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Trevor Parsons10/03/12
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How Do I Know If My Heroku App is Slow?

What happens when you go live and the floodgates open. What is the response time going to be like then, and how will you know what your users are experiencing?

Brian Gracely10/03/12
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The Cloudcast - Ep. 57: Futures Markets for Public Cloud Services

Brian talks with Dr. James Mitchell, CEO of Strategic Blue about “Cloud Broker-Dealing,” how cloud computing is becoming a commoditised market, and how we can expect to see a rapid progression towards commodity-market-style trading of futures contracts for cloud computing.

Mitch Pronschinske10/02/12
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Amazon Gives Away More Free Usage (RDS), A Wake-Up Call For Oracle?

"We are now adding RDS to the AWS Free Usage Tier." That's the key piece of information in Amazon's latest announcement about its cloud services. I also see this as a shot accross the Oracle bow.

Steve Yi10/02/12
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Red Hat's Next Steps for JBoss App Server

Red Hat announces the next phase for their application server strategy and the JBoss EAP application server, a technology collaboration with 10gen and their MongoDB database, and changes to community projects that you can vote on.

Allen Coin10/02/12
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CloudBees Announces New Major Extensions

CloudBees, Inc. has announced the launch of new one-click services intended to help customers streamline and customize their cloud deployment.

Bruno Terkaly10/02/12
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How to Delete an Entire Azure Table in One Command

I get this question quite often. Most developers think they need to delete rows one row at a time, but that isn't true.

Ben Kepes10/02/12
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Video: An Interview with Ben Kepes on Convergence and the Cloud

I sat down with the awesome Sarah Austin to film an interview talking about why I’m so excited about the convergence I’m seeing between a number of different trends.

Mariano Vazquez10/02/12
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Accessing Azure Role Environment information from NodeJS

When working on Azure, you may want to obtain information about your role environment. This can be tricky if you use NodeJS.

Paul Fremantle10/01/12
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Understanding Logging in the Cloud

Suppose I have an application I want to deploy in the cloud. I also want to automatically elastically scale this app. In fact I'm hoping that this app will succeed - and then I'm going to want to deploy it in different geos.

Clint Edmonson10/01/12
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Windows Azure Virtual Machine Test Drive Kit

The public preview of hosted Virtual Machines in Windows Azure is now available to the general public. This platform preview enables you to evaluate our new IaaS and Enterprise Networking capabilities. Once you have registered for the 90 Day Free Trial...

Mark Hinkle09/30/12
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CloudStack 4.0 Release Schedule Update

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the Apache CloudStack (incubating) 4.0 release, so let’s take a look at where we’re at.

Ben Kepes09/29/12
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Mimecast Raises Squillions to Do Something Boring (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

Let’s face it: the technologies that constitute the underpinning of what we do online are boring – but they allow our world to function, and perhaps that's more important than the latest app to allow filters to be used with little square pictures.

Mark Hinkle09/28/12
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High Performance Computing and CloudStack

I was asked the other day what was the connection between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Clouds, so I thought I would try to post an answer here. Let's first talk a little bit about HPC.

Greg Duncan09/27/12
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Test Drive Windows Azure Virtual Machines With "Windows Azure Virtual Machine Test Drive Kit"

The public preview of hosted Virtual Machines in Windows Azure is now available to the general public. This platform preview enables you to evaluate our new IaaS and Enterprise Networking capabilities.

Ben Kepes09/27/12
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If IaaS is Going to be Heterogeneous, PaaS Will be Even More So

Core infrastructure will be heterogeneous in nature. If we accept that fact, how on earth do we expect one PaaS solution to meet the needs of every different use case and business unit within the organization?

Brian Pince09/27/12
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Cloud OS Signature Event Series Preparation

I hope to see many of you at the Microsoft Cloud OS Signature Event Series. For those attending, here are some helpful tips on getting ready to attend.

Ben Kepes09/26/12
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Fueled by APIs, Software Is Eating The World

If cloud technology has shifted the way organizations work, then the API is the glue that holds it all together.

Eric Gregory09/26/12
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Build and Deploy a Node.js Website to Windows Azure

How to create a Node application and deploy it to a Windows Azure Web Site using Git, on any operating system that is capable of running Node.

Wely Lau09/25/12
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An Independent Review of Explorer Tools for Windows Azure Blob Storage

Blob Storage can either be accessed through the API programmatically or through explorer tools. This article discusses and reviews several popular explorer tools for Blob Storage.

Ben Kepes09/25/12
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End User Computing: Central Control or Distributed Safety?--Bromium’s Novel Play

The new products, Horizon Suite, View and Wanova are designed to do a couple of different things, according to the release.

Jim O' Neil09/24/12
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Windows Azure Interactive Feature Map

Want to learn more about Windows Azure? Take a look at the offered cloud infrastructure, allowing you to build and scale various web applications and services.

Ioannis Canellos09/24/12
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A Command Line Interface for JClouds

So this post is an introduction to the new jclouds cli, which comes in two flavors: (1) Interactive mode (shell) and (2) Non interactive mode (cli).

Brian Swan09/24/12
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How to Enable XDebug in Windows Azure Web Sites

Enabling an extension for the built-in PHP runtime is slightly different than doing so for a custom PHP runtime

Larry Franks09/22/12
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Continuous Deployment with Windows Azure Web Sites

I thought I'd try setting up something that would benefit from continuous deployment. Like a blog created using Octopress.

Julia Wunder09/21/12
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Jelastic PHP Cloud Hosting Coming Soon: Be the First to Try It Out!

Jelastic Inc., the company behind the next-generation Java hosting platform of the same name, launches its highly anticipated PHP hosting service in the fourth quarter of 2012.