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Markus Eisele12/06/12
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From XaaS to Java EE – Which Damn Cloud is Right for Me in 2012-13?

Finally, a succinct, practical comparison of 6 PaaS providers that include a Java EE container by a respected Java community member. It's time to get some answers...

Ben Kepes12/06/12
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HP Announces Private PaaS Powered by Stackato

At HP’s Discover event here in Frankfurt today, the company will be announcing a private PaaS offering, built on top of Stackato, the PaaS which is itself a fork of the open source Cloud Foundry initiative.

Jerry Nixon12/06/12
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DevRadio: You’re Coding from the Wrong End! Adventures in Advanced Data Modeling

Jerry Nixon welcomes Sr. Technology Specialist from the Windows Azure team, Buck Woody to the show as they discuss how data applies to developers and how this ties in with Windows Azure’s service offerings.

Eric Gregory12/05/12
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Dev of the Week: Brian Gracely

This week, we're talking to Brian Gracely. On top of his work as Director of Technical Marketing at EMC, Brian co-hosts the award-winning weekly podcast The Cloudcast with Aaron Delp.

Ben Kepes12/05/12
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On Angel Investing – and Karma

It seems to me that assigning a rigid, calculated and unemotional structure to one's angel-investing misses the point.

Ben Kepes12/04/12
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AWS, Redshift and Co-Opetition

Long time technology commentators understand the tensions between platform companies, intent on both growing their business and creating a healthy ecosystem, and ecosystem partners who leverage what the platform brings, but remain apprehensive about the long term intensions of the platform vendor.

Brian Gracely12/04/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 66: Developing Apps for the Public Cloud

In this mini-cast from AWS re:Invent, Aaron speaks with Solomon Hykes from dotCloud about developing apps for public cloud and differences in PaaS platforms.

Gaurav Mantri12/03/12
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Storage Client Library 2.0 – Migrating Azure Queue Storage Code

In this post, I will talk about migrating code from storage client library 1.7 to 2.0 for managing Windows Azure Queue Storage.

Mikael Koskinen12/03/12
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WordPress with SQL Azure

Windows Azure supports WordPress out of the box. But what is little-known are the limitations of this solution. Fortunately, it’s possible to skip the MySQL altogether and to run WordPress with SQL Azure.

Chris Koenig12/02/12
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Solving Real-World Problems with Windows Azure Web Sites

A list of solutions for real-world problems such as managing multiple Windows Azure web site environments using Visual Studio publishing profiles, creating multiple Windows Azure environments, and more.

Brian Gracely12/01/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 65: Cloud Cost Concerns

In this mini-cast from AWS re:Invent, Aaron speaks with Mat Ellis from Cloudability about the rising concern of tracking and controlling operating costs in the public cloud.

Eric D. Schabell11/30/12
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Advanced JBoss & Java in the Cloud [Video]

Here you will find two short videos of the demo portion of my session, first covering OpenShift while working with the command line tooling (rhc) and second showing what you can do with the OpenShift management console.

Ben Kepes11/30/12
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Heroku Joins Cloud Foundry for Multi-PaaS Support from Appsecute

There's a massive tension in the enterprise – on the one side, developers who just want to be able to get sh1t done with tools that allow them to deliver outcomes. On the other, enterprise IT tasked with ensuring that data and services remain secure.

Brian Gracely11/29/12
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The Evolution of Hybrid Cloud

Brian Gracely discusses how the concept of Hybrid Cloud has evolved over the last couple years, and how IT organizations can think about leveraging resources from across multiple clouds.

Ben Kepes11/29/12
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HP Discover Europe and the Viability of HP’s Cloud Play

HP is yet to deliver a fully-featured offering covering both cloud compute and storage. Indications are that the work that HP has been doing on OpenStack will see them announce the compute piece of their offering at Discover -- this will go with the storage and CDN components they already have.

Chris Haddad11/29/12
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Netflix Open Sources Cloud Service Registry and Cloud Load Balancer

Netflix recently announced an open source Cloud service registry and Cloud load balancer project called Eureka. Eureka provides NetFlix’s public Cloud movie service with required PaaS framework components that every Cloud-Native environment requires.

Eric Berg11/29/12
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A New Bill of Rights for the Enterprise Cloud Buyer

Constellation’s independent “bill of rights” aims to serve as a base point during the vendor selection and contract negotiation process for SaaS apps — offering a best practices reference, checklist and key points for discussion.

Ben Kepes11/28/12
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Apprenda Launches Hybrid Cloud Support

Apprenda is today announcing the new version of its Paas service. Apprenda is kind of the PaaS whipping boy – their focus on providing very deep single language solutions goes against the current polyglot orthodoxy.

G. Andrew Duthie11/28/12
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Building Back-end Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps: OData - Part 1

In this post, I'm going to walk through the steps needed to create a data store and services for our game leaderboard using OData, and based on the underlying technologies of SQL Azure (for the database), Entity Framework, and WCF Data Services.

Ofir Nachmani11/27/12
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Who Stole My CPU?

One of the most important features of the cloud is the sharing of resources by multi-tenants. Without sharing and being able to optimize utilization of resources, the cloud operator can’t provide scalability and support “economies of scale” for its business.

Ben Kepes11/27/12
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Reflections on BoxWorks

Having had a little while to reflect on a month that saw me attend both DreamForce and BoxWorks, I wanted to get down some thoughts on what is happening with Box, one of Silicon Valley’s current darlings.

Bruno Terkaly11/27/12
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Augmented Reality, Windows 8, and Cloud Computing – Part 3: Cloud Back-End

In this post, we'll take a look at the cloud back-end for our augmented reality project, with all the code necessary to display geospatial data over a live view of a given location.

Paul Miller11/26/12
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Is Dropbox a Feature or a Product?

The late Steve Jobs once described Dropbox as ‘a feature, not a product.’ From Apple’s perspective, that's true: cloud storage is just a feature. But does this miss a crucial point?

Jerry Nixon11/26/12
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Introducing the Windows Azure Store

How Windows Azure developers can now more-easily leverage the Windows Azure Data Marketplace.

Brian Gracely11/26/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 64.5: The Cloudcast Charity Challenge

Aaron and Brian discuss The Cloudcast (.net) Charity Challenge. The guys ask the listeners to make a small donation to a great cause (helping sick kids) and pledge to match each donation.