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Peter Zaitsev08/16/13
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Percona University at Washington DC

Following our events earlier this year in Raleigh, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Toronto and Portland, we bring Percona University to Washington, D.C. on September 12.

Mitch Pronschinske08/15/13
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Systems & Configuration Management Tools with SaltStack

SaltStack is often boxed into the configuration management tools basket, but it's much different from most software like it. In fact, it is radically different than most configuration management tools.

Trevor Parsons08/15/13
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Filtering file names on client-side

Logentries agent enables users to get set up very quickly. We provide it for convenience as using the agent is far easier than configuring similar tools like syslogs.

Nitin Kumar08/15/13
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Automated Deployment

Deployment Automation replaces the manual non-standard deployment process to standardized automated deployment process for various environments such as Production, QA etc.

Tommy Patterson08/15/13
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Security, patching, features, functionality – Great post on Hyper-V versus ESX

Our team is currently running a blog series to demystify some of the misinformation, rumors, etc that exist in the market today concerning ESX versus Hyper-V.

Jenny Yang08/14/13
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A pain in the backdoor — The importance of package integrity checks

Unfortunately malicious intrusions are a part of life. Products such as Tripwire do a great job of keeping an eye on your file integrity, but what about package integrity?

Erich Styger08/14/13
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Installing eGit in Eclipse and CodeWarrior for MCU10.4

Git is now my favorite version control system. Git and GitHub are very powerful, it has (nearly) all features I can think about, and best of all: As a distributed version control system, I can work with it, even if disconnected from the network.

Nitin Kumar08/14/13
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DevOps – A Need for the IT Industry

Today, software innovation is shifting from not just writing the code but also to delivering it to customers with faster time-to-market with high quality.

Tim Spann08/13/13
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Linksheet: Cucumber and BDD

Tim Spann assembles a collection of resources on Cucumber and BDD.

Baruch Sadogursky08/13/13
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Does Ruby Need a Mature Binary Repository?

At some point in time, a Ruby developer realized the need to serve gems within a private network. The main reasons why...

Hüseyin Akdoğan08/13/13
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Resource Library Contracts

Facelets is an open source web template system under the Apache License. JavaServer Faces 2.2(JSR 344), is a part of JavaEE 7 specification, defined Resource Library Contracts which enables reusing Facelets templates in entire application dynamically at runtime.

Dror Helper08/12/13
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Simple Mocking in C++

I’ve been working in C++ for a few months now – after three years we’ve been apart. I always amazes me how simple things I took for granted do not exist (at least not out of the box) in C++, one of which are reflection.

Venkatesh Kris...08/12/13
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What am I Reading? Brick by Brick

As I am learning, experimenting and playing around Lean Startups, Design thinking and Innovation, this book Brick by Brick, How LEGO rewrote the rules of innovation and conquered the toy industry provided additional evidence to support my thinking around innovation and creativity.

Amit Saha08/12/13
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Get Started with Beaker on Fedora

If you do not know what Beaker is, the Architecture guide is a good start...

Peter Verhas08/12/13
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Should I Write a New Unit Test?

Recently in a project a method was altered from private to be public. The functionality that was used only inside the class was needed from outside and the without any other change the method got into the interface the class implemented and the keyword private was changed to public. To do that this was a task.

B0zmeister Carson08/11/13
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Allowing ‘Host Only’ VirtualBox Guest to Connect to the Internet

Yeah, I had this problem and it was a total pain! But I solved it by simply installing Squid Cache Proxy server on my physical PC, and that way my host-only internet virtualbox PCs could connect to the internet!

Matt Lacey08/10/13
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How often should an app be updated?

Of course there is some variation for different apps but how often should an app be updated? If you need to fix a major bug then yes, get that update out quick. Never updating an app is probably a bad idea. But beyond that it gets a bit complicated.

Ron Gross08/09/13
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Define Your Log Repository as a Chrome Custom Search Engine

Splunk is great, but it’s causing us a bit of a headache – whenever we access it, we have to go through a few pages of login and a request that we upgrade to the latest version. Today, I had a cool idea – why not configure a Chrome Custom Search Engine and save us the trouble?

Adarsh Lr08/09/13
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A Junit Introduction

Most developers feel that if I am good programmer then I don't need to test. But unit testing is very much a developer's responsibility.

Zac Gery08/09/13
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A Respectful Guide to Developer Termination

Behind all the procedures, rules, and processes there is a person who will be without a job. This is a common area where many managers and companies lose focus.

Reza Rahman08/09/13
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An Overview of JSON-P

JSON is quickly becoming the de facto data interchange format on the web, especially with powerful JavaScript clients, Ajax, REST and HTML 5 WebSockets.

Pushpalanka Jay...08/09/13
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How to Install Windows in a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu

Recently I wanted to run Windows inside my Primary OS - Ubuntu 12.04. I didn't want to go for dual boot option so I decided to use a virtual machine and install Windows inside Ubuntu. I faced couple of problems and here share my experience with how I overcame them.

Marina Sprava08/09/13
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Running Multiple Domain Names on Apache Server

Of course your PHP website domain name is a front-page online property. Your customers use it to access your site and it’s closely connected with your site’s brand. BTW the words that make up a domain names are used by search engines to evaluate websites in search results.

John Gresh08/08/13
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Beyond Injection of Concerns (IOC): Elimination of IOC in Business Logic Where It is Not Merited

Injection should not be routinely used in cases where no benefit can be clearly demonstrated. This means that in most cases the writers of business logic should not use injection. We will demonstrate this with a simple example. This example is a simple application but the principles demonstrated here are also applicable to all applications especially large scale applications including large scale web applications.

Ofer Kfir08/08/13
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Game Changers - How adopting new systems can become growth hacking tools

Growth hacking has become quite the buzzword in business of late and there are many definitions out there of what growth hacking is and where it applies