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Oliver Hookins10/10/12
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Amazon S3 Object Deletions and Multi-Factor Authentication

I did some benchmarks and found that (with batch operations) it took around three minutes to delete ~75000 files in about a terabyte. Single-threaded.

Gaurav Mantri10/10/12
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Understanding (and Controlling) Windows Azure Diagnostics Costs

Examining the costs associated with Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD), and some ways to keep them down.

Ben Kepes10/09/12
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On Open Source Cloud Adoption

Taking a look at some recent analyses of the open source cloud and its userbase.

Brian Gracely10/09/12
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The Cloudcast - Ep. 58: Build a Cloud Day Roundtable

Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely interview the organizers and presenters of Build a Cloud Day.

G. Andrew Duthie10/08/12
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Building Cloud Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps

In this post, I'm going to kick off a series in which I'll walk through the creation of a back-end service for a Windows 8 app. This first post will provide an overview of the series, and introduce a couple of potential technologies you can use to build your back-end services.

Geva Perry10/08/12
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The State of the Open Source Cloud

Zenoss polled more than 100,000 of their community members to determine the prevailing sentiments concerning open source cloud deployments, the perceived advantages and disadvantages of this technology as well as to gain insight into future open cloud deployments within IT departments.

Moshe Kaplan10/08/12
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Amazon's SES Mailbox Simulator and Automation

Amazon's new SES Mailbox Simulator is great, allowing you to email to simulator addresses. Each address triggers a specific type of behavior: a successful acceptance, hard bounce, "out of office" auto responder, or complaints.

Larry Franks10/07/12
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Troubleshooting Node.js Apps Hosted on Windows Azure

How do you troubleshoot Node.js apps hosted on Windows Azure? Here's a brain dump of diagnostics information that Node.js developers might find useful.

Jacob Orshalick10/06/12
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Reimagining the App Store for the Cloud

Let’s re-imagine the app store in the cloud for a moment and see how browser support for native APIs could enable this.

Eric Berg10/05/12
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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service: Endless 9s Reliability

Availability of a cloud service is important. People I know get quite agitated when Facebook or Twitter is unavailable, but imagine the repercussions when a big enterprise such as Genomic Health can’t access a critical application, such as CRM.

Matteo Pagani10/04/12
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Having Fun with Azure Mobile Services – The Setup

Azure Mobile Services are a simple way to generate and host services that can be used in combination with mobile apps (not only Microsoft-made, as we’ll see later) for different purposes: generic data services, authentication or push notification.

Eric Gregory10/04/12
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Build and Deploy a Node.js Website to Windows Azure Using WebMatrix

This tutorial shows you how to use WebMatrix to develop and deploy a Node.js application to a Windows Azure Website.

Trevor Parsons10/03/12
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How Do I Know If My Heroku App is Slow?

What happens when you go live and the floodgates open. What is the response time going to be like then, and how will you know what your users are experiencing?

Brian Gracely10/03/12
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The Cloudcast - Ep. 57: Futures Markets for Public Cloud Services

Brian talks with Dr. James Mitchell, CEO of Strategic Blue about “Cloud Broker-Dealing,” how cloud computing is becoming a commoditised market, and how we can expect to see a rapid progression towards commodity-market-style trading of futures contracts for cloud computing.

Mitch Pronschinske10/02/12
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Amazon Gives Away More Free Usage (RDS), A Wake-Up Call For Oracle?

"We are now adding RDS to the AWS Free Usage Tier." That's the key piece of information in Amazon's latest announcement about its cloud services. I also see this as a shot accross the Oracle bow.

Steve Yi10/02/12
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Red Hat's Next Steps for JBoss App Server

Red Hat announces the next phase for their application server strategy and the JBoss EAP application server, a technology collaboration with 10gen and their MongoDB database, and changes to community projects that you can vote on.

Allen Coin10/02/12
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CloudBees Announces New Major Extensions

CloudBees, Inc. has announced the launch of new one-click services intended to help customers streamline and customize their cloud deployment.

Bruno Terkaly10/02/12
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How to Delete an Entire Azure Table in One Command

I get this question quite often. Most developers think they need to delete rows one row at a time, but that isn't true.

Ben Kepes10/02/12
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Video: An Interview with Ben Kepes on Convergence and the Cloud

I sat down with the awesome Sarah Austin to film an interview talking about why I’m so excited about the convergence I’m seeing between a number of different trends.

Mariano Vazquez10/02/12
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Accessing Azure Role Environment information from NodeJS

When working on Azure, you may want to obtain information about your role environment. This can be tricky if you use NodeJS.

Paul Fremantle10/01/12
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Understanding Logging in the Cloud

Suppose I have an application I want to deploy in the cloud. I also want to automatically elastically scale this app. In fact I'm hoping that this app will succeed - and then I'm going to want to deploy it in different geos.

Clint Edmonson10/01/12
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Windows Azure Virtual Machine Test Drive Kit

The public preview of hosted Virtual Machines in Windows Azure is now available to the general public. This platform preview enables you to evaluate our new IaaS and Enterprise Networking capabilities. Once you have registered for the 90 Day Free Trial...

Mark Hinkle09/30/12
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CloudStack 4.0 Release Schedule Update

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the Apache CloudStack (incubating) 4.0 release, so let’s take a look at where we’re at.

Ben Kepes09/29/12
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Mimecast Raises Squillions to Do Something Boring (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

Let’s face it: the technologies that constitute the underpinning of what we do online are boring – but they allow our world to function, and perhaps that's more important than the latest app to allow filters to be used with little square pictures.

Mark Hinkle09/28/12
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High Performance Computing and CloudStack

I was asked the other day what was the connection between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Clouds, so I thought I would try to post an answer here. Let's first talk a little bit about HPC.