At the same time, these companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve efficiency, scalability, and reduce costs.