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Jim O' Neil07/24/12
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How to Configure Admin Access to the Couchbase Cluster on Azure

Getting Couchbase working on Azure inspired Jim O'Neil to write a series on the topic - here's how to configure admin access.

Vincent Partington07/23/12
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Scaling the Hybrid Cloud Horizontally

So what does a hybrid cloud actually mean? A hybrid cloud is a composition of a private cloud and public cloud. There are two types of scaling patterns when using a hybrid cloud: vertical and horizontal.

Chris Haddad07/23/12
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Enhancing Developer Productivity with Server-Side JavaScript Runtimes

WSO2, the popular cloud-based middleware platform, offers server-side JavaScript on their Carbon Application Server; learn about how it can increase your developers' productivity here.

Brent Stineman07/23/12
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"Pushing" Notifications on Azure Service Bus

So the last several projects I’ve worked on, I’ve wanted to have a push notification system that I could use to send messages to role instances so that they could take actions.

Ben Kepes07/23/12
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My Thoughts on Privacy in a Connected Cloudy World

A month or two ago, I was invited to present at a summit organized by the New Zealand Privacy Commission . . .

Mark Hinkle07/23/12
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CloudStack Now Offers MongoDB as a Service

MongoDirector is an end-to-end lifecycle management solution for MongoDB that can be used on CloudStack.

Ofir Nachmani07/22/12
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Cloud Developers are from Mars

The three layers of cloud computing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS occupy the headlines with significant capabilities undergo continuous improvement to host services in the cloud.

Anil Mahadev07/22/12
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Uhuru PaaS for Deploying .NET Apps to the Cloud

Uhuru was founded by veteran executives and engineers of Microsoft Corporation who have decades of experience building both Windows software and cloud services.

Prabath Siriwardena07/21/12
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WSO2 Charon Offers Simple Cloud Identity Management

This article describes the benefits of the M1 build of WSO2 Charon, which was released in March.

Sean Hull07/20/12
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How to Autoscale MySQL on Amazon EC2

Autoscaling your webserver tier is typically straightforward. Image your apache server with source code or without, then sync down files from S3 upon spinup. Roll that image into the autoscale configuration and you’re all set.

Ofir Nachmani07/20/12
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In My Opinion, Public IaaS is Great!

It always good to start with Wikipedia’s definition as it helps to initiate a structured discussion, here is Wiki’s definition for Lock-In . . .

Gaurav Mantri07/19/12
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How to Move Azure VMs from One Subscription to Another

Quite recently I was helping somebody out on MSDN forums with a question about Windows Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS). One thing that came up on that thread is how would one move their VMs from one subscription to another.

Ben Kepes07/19/12
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The Growing Role of Developers in Tomorrow's Cloudy World

One only needs to take a look at the CloudU LinkedIn group to see that cloud is an important topic of conversation for developers. I wanted to explore what all this meant and spent some time talking to two people who spend their working days helping developers navigate the changing landscape

Eric Genesky07/19/12
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OpenShift + JBoss: The First PaaS Running Java EE 6 Full Profile

Below is a recap of the news you can view on Red Hat’s press blog. I authored that one as well, but this post injects some personal thoughts and notes that would look awkward going across the news wire…

Moshe Kaplan07/19/12
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11 Steps to Increasing Disc Space for AWS MySQL Server

These 10 steps will help you get started meeting your business's storage needs on EC2.

Brent Stineman07/18/12
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9 Inhibitors of Azure Success

I was recently asked to provide MSFT with a list of our top 4 “Azure Success Inhibitors”. After talking with my colleagues and compiling a list I of course sent it in.

Eric Genesky07/18/12
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8 Useful Assumptions About Cloud Security

In this article I’m going to highlight eight common-sense approaches to securing your applications and data in the cloud.

Bruno Terkaly07/18/12
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Everything Windows 8 Devs Should Know About the Cloud

Client-side developers do need to embrace the cloud. The increasing popularity of connected devices like tablet computers and smartphones is having a direct effect on the adoption rate of personal cloud services. You can expect both connected devices and cloud services to grow together.

Ricky Ho07/18/12
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From 2009: Good and Bad Public Cloud Candidates

Ricky Ho wrote this opinion piece on what makes an application a good public cloud citizen back in 2009. Interesting how his thoughts have been reflected in the evolution of cloud computing over the last few years.

Paul Miller07/17/12
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Crunching Big Data for a Greener Cloud

Despite popular belief, cloud computing does not entail a big invisible computer in the sky; get caught up here on the environmental costs of the cloud.

Leigh Shevchik07/17/12
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Four Priorities for Optimizing App Performance on Heroku

When the launch party is over, the dust has settled, and your app has finally been brought to life on Heroku’s simple, scalable cloud platform, it’s finally time to kick back and watch the magic happen, right?

Eric Genesky07/17/12
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Amazon Web Services for Java Developers

For Java enterprise professionals, this webinar offers some insight into the popular cloud infrastrucre services.

Istvan Szegedi07/17/12
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Getting to Know Amazon Elastic MapReduce

The data processing applications on Elastic MapReduce can be implemented using various technologies such as Hive, Pig, Java (Custom Jar) and Streaming (e.g. python or ruby).

Brian Gracely07/16/12
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Fifty Shades of RidiCulLUS Cloud

Brian talks with a panel of experts from Cisco, EMC, Nexus, NetApp, and WWT to talk about the upcoming Cisco Live 2012 event in San Diego.

Chris Haddad07/16/12
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WSO2 on Moving eGovernment to the Cloud

For any Government organization needing to do more with less, eGovernment is the answer.