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Jaigak Song08/01/12
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Introducing a Simple PaaS Built on Hadoop YARN

This post describes a prototype implementation of a simple PAAS built on the Hadoop YARN framework and the key findings from the experiment.

Liran Zelkha08/01/12
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Ridin' the Cloud: The Changing Database Scalability Landscape

A recent whitepaper published by Scalebase described how the database landscape is evolving, and why you don't need to rework your entire database to take advantage of the cloud.

Tim Spann07/31/12
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TOAD for Cloud Databases

I am using it here against a free instance of MongoDB database hosted on MongoLab. It works great and fast and is nice for people who have been using TOAD against Oracle for years.

Pushpalanka Jay...07/31/12
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Using Casandra's 'sstable' for Bulk-Loading Data on the Cloud

The 'sstableloader' introduced from Apache Cassandra 0.8.1 onwards, provides a powerful way to load huge volumes of data into a Cassandra cluster.

Larry Franks07/31/12
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New Connection Pattern in the PHP Client Libraries for Windows Azure

Previously, connecting to a Windows Azure service (storage service or service bus service) was done by using a Configuration object. The following example shows the old pattern for creating a configuration object used to connect to a Blob service.

Bozhidar Bozhanov07/30/12
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A Simple PaaS Comparison Guide (With the Java Dev in Mind)

This user has worked with a variety of PaaSes using Java, and provides a stable framework for understanding cloud services.

Tony Siciliani07/30/12
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Google Cloud Messaging with Android

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free service that allows developers to send messages from their application servers to any number of Android devices registered with the service. This article will look at how to quickly add push notifications to your existing Android applications.

Romiko Derbynew07/30/12
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Tooling with Azure Cloud Drive - from VHDs to Blog Snapshot Restores

I ran into a scenario where I needed to transfer data from an Azure Cloud Drive VHD that was 250GB in Size from Production to Preproduction. So this means that I want to transfer the VHD from one azure account to another.

Brian Gracely07/30/12
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SDN, OpenFlow, and Network Virtualization

Brian and Nick Weaver talk with Kyle Forster (@bigswitchnews), Co-Founder of Big Switch Networks, about the evolution of Software Defined Networks (SDN), OpenFlow and the evolution of programmable networks.

Wely Lau07/29/12
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My Independent Review of Explorer Tools for Blob Storage

We have gone through three explorer tools for Windows Azure Blob Storage. I would say all three products are pretty awesome.

Adam Hoffman07/28/12
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So, Why Should I Move My ASP.NET to the Cloud?

The cost of cloud computing varies based on implementation, workload and usage. There are no absolutes in hosting costs.

Eric Genesky07/27/12
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Challenges and Solutions of the "Everything-as-a-Service" Approach

We've been seeing developers choosing to integrate with their application a myriad of off-the-shelf cloud services – rather than develop components themselves

Eric Silva07/26/12
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Introducing ACES: A Secure, Web-Bases SaaS for Clinical Teams

ACES (Access Control Execution System) has been purpose-built to address the operational complexities inherent in adaptive design and pivotal clinical trials.

Gaurav Mantri07/26/12
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How My Recent Project Failed and Led to Better Ways of Managing Windows Azure

A post about an unnamed project that was built on Azure that, despite being free of cost, failed due to a couple reasons. Learn them here.

Eric Genesky07/26/12
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Announcing AppFog GA: A Pay-for-RAM PaaS

AppFog, the self-proclaimed "Best Platform as a Service for Hackers," announced today the release of a highly-anticipated PaaS with an innovative pricing model.

Ben Kepes07/26/12
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Accessibility and the Untold Issue Around Cloud

Ben Kepes discusses a recent conversation he had with the Manager of Innovation and Development working within the Access, Innovation & Enterprise unit of the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.

Joe Stein07/25/12
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On the Future of Hadoop: Hadoop 2.0, NextGen MapRecue (YARN), and more. . .

This podcast covers the future of Hadoop, which continues to be the leading Big Data tool.

Maarten Ectors07/25/12
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5 Ideas for Amazon Web Services

Although the number of solutions Amazon AWS is offering has become very large, here are 5 ideas of what Amazon could be adding next.

Maarten Balliauw07/25/12
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Hands-on Windows Azure Services for Windows

In this post, I’ll share you with some impressions, ideas, pains and speculations about Windows Azure Services for Windows Server

Dhananjay Nene07/24/12
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Even After AWS Went Down, the Cloud Got Stronger

So some parts of the AWS EC2 specifically related to EBS were non responsive or down yesterday.

Jim O' Neil07/24/12
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How to Configure Admin Access to the Couchbase Cluster on Azure

Getting Couchbase working on Azure inspired Jim O'Neil to write a series on the topic - here's how to configure admin access.

Vincent Partington07/23/12
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Scaling the Hybrid Cloud Horizontally

So what does a hybrid cloud actually mean? A hybrid cloud is a composition of a private cloud and public cloud. There are two types of scaling patterns when using a hybrid cloud: vertical and horizontal.

Chris Haddad07/23/12
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Enhancing Developer Productivity with Server-Side JavaScript Runtimes

WSO2, the popular cloud-based middleware platform, offers server-side JavaScript on their Carbon Application Server; learn about how it can increase your developers' productivity here.

Brent Stineman07/23/12
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"Pushing" Notifications on Azure Service Bus

So the last several projects I’ve worked on, I’ve wanted to have a push notification system that I could use to send messages to role instances so that they could take actions.

Ben Kepes07/23/12
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My Thoughts on Privacy in a Connected Cloudy World

A month or two ago, I was invited to present at a summit organized by the New Zealand Privacy Commission . . .