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Alexey Kutuzov07/31/13
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Create Your Own DSL

In software development I encounter problems with creating user interfaces for manage logical chains. More complex chain of logic cause more difficult to develop, test, and debug resulting interface. That interfaces are hard to understand without help of man, who participated in the design.

Mark Needham07/31/13
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s3cmd: put fails with “Connection reset by peer” for large files

I recently wanted to copy some large files from an AWS instance into an S3 bucket using s3cmd but ended up with the following error when trying to use the ‘put’ command...

Greg Duncan07/31/13
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Free eBook: "Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012" (now with ePub)

Here's a free ebook guide to testing for continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2012.

Eric Gregory07/30/13
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Packer - Machine Images from the Maker of Vagrant

Packer is a new, open source configuration management tool from Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant. Packer aims to automate the creation of any type of machine image for multiple platforms, from a single source configuration.

Istvan Forgacs07/30/13
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How Static Analysis Can Help Code Comprehension

Are you able to understand 32 lines of Java code in a short time? Let's see. This article explains why understanding Java code is difficult, and how a sophisticated static analyser like 4D Ariadne can help. We have created a short case study on code comprehension to help you compare your skill with that of our developers.

Eric Minick07/30/13
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Continuous Testing – Where does it fit next to Integration and Delivery?

I normally think in terms of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Where does “Continuous Test” fit in? Paul Duvall, a co-author of the great Continuous Integration book, describes continuous testing as running as many tests as possible with every code change in an article on DeveloperWorks.

Ian Skerrett07/30/13
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When to Move a Project to an Open Source Foundation

"When should I consider moving my project to a Foundation?" Of course the answer is always dependent on the project but I think there are a couple of general scenarios...

Lieven Doclo07/30/13
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On Religious Wars and Technology

Fear and aversion are caused by sheer ignorance. When you gain knowledge on a competing framework, fear can turn in two directions.

Jim Bird07/29/13
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Maintaining Software Sucks – and What We Can Do About It

If you ask most developers, they will tell you that working in maintenance sucks. Understanding and fixing somebody else’s lousy code is hard. It’s tedious. And it’s frustrating – because you know you would do a better job if you were given the chance to do it over and do it right.

Daniel Ackerson07/29/13
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If Devs Own Testing, Ops Own the Environment

Did the test fail due to an application bug or is it the environment? Once again, the dreaded chant of “it works locally” is taken up. What most people fail to understand is that the failing test is the first sign of a communication breakdown between developers and sysadmins.

Mark Needham07/29/13
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Product Documentation: The Receiver Decides if It's Useful

Even if you think you’ve done a good job of explaining something, the receiver of the communication decides whether or not that’s the case.

Santiago Urrizola07/29/13
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Node.js Call https with BASIC Authentication

Here's a node.js https module used to make a remote call to a remote server using https and BASIC authentication.

Aleksey Savkin07/28/13
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Automation Testing for Agile Application Development

Automation testing plays a vital role in agile application development which is our topic of discussion in this article.

Trevor Parsons07/28/13
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Build your own SMS Alerts–Logentries and Clickatell Combined!

Sometimes you want things to escalate quickly and a storm of errors on your production system is definitely one of them.

Lukas Eder07/27/13
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Jenkins (and Others) About Dropping Support for Java 5

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of the Jenkins CI server, is attempting to get other open source projects and developers on board with him to drop support for Java 5.

Simone Chiaretta07/27/13
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Using NPM Behind a Firewall

Lately the proxy configuration of my network has been changed, and moved from a transparent proxy, that required no configuration, to a “standard” proxy which requires a configuration script. Unfortunately NPM doesn’t pick up the proxy configuration of Windows...

John Cook07/26/13
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Too Many Objects

Languages like C# and Java enforce the everything-is-an-object paradigm. You can’t just write a function; you have to write member functions of an object.

Edmund Kirwan07/26/13
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Structure and zombies.

A recent survey asked more than two hundred I.T. project managers a simple question: what is the greatest threat facing software-development projects today? Over ninety per cent of those polled replied with a single-word answer: zombies.

Fredrik Håård07/26/13
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Synchronize Bitbucket to GitHub Automatically

Last week I spent a couple of hours setting up a new service, dubbed BitSyncHub, that will accept POST requests from Bitbucket and synchronize a (Mercurial) repository with it's Github mirror.

Maarten Ectors07/26/13
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Startups: Want to Launch New Features Hourly?

You've probably read about those big name dotcoms that deploy new features to production up to tens of times a day. For most startups bringing features to production is still a manual, at best semi-manual process.

Maarten Ectors07/25/13
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Deploying Multiple Services on One Cloud Server Instantly

There was a new release of Juju this week, 1.11.3, that brought a “small feature” with a big impact on your AWS bill. You are now able to deploy multiple services on one cloud server instantly. Before Juju started a new server per service which resulted in a potentially high AWS bill.

Troy Hunt07/25/13
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Of Developers, Security Professionals, and Playing Nice Together

How can developers and security people get along with each other better than what they tend to at present?

Pieter De Rycke07/25/13
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Git Support in Synology DSM 4.3 Beta

A couple of days ago, Synology released the open beta of DSM 4.3. Somewhere hidden in the release notes there was mentioned that the NAS now officially supports the hosting of GIT repositories. This is great news for all programmers.

George Dinwiddie07/24/13
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Why I Practice TDD

Quality and productivity are, of course, important things. I certainly wouldn’t continue to practice Test-Driven Development if it added defects or took a significantly longer time to create functionality. But that’s not why I practice TDD.

Martin Fowler07/24/13
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Martin Fowler: User Defined Field

A common feature in software systems is to allow users to define their own fields in data structures. Consider an address book - there's a host of things that you might want to add. With new social networks popping up every day, users might want to add a new field for a Bunglr id to their contacts.