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Brian Pince07/13/12
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Java on Windows Azure (from JFokus)

This was my first time to Sweden, and I loved it. I got to work the booth for the day, and talked with some great people on how we are doing with running Java on Windows Azure.

Senthil Kumar07/12/12
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Download the MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure

A new tool called “MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure” to help the people who use MongoDB on Windows Azure is released and is available for download from the MongoDB website.

Pieter De Rycke07/12/12
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ShellR: A Web-Based PowerShell on Azure

The goal here was to develop a cloud application running on Windows Azure. We choose to develop a web application that offers a web based Powershell to remotely control servers from anywhere in the world . . .

Eric Genesky07/12/12
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Gridspot Beta Offers a Cheap New Crowdsourced Cloud

To battle these existing services, Gridspot is offering an interesting alternative to the existing EC2 model, which is based on centralized data centers; Gridspot is crowdsourced.

Mike Benkovich07/12/12
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Building Connected Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure

Yesterday in Dallas we had Scott Guthrie (@ScottGu) and the Azure team put on a great event at the Irving Convention Center to show off what’s new in the Microsoft Cloud story and to dive into getting started with the tools and services that make it work.

Paul Miller07/11/12
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Big Cloud, Little Cloud, Local Cloud, Global Cloud

A discussion of the phenomenon of Amazon's worldwide cloud services, which has centers in the United States, Australia, and Ireland - among other countries.

Ben Kepes07/11/12
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Hosts Can Now Use White Labels Azure

Microsoft this week announced a new program that will allow hosting service providers to use existing data centers to deliver a white-label version of Azure.

Bruno Terkaly07/11/12
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Why Platform as a Service Will Rule the World

Automation is taking over the world; now it's only a matter of time before machine learning is used to replace humans throughout the industrialized world.

Łukasz Budnik07/11/12
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My Experience Developing Applications in the Cloud

There's a lot of buzz about deploying applications in the cloud, but what about developing applications in the cloud? In my opinion that's the next level of cloud adaptation.

Chris Haddad07/10/12
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How to Deploy Spring Database Apps to CloudFoundry

It can be easy as pie to get Spring apps on CloudFoundry, just as long as you follow the tutorial laid out by SpringSource.

Ben Kepes07/10/12
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Ben Kepes on Cloud, Cost, Coal, and British Economics

Kepes discusses some of the ideas presented by Joe Weinman, the father of cloud economics, who as written a forthcoming book titled "Cloudonomics."

Moshe Kaplan07/10/12
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Good News from AWS for SEO and Newsletter Marketers

Amazon AWS latest announcement of Multiple IP Addresses for Amazon EC2 Instances support is a great news for SEO and Newsletter markers.

Jp Morgenthal07/10/12
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JP Morgenthal: We Should Define the Cloud by What it Will Become

There’s been a lot of discussion about what makes cloud computing different than other forms of computing that have come before.

Leigh Shevchik07/09/12
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Real Solutions for Building Node.js Apps on the Cloud

The problem with Node.js hosting is that it can be confusing; here is a description of its usability with various cloud platforms.

Neil Mackenzie07/09/12
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A Broad Overview of the Windows Azure Platform

A look at the various services of the Windows Azure PaaS, including compute, storage, connectivity, and management.

Brian Gracely07/09/12
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The Cloudcast - Ben Kepes on Cloud Computing Trends in 2012

On trends in cloud computing, including analysis, communities, investment opportunities, and global markets.

Mark Hinkle07/09/12
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VirtualBox: The CloudStack Development Environment

Edison Su, one of the CloudStack developers, built this Ubuntu-based image to make things pretty simple to stand up a development environment.

Brian Pince07/08/12
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On Cloudy Models: Azure Web Sites vs. Cloud Apps

We have several new ways for you to run your applications in the cloud, and developers want a little guidance on how to pick which options. I hope to provide a little guidance around that.

Chris Haddad07/07/12
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On Deploying WSO2 ESB as a Service

In today’s business environment, increasing agility and lowering cost is a business imperative.

Jim O' Neil07/06/12
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Deploying Reference Application TapMap Using Couchbase on Azure

This project is intended to show how Couchbase can be accessed from ASP.NET apps. You can link through to the GitHub project within.

Ben Kepes07/06/12
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My Thoughts on Google Compute Engine

Ben Kepes reflects on his recent experience at GoogleIO, where Google announced the limited release of its IaaS, Google Compute Engine.

Eric Berg07/05/12
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Weathering the AWS Storm: Zero Downtime During the AWS Outage

Eric Berg, of the Okta Blog, describes how Okta helps you handle the potential problems that can arise with the unthinkable: when the cloud shuts down.

Wely Lau07/05/12
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Current Challenges of Moving Apps to the Cloud, and How to Anticpate Them

This article covers challenges a company may face when moving applications to the cloud, as well as what a company should expect once the move is complete.

Larry Franks07/05/12
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Windows Azure Caching (Preview) and Ruby Cloud Services

One of the new features introduced in the spring update to Windows Azure is the ability to use memory in your compute instances for caching. The other cool feature of this cache is that it supports the Memcache wire protocol, so it can be accessed by any Memcache client. Pretty much all the steps for setting up the Windows Azure Caching preview are performed in config files, so it can be used from any programming language you can publish as a Windows Azure Cloud Service. For this post I'm going to use the RubyRole project as an example.

Larry Franks07/04/12
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How to Set Up Node.js on Azure Websites

There are some specific things that Node.js developers need to know about the new Azure web sites feature.