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Mark Hinkle01/23/13
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Thoughts on the Cloud from the Frontline

While we were in full blown sub-prime mortgage crisis back in 2007/2008 (with Bear Stearns crumbling in March 2008) the world of Cloud Computing was in full innovation mode.

Maarten Ectors01/23/13
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5 Strategies for Making Money with the Cloud

The first thing is to forget about infrastructure and virtualization. If you are thinking that in 2013, the world needs more IaaS providers then you haven’t seen what is currently on offer . . .

Eric Genesky01/23/13
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Managing 15K Databases Simultaneously – Before Breakfast

Xeround’s database-as-a-service boasts more than 15,000 databases live at any given time.

Eric Genesky01/23/13
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OpenShift: Reviewed

The paas platform OpenShift is a free and opensource platform from RedHat. With free, meaning actually that you get 3 gears for free.

Pascal Alma01/22/13
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Load Balancing with Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

In the previous posts I set up a WordPress server by using several Amazon’s services. In this post I add the next AWS feature, the Elastic Load Balancer.

Col Wilson01/22/13
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How to Install GAE on Ubuntu

Precise Pangolin is a Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu to come with Python 2.7 installed, and App Engine has been providing it as an option since February 2012 . . .

Brian Hitney01/22/13
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On Integrating TFS Projects with Windows Azure Web Sites

Never too late to post! Here’s an episode of DevRadio Peter and I did on TFS Projects in Azure!

Hanu Kommalapati01/22/13
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How to Setup a SharePoint Farm on Azure Virtual Machines

Many of you may be thinking of deploying SharePoint farms on Windows Azure Virtual Machines… here are three hands-on-labs that will speed up your learning on this subject:

Pascal Alma01/21/13
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Set Up AWS Autoscaling

In this post I will setup autoscaling for the EC2 WordPress server I created previously. With autoscaling you can tell Amazon to launch or terminate instances based on a set of rules/ conditions.

Alen Komljen01/21/13
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Running Joomla OpenShift for Free

My first post was running WordPress on OpenShift, so for all Joomla users I decided to show how easily you can get running Joomla on OpenShift for free also.

Jp Morgenthal01/21/13
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Notes From The Field: Inside A Real World Large-Scale Cloud Deployment

I’ve been granted an incredible opportunity. Over the past three and a half months I have gotten to lead a real world large-scale delivery of a cloud solution.

Nikita Ivanov01/21/13
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In-Memory Data Grids… Explained.

In-memory data grids are used throughout a wide spectrum of industries in applications as diverse as risk analytics, trading systems, bioinformatics, ecommerce or online gaming.

Eric Genesky01/21/13
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Details of December's Windows Azure Storage Disruption (US South)

Mike Neil, of the Windows Azure blog, recently published a detailed discussion of the recent Azure Storage disruption that affected 1.8%of the Windows Azure storage accounts.

Ben Kepes01/21/13
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On Cloud and Disruption

Recently at Box’s BoxWorks event, I had the good fortune to hear Clayton Christensen, author of such seminal innovation books as “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” present about disruption in technology generally.

Eric Genesky01/20/13
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Real Time Photo Moderation with Crowdflower Cloud Module

Parse recently partnered with CrowdFlower, "the world's largest crowdsourced workforce," in order to create a new module for RTFM - Real Time Foto Moderation.

Eric Genesky01/20/13
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Assign a Fixed IP to an AWS EC2 Instance

As described in my previous post the IP (and DNS) of your running EC2 AMI will change after a reboot of that instance. Of course this makes it very hard to make your applications on . . .

Eric Genesky01/19/13
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Optimizing Your GAE App

Google Engineer Johan Euphrosine published a slideshow of useful datastore and Google App Engine patterns and anti-patterns.

Eric Genesky01/19/13
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How to Enable PHP 5.4 on OpenShift

I was introduced to OpenShift at #MongoDBMunich last month and had to try it out. It looked very good to me and I hope to see this project evolve.

Brian Hitney01/18/13
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Scrubbing Userid in Windows Azure Mobile Services

Chris is part of the corp DPE team and has does an extensive amount of work with Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) – including this session at //build, which was a great resource for getting started.

Kin Lane01/18/13
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The Evolution of My Technology Platform Over the Last 24 Years

I recently spent some time looking back, and trying to map out the last 24 years of my professional technology career--in hopes of helping me understand how far I've come.

Simon Metson01/18/13
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On Managing Applications on Cloudant

CouchDB has supported running applications out of the database since 2009, and the associated tools are in a reasonable state of maturity. Here are some of those useful tools.

Kris Geusebroek01/18/13
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Combining Neo4j and Hadoop

We will take you through the journey we took to implement a distributed way to create a Neo4J database. The idea is to use our Hadoop cluster for creating the underlying file structure of a Neo4J database.

Pascal Alma01/17/13
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Working with Amazon Web Services (EC2)

As posted before I attended to a technical handson AWS training last week. The subjects during these days were of course the standard EC2 and S3 services which I have used before.

Eric Genesky01/17/13
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Execute Bash Commands on Heroku Cloud

This tutorial will teach you how to execute bash Commands on Heroku Cloud for advanced setup or get PHP Zlib function

Cloud Hosting01/17/13
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Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013

Another spectacular year for the cloud computing industry comes to an end, and it is no surprise that stakeholders on both sides of the fence, from CIOs, IT Executives and Analysts to Cloud Network & Security Experts, are already talking on a wide range of topics on this hottest technology trend. The skeptics, while still blaming the Mayans, are chipping in their two cents as well.