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Chris Keene08/28/12
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Evolutionary and Revolutionary Clouds

Now that we are a couple of years into the great cloud journey is it pretty clear that the big bang theory of cloud conversion is ain't happening. . .

Neil Mackenzie08/28/12
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Windows Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Networks

Windows Azure has historically been a pure PaaS solution with the deployment unit for compute being a hosted service comprising an optional web role and zero or more worker roles.

Brian Gracely08/27/12
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The Cloudcast Eps.51:Technology Warfare and the Evolution of Cloud Economics

The videos and MP3 are included in this post. The links are all click able and take you where you need to go.

Brian Swan08/27/12
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Customizing a Windows Azure PHP Worker Role

I was recently asked if it is possible to run PHP 5.4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role. (The default scaffold for a PHP worker role currently installs a version of PHP 5.3.)

Tony Siciliani08/27/12
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Android Cloud Apps with Azure

In this article, we will construct a basic Android prototype that will allow us to plug in the Windows Azure cloud provider, and use the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android ( available at GitHub) to do all of the basic cloud operations: upload content to cloud storage, browse the storage, download or delete files in cloud storage.

Alex Neihaus08/26/12
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The Right Way for Cloud Apps to Go Mobile

The primary problem with adapting an application to a smart phone is the small screen real estate.

Gaurav Mantri08/25/12
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The Story of Cerebrata's Cloud Storage Studio

In this blog post, I will write some details about building a product which turned out to be the flagship product for Cerebrata – Cloud Storage Studio.

Brian Gracely08/24/12
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The Cloudcast: Technology Warfare and the Evolution of Cloud Economics

Aaron and Brian talk with Simon Wardley (@swardley) - Researcher, Organization Warfare and Evolution at LEF, about the evolving economics of Cloud Computing.

Ben Kepes08/23/12
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Cloud Infrastructure and Application Management for AWS from Appcara

With Appcara’s AppStack, users can deploy cloud applications that should be more readily managed across their lifecycle than with bog-standard cloud control panels.

Maarten Ectors08/23/12
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Mesos: A Highly Distributed Cloud Architecture Framework

When I saw the Twitter Mesos and Framework presentation, I understood why Mesos can be disruptive to how you architect applications in a highly distributed manner typical for Cloud Computing.

Greg Duncan08/22/12
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Amazon Glacier May be the Hot Choice for Archival Data Storage

Greg Duncan offers his thoughts on the recent announcement of Amazon Glacier, which allows you to store any amount of data at a cost of as low as $0.01 per GB, per month.

Mark Hinkle08/22/12
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Contributing to Apache CloudStack as a Non-Committer

If you’re a contributor to an Apache project, it means that you can commit directly to the project’s repository. For instance . . .

Mark Hinkle08/22/12
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Apache CloudStack 4.0 Schedule Updates

First, if you have an interest in the 4.0 release, we’ll be looking for help testing the RCs . . .

Tony Siciliani08/21/12
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Google Cloud Messaging: Collapsible Messages

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free service for pushing messages from the cloud to a number of registered Android recipients. Here we will examine a particular type of messaging called collapsible.

Ben Kepes08/21/12
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A Preview of VMworld and What's Coming Up from VMware

In a couple of weeks I’ll be in San Francisco for VMware annual conference, VMworld. This will actually be my first time attending the even in person and I suspect I’ve chosen the best year to be there – there are some seismic shifts occurring in...

Jim O' Neil08/21/12
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Hands-On Opportunities with Windows Azure

Grab your free Windows Azure account and get some hands-on time with Windows Azure via two great opportunities, one you can attend in person and one you can attend in your pajamas (read: on-line).

Paul Miller08/21/12
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When Amazon Abandoned Main Street for 'the Skyscrapers of Cloud'

It may not always offer the lowest prices, or the best support but AWS consistently manages to meet customer demand with an offer that is more or less ‘good enough.’

Bruno Terkaly08/21/12
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A Programming Guru Discusses Mobile and Cloud

Bruno Terkaly interviewed John Waters (alas, not the filmmaker), who created EventBoard, a conference scheduling and management system that leverages a wide variety of technologies, including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows Azure

Brian Swan08/20/12
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Customize Your Windows Azure PHP Worker Role

I was recently asked if it is possible to run PHP 5.4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role. (The default scaffold for a PHP worker role currently installs a version of PHP 5.3.)

Brian Gracely08/20/12
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The Cloudcast: Managing Security & Compliance in Public Cloud

Brian talks with Phil Cox (@sec_prof), Director of Security and Compliance at Rightscale, about managing secure and compliant environments in the public cloud . . .

Eric Genesky08/20/12
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The Unified Theory of Cloud: Bridging the Linux/Windows IT Chasm with PaaS

Have you noticed? Traffic on the bridge across the Linux/Windows canyon now moves in both directions.

Brian Swan08/19/12
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How to Migrate Drupal to Azure Web Sites

Fortunately, because Windows Azure Web Sites supports both PHP and MySQL, the migration process is relatively straightforward.

Brian Gracely08/18/12
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An Evening with OpenStack and the DevOps Community

I had the chance to attend the Triangle DevOps meetup, along with my podcast co-host Aaron Delp (@aarondelp).

Ranjib Dey08/17/12
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AWS - VPC Networking for Beginners

As we experience the "cloudification" of traditional IT, some of the core IT services are already mature enough for production uses and large-scale deployments. This article explores the basic elements of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking. Newbies, read more to see what the next generation's cloud-based IT world is all about.

Brian Gracely08/17/12
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The Top 5 Consulting Jobs of 2012-2015

Maybe the economy has you down. Maybe you're worried about what your career path looks like. Have no fear, these will keep somebody busy for many years to come.