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Trevor Parsons07/28/14
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Digging Deeper on AWS: Real-time Alerting for Windows Security Events

After many conversations with our AWS customers and the AWS CloudTrail team, we recently released our AWS CloudTrail integration to automatically support the most important log events our customers wanted to be monitoring across their AWS environments. We found that some of the most common need for notifications included:

Benjamin Ball07/27/14
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The Best of the Week (July 18): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (July 18 to July 25). This week's topics include the July Cloud industry news update from DZone Research, an OpenStack bot on Twitter, the four point DevOps story, OpenStack DBaaS, and creating a cluster with GlassFish.

Peter Zaitsev07/25/14
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DBaaS, OpenStack and Trove 101: Introduction to the Basics

While DBaaS is an interesting concept that introduces a completely new way of approaching an application’s database infrastructure, and can bring enterprises easily scalable, and financially flexible platforms, it should not be considered a silver bullet.

Mark O'neill07/25/14
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Prebuilt OAuth connectors for

One of the neat things about the latest (v7.3) version of the Axway API Gateway is that it comes with pre-configured OAuth 2.0 connectors for You can find these under External Connections in Policy Studio, as shown in the screenshot below:

Cloudify Community07/24/14
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Cloudify 3.0 Has Been Released!

Automated Monitoring: Eliminate the boundaries between orchestration and monitoring with a mechanism designed to automatically react to events with corrective measures. Using custom workflows, a custom workflow engine and a modeling language, Cloudify 3.0 allows you to automate any process and any stack.

Benjamin Ball07/23/14
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There's a Bot on Twitter That Sells OpenStack Instances for Bitcoin

A developer over at StackMonkey wrote a bot that sells instances of his OpenStack cluster for Bitcoin, and the Twitter user @obitcoin is using it on Twitter. Truly we live in a frightening but awfully convenient digital age, made more convenient by devs like Kord Campbell, the developer in question.

Mike Croft07/23/14
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Creating a Simple Cluster with GlassFish

In this post, I’ll go through the first steps of getting Glassfish installed and clustered with Apache to proxy requests. All this will be set up using one CentOS and one Fedora instance, but the steps should require little to no tweaking for other Linux platforms.

Chris Haddad07/22/14
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Four Point DevOps Story

What solution or best practices do you see solving balkanized, silo development tooling, fractured governance, disconnected workflow, and incomplete status reporting when working with distributed outsourced teams or across internal teams?

Steve Millidge07/22/14
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Highly Available PHP sessions using memcached 4 Coherence

In this blog we will show you step-by-step how to use PHP memcached support, combined with our new library to store PHP sessions directly in Oracle Coherence using the memcached protocol.

Amy Armitage07/22/14
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Turnkey IaaS and PaaS: Business Benefits of Build vs. Buy

Open source platforms such as OpenStack, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry have emerged as the best and brightest platforms for networking, data storage, compute horsepower, and secure distributed infrastructure needs of enterprises big and small.

Benjamin Ball07/21/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (July 21)

A lot has happened in the cloud industry since the release of our 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report in early March, which is why we are providing monthly industry news updates to keep our community truly updated. Here are the major happenings up through July 16th.

Brian Gracely07/21/14
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The Cloudcast #154 - AppStore APIs and Data to Help Build Better Apps

Brian talks with Ariel Michaeli (@arielmichaeli, Founder/CEO at appFigures) about how appFigures was born out of FileItUp Media’s necessity, API access to all AppStore data, how mobile AppStores have evolved, how they help developers better monetize apps, and the trends that are emerging across multiple App stores.

Cloudify Community07/19/14
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OpenStack Wiki in Short – A Quick Guide to Open Cloud

In this post, we will be outlining in short the different OpenStack components, and how they work together. From OpenStack Cinder through OpenStack Heat, and Trove – this is your quick wiki for everything OpenStack compute, networking, and storage.

Ofir Nachmani07/19/14
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AWS NY Summit Highlights: Ruling the Cloud Stack and an Expanding Ecosystem

Not only is Amazon growing, but its surrounding ecosystem is flourishing, as well. It seemed to me that somewhere around 50% of the exhibitors (give or take) were new to the show. A number of which even used the event as a rehearsal for AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this coming November.

Bruno Terkaly07/18/14
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Fundamentals Of Active Directory—In the Cloud and On-Premises and Hybrid

The cloud has changed many things, but managing identity is still key. This post should help you get started. Let's start with a bunch of links and resources that will help you for getting started.

Kin Lane07/17/14
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Considering Amazon Web Service's Continued Push Into Mobile

It is kind of like steering a large ocean vessel, it takes some time to change course, but now that Amazon has set its sights on mobile, I think we will see multiple waves of mobile solutions coming from AWS. I'll keep an eye on what they are up to and see how it compares to other leading mobile backend solutions.

Brian Gracely07/17/14
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The Cloudcast #152 - How Large does Mirantis Loom Over OpenStack?

Brian talks with Adrian Ionel bout how Mirantis has evolved in the OpenStack community, demand for OpenStack Hybrid Cloud, challenges companies have in deployment and management, and how the European market for OpenStack might be larger and more dynamic than US and Asia market.

Phil Whelan07/16/14
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6 Reasons Why IT Needs PaaS

Developers have enjoyed the benefits of a public PaaS—deployment of their apps without a cumbersome process of IT tickets and wait times. However, circumventing the process and using a "rogue" cloud is only a temporary solution and not suitable as a long-term strategy. IT will shut it down… eventually.

Eric Bannon07/16/14
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The Brave New World of Storage Virtualization: Can You Put Your Virtual Environment on Autopilot?

Virtualization obscures the lines with storage and it becomes complex to manage the supply and demand of resources occurring across the stack. Traditional management tools, storage and virtualization related, are running into the limitations of their stats-based, linear approach to managing diverse environments.

Lorna Mitchell07/16/14
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Quickly add Amazon Cloudfront as a CDN

We needed to look at ways of trying to bring down the pressure on the servers, and decided to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for our image files. It was surprisingly painless to implement once I got into it so here it is in case it's helpful.

Moshe Kaplan07/15/14
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Scale Out Patterns for OpenStack (and Other Cloud) Based Systems

It is a common question these days how one should design their next system to support elastic and growth requirements in the cloud era. As I got this specific query today, I would like to share with you my answer based on various materials I created in the last few years.

Neil Mackenzie07/15/14
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Affinity Groups in Azure

I see a lot of confusion about the status of affinity groups in Microsoft Azure and thought it worthwhile to describe that status. Until 2012, Azure used a north-south network built to handle traditional internet traffic. In this scenario a request comes in from the internet at the top and gets routed down to a server.

Benjamin Ball07/14/14
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Introducing Amazon Cognito—Simple User Identity and Data Synchronization

Amazon Cognito is a backend service that simplifies user identity and data synch services for a variety of applications--and it fits right into the hefty portfolio of cloud services that Amazon already has under it's umbrella. It allows users to access identity data from multiple mobile devices through cloud connectivity.

Benjamin Ball07/14/14
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An Introduction to Beginning with Chef (Part 1)

Anirudh Bhatnagar, a blogger over at Xebia, has started a series for beginner users of Chef, a configuration management tool. Chef's use for creating infrastructure as code for cloud automation is well known, and a good guide for getting started in this realm is a big plus for many developers.

Benjamin Ball07/13/14
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The Best of the Week (July 4): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (July 4 to July 10). This week's topics include a lot of OpenStack--the top 4 OpenStack articles on DZone, Docker and the future of app delivery, an OpenStack tutorial, seven cloud statistics, and OpenStack orchestration.