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Madhuka Udantha08/03/14
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Fundamental Building Blocks of Event Processing

Agent technology handles extreme scalability issues. Agents are characterized by being autonomous, having interactions, and being adaptive. CEP engines can be autonomous and interactive to the extent that they simply respond to multiple (complex and continuous) events.

Ajitesh Kumar08/02/14
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Learn Functional Programming Before Java Lambdas, Functional Interfaces

Mastering Java 8 features such as Lambda expressions & functional interfaces would require developers to have a clear understanding on some of the following topics in relation with FP.

Trevor Parsons08/01/14
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Smart Continuous Delivery Using Automated Testing

This post is building on a recent post highlighting recommendations ideas on how to simplify your unit testing by using the right set of tools (Smart Integration Testing with Dropwizard, Flyway and Retrofit). In this post, I want to highlight three steps that can be very valuable in your release planning process.

Dave Bush08/01/14
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Running Selenium In Parallel With Any .NET Unit Testing Tool

While my preferred testing tools are NUnit and SpecFlow, the method I am about to propose should work with any existing test harness you might want to use. The only prerequisite is that you are using Page Models to wrap your access to any particular web page.

Patroklos Papapetrou07/31/14
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Avoiding Null Checks In Java

One of the worst nightmares for Java developers ( from junior to experts ) is null object reference checking.

Carlos Sanchez07/31/14
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Anatomy of a DevOps Orchestration Engine: (III) Agents

In Maestro we typically use a Maestro master server and multiple Maestro agents. Each Maestro Agent is just a small service where the actual work happens, it processes the work sent by the master, via ActiveMQ, and executes the plugins with the data received.

Abishek Baskaran07/31/14
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Why Docker is awesome for a lean tech Startup

An article on how Docker helps us develop faster while keeping the environment clean.

Roger Hughes07/30/14
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Default Methods: Java 8's Unsung Heros

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog saying that developers learn new languages because they're cool. I still stand by this assertion because the thing about Java 8 is it's really cool.

Ajitesh Kumar07/30/14
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7 Popular Unit Test Naming Conventions

The article presents a list of unit tests naming strategies for naming their unit tests. The article is intended to be a quick reference instead of going through multiple great pages such as following. That said, to know greater details, please feel free access one of these pages listed below and know for yourself.

Gil Zilberfeld07/29/14
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Test Attribute #6 - Maintenance

I always hated the word “maintainability” in the context of tests. Tests, like any other code are maintainable. Unless there comes a time, where we decide we can’t take it anymore, and the code needs a rewrite, the code is maintainable. We can go and change it, edit or replace it.

Edmund Kirwan07/29/14
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The Four Best Refactorings

Given that refactorings change program structure without altering behaviour, the purpose of any refactoring must be the improvement of program structure. So how do programmers, "Best," improve structure?

Reza Rahman07/29/14
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NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium Austin Trip Report

The NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium was held July 18 - 20 in Austin, Texas. The Austin show is one of the smaller ones but still was good overall

Reza Rahman07/29/14
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NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium Austin Trip Report

The NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium was held July 18 - 20 in Austin, Texas. The Austin show is one of the smaller ones but still was good overall

Dustin Marx07/28/14
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Applying S.T.O.P. To Software Development

For many of us who consider ourselves software developers, programmers, or even software engineers, it can be difficult to ignore the impulse to jump right in and write some code

Tom O'connor07/28/14
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Part 2: Deploying Applications with Ansible

A very simple guide to deploying a very simple application with Ansible. Of course, it should be obvious that you can deploy *anything* from a git repository, it really boils down to the configuration of supervisord. For that matter, it doesn't have to be supervisord.

Jens Schauder07/28/14
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Test Your Dependencies With Degraph

Instead of fixing a problem we all probably prefer preventing the problem in the first place. Therefore in the latest version Degraph got a new feature: A DSL for testing Dependencies.

Omri Erel07/28/14
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4 Critical A/B Tests You Must Run

While testing is critical to any business, we know that testing every single part of your website can be counterproductive and costly. So how do you figure out exactly where to spend your money and resources and which are the most important areas for A/B testing?

Benjamin Ball07/27/14
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The Best of the Week (July 18): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (July 18 to July 25). This week's topics include getting started with Ansible, null object pattern implementation, an intro to functional programming in Java 8, immutable infrastructure, and code differentiation.

John Ferguson Smart07/27/14
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Data-driven Unit Testing in Java

Data-driven testing is a powerful way of testing a given scenario with different combinations of values. In this article, we look at several ways to do data-driven unit testing in JUnit.

Martin Van Aken07/26/14
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5 Reasons You Are Not Doing Code Reviews

There may be a way to work around that: turn the table. Ask Bob for advice on your code. That will get the discussion going, and it may ease him into it. Also, code reviews have a big advantage: they don’t need much to get started. You don’t need everyone in the company to agree.

Chen Harel07/25/14
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How to Instantly Improve Your Java Logging With 7 Logback Tweaks

The benchmark tests to help you discover how Logback performs under pressure. Small configuration tweaks can have a huge impact on your logging throughput.

Nikita Salnikov...07/25/14
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Identifying JVM - Trickier Than Expected

One of the building blocks we've created for Plumbr is addition of the unique identifier for JVM in order to link all sessions from the same JVM together.

Gil Zilberfeld07/25/14
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Test Attribute #5 – Differentiation

In order to analyze a problem when tests fail, we need to get into detective mode. The more evidence we have, the better. With enough differentiation, we can get a mental model of what works and what doesn’t, and better – where the problem might lurk, so we can go on and fix it.

Ariya Hidayat07/25/14
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Easy TeamCity Continuous Integration Installation with Docker

TeamCity from JetBrains is an easy-to-use and powerful continuous integration system. It is a commercial product, but there is a special zero-cost license for small projects and FOSS applications. While installing TeamCity is relatively easy, its setup is further simplified via the use of Docker.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz07/24/14
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Testing Code for Excessively Large Inputs

When writing unit tests we mostly focus on business correctness. We do our best to exercise happy path and all edge cases.