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Adam Warski11/23/12
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ElasticMQ is Now Synced to Maven Central

Thanks to Sonatype OSS repositories, ElasticMQ version 0.6.1 is now synced to central. All of the artifacts, except the standalone server (which depends on Ostrich, which isn’t available in the central repo) are synchronized.

Bruno Terkaly11/22/12
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Hadoop on Azure: An Introduction

I am in complete awe on how Hadoop is resonating with today’s developers. If I invite developers for an evening event, Big Data is always a sellout. This post explores Hadoop at a high level, and helps you get started using it with Azure.

John Sonmez11/22/12
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My Portable Virtualization Saga

Lately my need for portability has increased a bit, so I got an opportunity to put my virtualization strategy to the test.

Brian Gracely11/21/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 64: Intel Inside the Data Center

Brian talks with Raejeanne Skillern, (@raejeanneS), Director of Cloud Computing at Intel, about new network designs, advanced security capabilities, building HW + SW reference designs, the ODCA and how Intel gets market feedback from around the world.

Brian Swan11/21/12
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PHP 5.4 Available in Windows Azure Web Sites

I’m happy to share that PHP 5.4 is now available in Windows Azure Web Sites! Now you can have PHP 5.4 available with the click of a button and customize the runtime.

Ben Kepes11/20/12
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Banking 2.0 and the Future of Bank Branches

As I’ve been talking to people around a particular interest area of mine – banking in the digital age – I’ve noticed an interesting cyclical progression.

Larry Franks11/20/12
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Get Up to Speed with Azure Command-Line Tools for Mac and Linux V0.6.7

Version 0.6.7 of the Windows Azure Command-Line Tools for Mac and Linux brings new features like App Settings, GitHub deployments, and more.

Gary Sieling11/19/12
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Data Warehousing, NoSQL, and the Cloud

With the nascent advent of NoSQL, cloud computing and slick new databases, we seem to have forgotten from whence we came.

Ben Kepes11/19/12
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Cloud Adoption: Remember the Human Element

One of my regular themes when talking about the cloud are the barriers to adoption or, to put it more coarsely, how we can remove the friction and allow more organizations to enjoy the benefits that the cloud can bring.

Wely Lau11/19/12
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A Close Look at Windows Azure IaaS Offerings

Typically, the support of IaaS is implemented with Windows Azure Virtual Machine (WAVM). The major difference between this newly launched IaaS VM and PaaS so-called “Cloud Services” VM is the persistence.

Bruno Terkaly11/18/12
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How to Delete an Entire Azure Table in One Command

Deleting an entire Azure table is quite easy. Many developers think they need to delete rows one row at a time. But that isn't true.

Brian Gracely11/17/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 63: The Cloud Foundry PaaS Ecosystem

Brian talks with James Watters (Director, Ecosystem & BizDev) from VMware Cloud Foundry about the evolution of the ecosystem, community participation and overall PaaS adoption.

Jeremy Foster11/16/12
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Anatomy of a Push Notification

I can hardly stand not knowing how something works under the hood. So let's take a look at the anatomy of a push notification message.

Joost Van Schaik11/15/12
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A New WinRT Behavior to Mimic EventToCommand

This new take on mimicking EventToCommand skips the skullduggery and lets you bind to a command instead of making you provide its name as string and then go looking for it.

Casey Watson11/14/12
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Windows Azure Execution Models: SaaS (Web Sites)

If you are simply looking to deploy a web application to the cloud and let Azure’s built-in infrastructure handle the majority of the maintenance for you then Azure’s Web Sites option may be the right choice for you.

Ben Kepes11/13/12
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Forrester Confuses “Best” with “Most Accessible”

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the traditional analyst firms. Their people are incredibly smart and very thorough, but sometimes in their search for massive levels of details, they miss the very point of technology. A good case in point is the recently released Forrester Enterprise Cloud Database Wave report.

Casey Watson11/13/12
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Exploring Windows Azure Execution Models: IaaS

“Execution Model” is a fancy term for describing how and where your application runs. Microsoft’s Azure platform explicitly supports three different execution models that allow you to take varying levels of control over the environment that your application is hosted in.

Ted Neward11/12/12
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Do Property Rights Apply to Cloud Data?

The law grapples with questions of data ownership in the cloud, and we're all caught in the middle.

Ben Kepes11/12/12
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Managing and Monitoring Ping Identity Through Cloud Outages

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had an outage a week or so back which was the latest in a relatively long list of outages that has plagued their US-East region. This led to a lot of thoughtful commentary on how good planning, a multi-faceted deployment model, automation and monitoring can deliver uptime.

Sean Hull11/11/12
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Cloud DBA and Management: What an Expert Needs to Know

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? The third and final part of this series covers database administration and architecture and management questions.

Ben Kepes11/10/12
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TwinStrata CloudArray Now Supports NAS for Heterogeneous Storage Management

TwinStrata is today announcing that they’re introducing NAS support to CloudArray – meaning that the product now supports both NAS and SAN protocols. I also took the opportunity to talk more with TwinStrata about their approach.

Sean Hull11/09/12
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Crisis Management Under the Microscope

The news this past week has brought endless images of devastation from all across the metropolitan region. More than once, in conversations about the recovery efforts, I’ve commented, “That’s similar to what I do.” Web operations is every bit about disaster recovery and crisis management in the datacenter.

Ben Kepes11/08/12
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Apache Announces CloudStack 4.0 Incubating Release

Open Source projects are great at encouraging chest thumping and misty eyes, but the really exciting thing about them is when they start to actually come to life – as in ship real products that can be used.

Andrew C. Oliver11/07/12
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We will go to the cloud not because it is new, not because of the annoying marketing, but because it is the fundamental progress of civilization. We will go to the cloud because we’re not cavemen.

Sean Hull11/07/12
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Mastering the Cloud Deployment Interview

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? Let’s dig into deploying applications in the cloud, and day to day operations skills.