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G. Andrew Duthie12/18/12
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Back-end Data Services for Windows 8 Apps: Azure Mobile Services

In both of the previous versions of the leaderboard service, the solution involved a code-based server-side solution . . .

Eric Genesky12/18/12
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US Centers for Disease Control on AWS

This 4-minute, AWS-sponsored video shows how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention use AWS in their BioSense 2.0 program.

Ben Kepes12/18/12
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Alfresco-Cloud Content Management with a Hybrid Theme

The cloud content management world is fairly divided between those who believe a public cloud delivery model is best and those who believe enterprises will only adopt a cloud approach when it is firmly protected by a private cloud.

Eric Genesky12/17/12
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An Interview with Tom Dibble, CEO of Aria Systems recently interviewed Tom Dibble, the president and CEO of Aria Systems at the Cloud Expo Conference - here's the video.

Ben Kepes12/17/12
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HP Discover–Awesome Potential But Massive Challenges

If I had to summarize my thoughts on HP coming out of the event, it would be to say that it is a massive company, with an incredible existing market share and customer base and with some super smart people on board. However . . .

Eric Genesky12/17/12
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Azure Helps NORAD Track Santa

Microsoft announced last Thursday that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) team, Windows Azure, and Bing Maps will be working together to track Santa this year.

Paul Miller12/17/12
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HP: Too Many Clouds

Hewlett Packard used its Discover event in Frankfurt last week to reassert the company’s cloud credentials.

Daniel Doubrovkine12/16/12
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Losing Control of the Heroku PaaS

Today, I find myself releasing heroku-forward, a gem born from frustration, that works around a seemingly simple limitation of the platform - a 60 seconds application boot timeout.

Sadayuki Furuhashi12/16/12
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Treasure Data Working as an Alternative to Hadoop is no stranger to Hadoop. They have very talented engineers, and before introducing Treasure Data, they used to run their own Hadoop cluster to analyze millions of pageview and user event data.

Gaurav Mantri12/15/12
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Cerebrata Story - Azure Management Cmdlets

In this blog post I will describe how we built our 3rd product – Azure Management Cmdlets. In short this product contains a number of PowerShell Cmdlets for managing Windows Azure.

Raghuraman Bala...12/15/12
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Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part 1

Here's a follow-up to the introductory post on archive and analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier. Enjoy.

Eric Genesky12/14/12
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Heroku: Introductory Features and Sample Apps

This video provides a one-hour introduction to Heroku, a leading open language cloud application platform.

Eric Genesky12/14/12
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Three New AWS Regions for South America

Today AWS announced the availability of AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Provisioned IOPS for Amazon EBS in Sao Paolo.

Chris Koenig12/14/12
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WNS Badge, Toast and Tile Reference

The Windows Notification Service is a key part of the Windows 8 platform and really great apps know how to use Push Notifications to make their great apps awesome.

Raghuraman Bala...12/14/12
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Tracing the Thin Line Between IaaS and PaaS

To begin with, SaaS is more for the end consumers. PaaS is more for developers where it abstracts the underlying infrastructure and you simply write code for the platform and rest is taken care by the platform service provider.

Eric Genesky12/13/12
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On Service SDKs and Language Support

When service providers (like Amazon in this case) are providing SDK support they typically will be catering to their largest consumer base.

Ben Kepes12/13/12
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What Will Identity Look Like in the Future?

Identity Management is arguably the crown jewels of the enterprise, and many seasoned IT folks would scoff at the idea of that being farmed out to the cloud.

Raghuraman Bala...12/13/12
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The Problem with Failover Preparation

A recent article on the merits of preparing for cloud outages prompted this writer to respond to some of the issues that come with failover preparation programs.

Eric Genesky12/13/12
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Leveraging Windows Azure and Twilio to Support SMS in the Cloud

Leveraging SMS messaging in a cloud context is a powerful capability. There are a wide variety of applications that can be built upon the techniques I illustrate in this post.

Brent Stineman12/12/12
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Azure Websites Quotas, Scaling, and Pricing

Today’s topic is Windows Azure Web Sites quotas and pricing. Currently we (Microsoft) doesn’t IMHO do a very good job of making this information real clear.

Raghuraman Bala...12/12/12
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Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier: Introduction

In this first part of a multi-post article let's take up a case of a typical e-commerce web application with the above characteristics and setup a best practice architecture for logging, analysis and archiving in AWS.

Maarten Balliauw12/11/12
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Configuring IIS methods for ASP.NET Web API on Windows Azure Websites

Bottom line of the story: if you need those methods or want to provide your own HTTP methods, here’s the bit of configuration to add to your Web.config file . . .

Daniel Doubrovkine12/11/12
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Migrating from a Relational to a NoSQL Cloud Database

I was recently quoted in a TechRepublic article, making rather sweeping general statements about how the free open-source NoSQL databases are the best thing since both SQL and sliced bread. . .

Istvan Szegedi12/11/12
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Microsoft and Hadoop - Windows Azure HDInsight

Traditionally Microsoft Windows used to be a sort of stepchild in Hadoop world - but not anymore. Microsoft and Hortonworks joined their forces to make Hadoop available on Windows Server for on-premise deployments as well as on Windows Azure to support big data in the cloud, too.

Krishna Prasad12/10/12
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Sample Application: Cloudfoundry and MongoDB

Like a lot of you folks, I also had the question, what is cloud computing? I started googling and downloaded a few tools and played with them and now understand a few concepts.