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Dmitriy Setrakyan05/15/12
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What Does 'Real Time' in 'Real Time Big Data' Mean?

Lately there has been lots of noise about "Real Time" Big Data. Lots of companies that associate themselves with this term are generally in analytical space and to them it really means "low-latency" for analytical processing of data which is usually stored in some warehouse.

Roger Jennings05/14/12
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Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project : April 2012

Roger Jennings continues to keep us updated on a cool ongoing Azure Table Services project.

Wely Lau05/13/12
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Get Acquainted with the Finer Details of Azure Services (Part 2)

Here's a continuation of yesterday's introduction to Windows Azure. This post discusses building block services, data services, networking, and Windows Azure marketplace.

Wely Lau05/12/12
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Get Acquainted with the Finer Details of Windows Azure Services

As a PAAS provider, Windows Azure not only takes care of the infrastructure, but will also help to manage higher level components including operating systems, runtimes, and middleware.

Zhiming Xue05/11/12
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Video: Embracing Cloud Computing Power in Your Next Gen. Apps.

A few weeks ago I delivered an afternoon keynote “Embracing Cloud Computing Power in your Next Generation Applications” at Green IT and Cloud Computing Summit.

Eric Genesky05/11/12
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Weekly Cloud Roundup

The cloud herd grew by one this week with the announcement of HP's Public Cloud, which brings some new competition to AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, and other cloud services. Read on for a few more updates.

Wely Lau05/11/12
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Deploy Your First .NET Database App using MVS 2010 and Uhuru's PaaS

Uhuru's PaaS is not just for .NET apps; it also covers other Windows and Linux based apps, and supports a range of database types and platforms.

Wely Lau05/11/12
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A Developer's Perspective on IAAS vs. PAAS

A look at the likes of AWS and Windows Azure reveals some of the pros and cons that come with various levels of self- and service- managed features for IaaSes and PaaSes.

Ben Kepes05/10/12
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Startup BetterCloud Announces Funding for Development of Google Apps Products

BetterCloud has also announced the public beta of FlashPlanet, an enhanced management overlay for Google Apps domain administrators.

Gaurav Mantri05/10/12
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service

In this blog post, we’re going to compare Windows Azure Blob Storage Service and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) from core functionality point of view. In this blog post we’re going to focus on core concepts, pricing and feature comparison between...

Brian Gracely05/10/12
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The Cloudcast: New, Open, Simplifed Cloud Architectures

Aaron and Brian talk with Randy Bias (@randybias), CTO/Founder of Cloudscaling about open cloud architectures, deploying new and web-scale applications, and the evolutions of OpenStack.

Michael Collier05/10/12
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How to Send Text Messages Using Your Windows Azure Service

Collier worked with the Windows Azure Service Management API to write a C# solution for using Azure to send text messages.

Roger Jennings05/09/12
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How to Create an Incremental SQL Azure Data Source for U.S. Air Carrier Flight Delays Dataset

Roger Jennings continues to work his U.S. air carrier flight delays dataset with this tutorial on how to create an SQL data source on Azure.

Steve Francia05/08/12
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MongoDB, Hadoop, and Humongous Data

Check out this presentation that shows you how to use Hadoop's MapReduce and Streaming for analytics on large datasets

Zhiming Xue05/08/12
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Announcement: Node.js on Windows Azure Meetup in Reston, VA on 5/17

Get to know Microsoft's PaaS a little better by learning about how it supports Node.js. You can sign up for the meetup in Reston, Virginia here.

Brian Gracely05/08/12
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The Spectrum of Hardware for the Cloud

Brian Gracely's experience at Cisco has seen some big changes in the focus of the industry from software to hardware and back again. He discusses a spectrum of ways the IT industry deals with hardware these days.

Sean Hull05/08/12
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3 Things Every CEO Should Know About the Cloud

Funky performance, uncertain reliability, and iffy support are three risky factors to consider before migrating to the cloud.

Roger Jennings05/07/12
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Two Months of U.S. Air Carrier Flight Delay Data Available on the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

Roger Jennings walks readers through how to subscribe to this big data set currently available on the new Azure Marketplace

Mark Hinkle05/07/12
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Check out this Private Cloud. . . on Wheels?

Silicon Mechanics and Provate Cloud Leasing got CloudStack running on a wheely datacenter; here are the specs.

Brian Gracely05/07/12
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An Open Letter to Klouchebag

Brian Gracely suggests how Klouchebag can leverage the buzz around "Big Data" and "Social" in an open letter to the Klouchebag founder.

Jim O' Neil05/07/12
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Azure Achievements in Visual Studio

The achievements program requires a small VS Achievements plugin, a free cloud account, and a desire to earn some badges.

John Whish05/07/12
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How to Schedule MySQL Database Backups to Amazon S3

Usin cfexecute, this makes it possible to back up each database into a separate file and then upload to Amazon S3

Ben Kepes05/07/12
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An Awesome Validation of the CloudU Concept

This post tells the story of a Rackspace employee's awesome experience with CloudU.

Muhammad Khojaye05/06/12
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How to Run an Elastic MapReduce Job Using Custom Jar on Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a web service using which developers can easily and efficiently process enormous amounts of data. It uses an hosted Hadoop framework running on the web-scale infrastructure of Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

Michael Collier05/05/12
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CloudDevelop 2012 Conference to be Held in Columbus, OH on August 3

The upcoming CloudDevelop conference will be vendor/tech neutral, and will feature sessions that cover all platforms and services.,