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Doug Winfield09/24/14
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JavaScript for OS X Automation by Example

Apple is very close to releasing a new operating system called Yosemite. Everyone has been talking about iOS 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and watches, but one important feature was JavaScript for OS X Automation.

Jose Roy Javelosa09/24/14
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How to Resolve Maven's "Failure to Transfer" Error

Here is a quick solution for those encountering the “Failure to Transfer” error in Maven.

Istvan Forgacs09/24/14
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Debugging Step by Step: Influence Debugging

Influence debugging is an efficient active debugging method by which you can ignore a large part of your code during bug hunting. You can go backward along influences exclusively until you catch the bug. Tricky missing code errors can also be detected by this new method.

Kris Buytaert09/24/14
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On Systemd and DevOps

Often developers writing code that they think is useful and relevant while they are not listening to their target audience, in this case not the end users of the systems but the people that are maintaining the platforms. The people that work on a daily base with these tools.

Dustin Marx09/23/14
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ChoiceFormat: Numeric Range Formatting

The Javadoc for the ChoiceFormat class states that ChoiceFormat "allows you to attach a format to a range of numbers" and is "generally used in a MessageFormat for handling plurals."

Patroklos Papapetrou09/23/14
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Common Mistakes Junior Developers Make When Writing Unit Tests

It’s been 10 years since I wrote my first unit test. Since then, I can’t remember how many thousands of unit tests I’ve written.

Eric Minick09/23/14
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The Curious Relationship of Culture and Tools

The selection of a more modular architecture tends to result in an organization with more (smaller) teams.

Peter Huber09/23/14
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Visualizing and Analyzing Java Dependency Graph with Gephi

How you can use the Graph analysis and visualization Tool Gephi to have a look into the Package Dependency structure of your Java Project with a "graph perspective."

Michael Scharhag09/22/14
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Reduce Boilerplate Code in your Java applications with Project Lombok

One of the most frequently voiced criticisms of the Java programming language is the amount of Boilerplate Code it requires.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz09/22/14
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Property-based Testing with ScalaCheck

While Spock can be used for some property-based testing, ScalaCheck and ScalaTest may be your best option.

Nicolas Frankel09/22/14
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Thank You Mr Beck

At JavaZone I attended many great talks by brilliant speakers, but one was really head and shoulders above the lot: “Software Design, Why, When and How” by Kent Beck.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz09/20/14
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Property-based Testing With Spock

Property based testing is an alternative approach to testing, complementingexample based testing

Eyal Golan09/19/14
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JUnit Rules

In this post I would like to show an example of how to use JUnit Rule to make testing easier.

Ajitesh Kumar09/19/14
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Java - Four Security Vulnerabilities Related Coding Practices to Avoid

This article represents top 4 security vulnerabilities related coding practice to avoid while you are programming with Java language.

Michael Georgiou09/18/14
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15 Tools That Make Life Easy For Java Developers

If you are a web developer, it is a no brainer that much of your professional life will be spent using Java. Thus, this article lists 15 Java tools that can make your life easier.

Carlo Scarioni09/18/14
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Ruby Unit Testing is Weak as a Safety Net

Ruby unit testing feels very nice and natural to write with RSpec. However I still love Java (or for this particular example anything with strong typing) and is still my main language, and in many cases is superior to Ruby.

Eric Minick09/18/14
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For Smoother Automation Identify Application Stuff vs System Stuff

I was recently reminded of a key insight included in a presentation from the Datical team at IBM Innovate 2014. They automate migration of databases changes (and naturally have an integration with UrbanCode Deploy).

Chen Harel09/17/14
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5 Error Tracking Tools Java Developers Should Know

An overview of the modern error tracking tools for Java developers: Raygun, Sentry, Takipi, Airbrake and Stack Hunter

Nicolas Frankel09/17/14
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Another Valid Open/Closed Principle

Many of you readers are familiar with the Open/Closed principle. But so often, I encounter database connections not closed. Here are a few tips to keep that from happening.

Denis Goodwin09/17/14
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The Art of Designing Automated Testing Tools

Designing automated testing tools can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to surface all of the complexities involved in a variety of test structures but you also have to make all of those complexities accessible to a variety of audiences.

Alec Noller09/17/14
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Java 8 Survey: Part II

Typesafe is conducting another survey - part II of a survey, that is - regarding the adoption and users of Java 8. It's a quick survey, just two questions, and we should be hearing results within a few weeks.

Peter Lawrey09/16/14
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Lambdas and Side Effects

Java 8 has added features such as lambdas and type inference. This makes the language less verbose and cleaner, however it comes with more side effects as you don't have to be as explicit in what you are doing.

Julien Danjou09/16/14
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Python Bad Practice: A Concrete Case

A lot of people read up on good Python practice, and there's plenty of information about that on the Internet. Today I'd like to show a concrete case of code that I don't consider being the state of the art.

Mateusz Haligowski09/16/14
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A new way of extracting values in AssertJ collections assertions

The old extracting function in AssertJ utilized reflections and did not allow the arbitrary extractions. The new approach addresses the issues.

Trevor Parsons09/16/14
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The Pros and Cons of Open Source Logging

At a recent DevOps convention, I learned some of the biggest challenges facing log management for developers. I've compiled some pros and cons for open-source logging solutions.