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Ajitesh Kumar08/18/14
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Test-Driven Development (TDD) Shines with Mocking

Test-driven development is a software development process in which developers write tests first and, then writing enough code to pass those tests. Once all of the tests pass, they do code refactoring to enhance code quality. Following are key advantages of adopting TDD as your development process.

Kevin Rutherford08/17/14
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I Don't Measure Code Coverage

I believe that test coverage is an unhelpful measure. I have two main reasons behind this belief: Firstly, test coverage often gives false positives and false negatives; and secondly, too many badly written tests will slow a project down (that is, higher coverage can mean lower habitability).

Stefano Ricciardi08/17/14
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Book Review: Version Control With Git

If you need detailed information about GIT, then this is the deal (short of reading the source code I guess). Every aspect of the tool is explained (sometimes in excruciating detail) and the authors go to a great length to provide tips and gotchas on commands (especially when you might easily shoot yourself in the foot).

Kapil Viren Ahuja08/16/14
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Unit Testing - Why Not?

For JUnit implementation in our project, we see a great challenge in having them implemented as we are already running behind for Sprint 2 and Sprint 3

Richard Warburton08/16/14
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Lambda Behave (Java Testing Framework) 0.3 Released

Its great to see that despite only releasing a couple of months ago there's already quite a few people trying out or contributing to lambda behave. Massive thanks to the London Software Craftsmanship Community for hosting a talk on Lambda Behave and the London Java Community and Opencredo for hosting a hackday.

James Betteley08/15/14
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The DevOps Team Myth

Should there really be such a thing as a “DevOps Engineer”? Probably not, but we’re far too late to stop it, and trying to stop it seems a bit of a waste of energy to me. Eventually “DevOps Engineer” will come to mean something more specific, but for now we’re just going to have to read a few more lines on CVs.

Edmund Kirwan08/15/14
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The Most Important Factor in Software Decay

Why are programs so poorly structured?

Phil Whelan08/14/14
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DevOps: Tools Vs Culture

DevOps is a marriage between tools and culture. If you are just using the tools that you heard about at a recent DevOps Days and not also embracing the culture (or at least working towards it) then you're not really "doing DevOps".

Paul Reed08/14/14
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The Ship Show: The Epistemology of DevOps

How do we know, we know what DevOps is? For episode 46, we sit down with Praxisflow’s Kevin Behr (whom you might recognize as one of the authors of the Phoenix Project) and Jabe Bloom to talk about these and other heady questions, including: what can we learn from the Agile community?

Lukas Eder08/13/14
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The "Free", "Standard", "Open" Software Heresy

There are those people that have a strong, dogmatic belief in what they call “Free” or “Standard” or “Open” software.

Dave Farley08/13/14
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The Basics of Test-Driven Development

The objectives of Test Driven Development and unit testing are generally misunderstood. The problem is the word ‘test’, it is much less about testing and much more about specification of requirements, showing your working – as in maths, and the impact it has on design.

Paul Hammant08/13/14
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Trunk Supporting Practices

Environment config, isn’t the same as “infrastructure as code”. This is the stuff that’s potentially live-tunable in an application stack that subsumes feature toggles, but goes further – application specific things not limited to rectangles of web-pages appearing or disappearing.

Alec Noller08/12/14
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Introducing DZone's Latest Checklist: Unit Testing

This week, DZone released its latest Checklist: Unit Testing. If you're interested in learning more about Unit Testing or sharpening your skills, we decided to dig into the DZone archives and find some of the most popular posts we've had on the topic over the past two years.

Gil Zilberfeld08/12/14
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Test Attribute #9 – Deterministic

I keep hammering on trust and how it’s crucial that we trust our tests. If a test is deterministic, it raises the level of our trust. If it isn’t, we may question its result, which will be followed by questioning other tests as well.

Rob Allen08/12/14
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View Status of All Vagrant Environments

I’ve just upgraded to Vagrant version 1.6, and vagrant global-status is possibly my favourite new feature. This command lists all currently up Vagrant environments wherever they may be on your computer

Steve Smith08/11/14
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Organization Antipattern: Dual Value Streams

The goal of Continuous Delivery is to optimise cycle time in order to increase product revenues, and cycle time is measured as the average lead time of the value stream from code checkin to production release. This was memorably summarised by Mary and Tom Poppendieck as the Poppendieck Question.

Mike Cottmeyer08/11/14
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Encapsulating Value Streams and the Object Oriented Enterprise

The value stream associated with software development typically goes something like this: analysis, design, build, test, and deploy. That’s pretty much everything you need to develop a working tested increment of the product… and therefore what defines the basic requirements for a Scrum team.

Jim Bird08/11/14
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Feature Toggles are one of the worst kinds of Technical Debt

Feature flags or config flags aka feature toggles aka flippers are an important part of Devops practices like dark launching (releasing features immediately and incrementally), A/B testing, and branching in code or branching by abstraction.

Robert Greathouse08/11/14
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Create Your Own Private Docker Registry

Shortly after you start building docker containers you will realize that you need some place to publish your images. You could push to the central docker registry. However, the central registry is public. Not a great idea if you are working on a private project.

Anh Tuan Nguyen08/08/14
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Information is Money

In this article, I would like to discuss the opportunity to collect user behaviour and measure user happiness when building information system. I also want to share my idea on how to improve user experience based on data collected.

Carlos Sanchez08/08/14
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Using Puppet’s metadata.json in Librarian-Puppet and Blacksmith

I have published new versions of librarian-puppet and puppet-blacksmith gems that handle the new Puppet metadata.json format for module data and dependencies.

Gil Zilberfeld08/07/14
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Test Attribute #8 – Truthiness

Tests are about trust. We expect them to be reliable. Reliable tests tell us everything is ok when they pass, and that something is wrong when they fail. Tests can give false positive (fail when they shouldn’t) or false negative (pass when they shouldn’t) results.

Pedro Duque Vieira08/07/14
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Validation in JavaFX

Validation is one thing that’s missing from the core javafx framework. To fill in this gap there is already a 3rd party validation library that’s present in controlsfx.

Bogomil Shopov08/07/14
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Three Ways to Turn Your Github Issues into a Real Boy

Releasing the new version of GitHub Issues and the Deployment API is a step in the right direction. I am aware of the fact that there are a lot of projects using GitHub Issues as main issue tracker and even more just trying it.

Ajitesh Kumar08/06/14
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Java Unit Testing Interview Questions

The article presents some of the frequently asked interview questions in relation with unit testing with Java code. Please suggest other questions tthat you came across and I shall include in the list below.