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Marco Siccardi11/18/14
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How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app – Part III: capturing and saving the photo

This is the third and last post of this series. In the first two posts I showed you how to start the preview of MediaCapture and some modifications we can apply to it. In this post, we are finally capturing and saving the photo – including the modifications we made before.

Mitch Pronschinske11/16/14
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4 Developer Career Journeys

If you’re trying to figure out whether you want to embark on a certain career path, or if you’re trying to find out how one breaks into that same career field and then progresses through it, I think it’s helpful to listen to the stories of people who have walked that path before.

Anand Narayanaswamy11/14/14
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Visual Studio 2015 Preview Features – Part 1

Visual Studio 2015 Preview has been released with support for cross platform device development in C++ in addition to an Android emulator, updated tooling for Apache Cordova, the open source .NET compiler platform, support for ASP.NET 5. The preview also includes many new updates and improvements.

Rob Sanders11/12/14
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Getting to know Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows many resources (e.g., fonts, JavaScript, etc.) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated.

Joost Van Schaik11/12/14
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Returning Task from a Windows Runtime Component

You will need a Windows Runtime Component if you want, for instance, host a background task in an Universal App. The problem with these components is that you cannot return a Task from a public method. You can use Task inside the component, but not return it to the outside world.

Anders Abel11/09/14
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Using Owin External Login without ASP.NET Identity

ASP.NET MVC5 has excellent support for external social login providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter) integrating with the ASP.NET Identity system. But what if we want to use external logins directly without going through ASP.NET Identity?

Greg Duncan11/09/14
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Look who's talking now? My first primary hosting for This Week on Channel 9, "TWC9: Two Geeks and a Cube"

While up at the MS MVP Summit last week, I had the opportunity to be the primary host for This Week on Channel 9. With me was Gordon Beeming where we geeked out for 20'ish minutes in one of the cooler spaces available, the Microsoft Maker Garage.

Slobodan Pavkov11/09/14
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Using await to build cool UI tutorials

By implementing a custom awaiter for Button (via extension methods) and hooking up to the Click handler we are able to await for that button to be clicked in very elegant way.

Mikael Krief10/30/14
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Configure TFS Proxy

When a development team is working on a remote site, using the TFS source controller may require bandwidth. To overcome this problem, we can use the TFS proxy.

Eli Bendersky10/29/14
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SFINAE and enable_if

There's an interesting issue one has to consider when mixing function overloading with templates in C++. The problem with templates is that they are usually overly inclusive, and when mixed with overloading, the result may be surprising:

Gunnar Peipman10/28/14
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ASP.NET MVC 6: What are KRE, KVM, KPM?

ASP.NET vNext comes with a new runtime environment called KRE. Besides KRE that runs ASP.NET vNext applications there are also tools for managing KRE versions and NuGet packages that application uses. This post gives you a quick overview about K-world components and explains shortly how to use them.

John Sonmez10/26/14
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4 Biggest Reasons Why Software Developers Suck at Estimation

For example, when my wife asks me how much longer it will take me to fix some issue I’m working on or to head home, I almost always invariably reply “five minutes.” I almost always honestly believe it will only take five minutes, but it never does. Most of the time my five minutes ends up being half an hour or more.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen10/26/14
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Entity Framework 6 and SQL Server Compact 4.0 – “Proper” private desktop deployment

About a year after I published the blog post Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact 4 (2)–Easy Private Desktop Deployment it has occurred to me that the solution proposed in that blog post is far from perfect – my apologies! The suggestions for location of the database file etc. are still valid points, however.

Michael Crump10/25/14
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My appearance on Technology and Friends Episode 340

Sam Basu and I was recently interviewed by David Giard for his podcast called Technology and Friends. We talked for about 30 minutes on the new features of Telerik AppBuilder. As always, I had a blast and really enjoy being part of his podcast.

Joost Van Schaik10/25/14
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Making the Application Bar display on of top of the UI in Windows Phone 8.1 Store Apps

In Windows Phone 7, 8 and 8.1 Silverlight apps this is very easy: you just set the Opacity of the Application bar to any value less than 1 as described here, and the app does not reserve space for the app bar – it just displays the bar on top of the main UI.

Jonas Gauffin10/25/14
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Griffin data mapper and SQLite

I’ve created a small example project that uses the data mapper in Griffin.Framework to work with SQLite.

Marco Siccardi10/25/14
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How to create a folder in Windows Phone 8.1 Pictures Library (and save/read files into/from it)

Some of you might have noticed that UniShare has its own folder in your devices picture library. Also some other apps like WhatsApp or Tweetium have it.

Jeremy Likness10/25/14
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A Different Angle: What is AngularJS?

This post covers my presentation, AngularJS from a Different Angle, that I presented to the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup group on October 20th, 2014. This was just over a week after the Atlanta Code Camp, when I presented Let’s Build an Angular App!

Alec Noller10/20/14
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Refcard Expansion Pack: 13 Things Every C# Developer Should Know

This week, DZone released its latest Refcard: 13 Things Every C# Developer Should Know. If you're interested in learning more about C# or sharpening your skills, we decided to dig into the DZone archives and find some of the most popular posts we've had on the topic.

Bill Jones10/18/14
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.NET with AngularJS = <3

Clear, concise, and informative with detailed structure and visual aids.

Ovais Mehboob A...10/16/14
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Developing and Self-Hosting Simple ASP.Net vNext Application without Visual Studio

In this post I will walk you through the latest version of ASP.Net i.e. ASP.Net vNext and talk about some core characteristics as well as some command line tooling options that allows developers to build, run and manage ASP.NET Applications.

Greg Duncan10/06/14
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Microsoft MVP Award Unboxing

Sorry guys, I hate to do this to you, but since this is the first time I've gotten this award, I just have to share the unboxing...

Imran Baloch10/06/14
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Custom ActionResult in ASP.NET vNext

ActionResult in ASP.NET vNext has been improved because it can be now asynchronous. Means action result now have ActionResult.ExecuteResultAsync in addition to ActionResult.ExecuteResult. Infect IActionResult only have ExecuteResultAsync.

Ovais Mehboob A...10/02/14
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Writing Diagnostic with Code Fix using Roslyn (.NET Compiler Platform)

In the article i will show how developers can use Roslyn compiler as a services APIs that provides an object model to develop tools to extend the development of “Visual studio” using code analysis, refactoring and writing custom diagnostics. In this post I will walk you through the steps of developing an extension of Visual Studio using Roslyn Diagnostic with Code Fix project template.

Joost Van Schaik10/01/14
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Visualizing geofences as circles on the map in Universal Apps

If you tried to work with geofences, you may have encountered this problem. You want to have an easy way to show where the darn things are on the map, so you can test the application. This is actually pretty simple, building upon stuff to draw circles on Windows Phone 8 I wrote earlier.