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Larry Franks10/28/12
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Exporting and Importing VM Settings with Azure Command-Line Tools

While the tools are generally useful for tons of stuff, one of the things that's been painful to do with the command-line is export the settings for a VM, and then recreate the VM from those settings.

Sean Hull10/27/12
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How to Find (or Be) the Best Cloud Operations Candidate

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? Whether you're preparing to interview for such a position or you're trying to find the right candidate, here's what you need to know.

Adam Hoffman10/27/12
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Authenticating Your Users in Azure Websites, the old way and the new way.

In the course of writing ASP.NET applications, most developers have found the need from time to time to add support to their applications for multiple users.

Chris Haddad10/26/12
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Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

The WSO2 enterprise middleware platform incorporates architectural principles and services that solve hybrid cloud use case challenges -- principles such as federation, delegation, architecture distribution, loose coupling, and interoperability.

Bruno Terkaly10/24/12
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Troubleshooting, Diagnosing, and Fixing Errors -- In the Cloud and On-Premises

This is a comprehensive guide to finding and fixing problems. To start off, ask yourself: How much downtime can you tolerate?

Ben Kepes10/24/12
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Barriers to Entry – Overcoming The Cloud Cost Conundrum

You’d be excused for thinking that cloud adoption would be a no-brainer for all organizations. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and a number of hurdles stand in the way to broader adoption.

Sean Hull10/23/12
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Amazon Web Services Failed, but AirBNB Didn't Have To

Yesterday part of Amazon Web Services failed, taking with it a slew of startups that use its Cloud infrastructure. AirBNB was one of the biggest, but Heroku, Reddit, Minecraft, Flipboard, and Coursera all went down with it. So what the heck happened, and how could it have been avoided?

Eric Berg10/23/12
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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service: Strong Encryption Throughout

Strong encryption is the most important component of an enterprise cloud service, and it's easy to do incorrectly.

Stacey Schneider10/23/12
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VMware’s Serengeti – Virtualized Hadoop at Cloud-scale

Not long ago I covered the topic of Big Data adoption in the enterprise. In it, I described how Serengeti enables enterprise to respond to common Hadoop implementation challenges resulting from the lack of usable enterprise-grade tools and the shortage of...

Ben Kepes10/22/12
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Lowering Mobile Development Barriers to Entry: SDKs in the Cloud

Icenium decouples compiler from platform -- so a dev can build an iOS app without xCode or a Mac, and web developers can use existing skills to build, test, and publish mobile apps to Android and iOS without platform-specific work.

Andy Hawthorne10/22/12
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Deploying a Sinatra App to Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform that is designed to take the worry out of server administration. You just build your app, push it to Heroku via Git, and relax. What about deploying a Sinatra app though? Let’s see…

Eric Gregory10/21/12
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On-Premises Application with Azure Blob Storage

This tutorial will show you how you can store images in Windows Azure. You'll build a console application that uploads an image to Windows Azure, and then creates an HTML file that displays the image in your browser.

Clint Edmonson10/21/12
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Windows Azure Mobile Services Updates Keep Coming

Taking a close look at the new Windows Azure Mobile Services features, including the iOS SDK and expanded data center availability.

Ben Kepes10/20/12
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Cloud Portability: What Happens When You Want to Leave?

We all spend a lot of time worrying about getting our organization to start using a cloud service, but what happens when we amass vast quantities of data on that service and want to shift?

Adam Hoffman10/19/12
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Enabling Cross-Domain Access to Windows Azure Blobs from Flash Clients

If you’re building applications with Adobe Flash and want to enable the use of Windows Azure for blob storage, you’ll need to be able to create a “cross-domain policy file” in order to get the Flash client to request blobs. Why?

Maarten Balliauw10/18/12
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PartitionKey and RowKey in Windows Azure Table Storage

What are PartitionKey and RowKey for, exactly? Do we have to specify them manually? Let’s take a closer look.

Chris Koenig10/17/12
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Windows Azure Updates to Support iOS in Mobile Services and More

I love the rate at which new and improved features are being added to the Windows Azure platform. Here’s what was announced yesterday.

Eric Gregory10/17/12
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The Pirate Bay Migrates to the Cloud, Becomes Ghost

The Pirate Bay announced on Wednesday that it had migrated from physical servers to an international group of cloud providers, rendering the filesharing site less vulnerable to attack by law enforcement.

Eric Berg10/16/12
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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service: Singular Focus on the Customer

Focus on the customer is necessary to truly have an enterprise cloud. Think back to Mat Honan’s personal identity hack: part of the attack surface included Apple’s and Amazon’s customer support mechanisms that were in place on Mat’s accounts — which isn’t surprising.

Eric Gregory10/16/12
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Creating a Hello World Application for Windows Azure in Eclipse

The following steps show you how to create and deploy a basic JSP application to Windows Azure using the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java.

Nick Jordan10/15/12
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Heroku vs. AWS Revisited

When I wrote about Heroku and Amazon Web Services a few months ago, it seemed both services were equally worthwhile in many respects. My rule of thumb was: small app – Heroku; large app – Amazon. Since then, a few events have caused me to reevaluate my position.

Eric Gregory10/15/12
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How to Run a Compute-Intensive Task in Java on a Virtual Machine

When you finish this tutorial, you'll be able to create a virtual machine that runs a compute-intensive Java application that can be monitored by another Java application.

Brian Swan10/15/12
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Using Memcache to Access a Windows Azure Dedicated Cache

In this post, I’ll cover how to set up a Node.js worker role that serves as a dedicated cache and a PHP web role that accesses the cache using the php_memcache extension.

Bruno Terkaly10/14/12
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Consuming Azure Mobile Services from Android: Part 1

In this series, we'll show you how to use Windows Azure Mobile Services to leverage data in an Android app.

Eric Gregory10/14/12
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Create a Java App Server on a Virtual Machine

This walkthrough will show you how to create a virtual machine running on Windows Azure and configure it to run a Java application server.