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Jonas Gauffin06/25/14
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Running Services in Long Lived Applications in .NET

You have probably created a windows service or other types of applications where you have code which need to be run in the background to not block the main thread. To do that you have different types of solutions in .NET, for instance Threads, Timers and Tasks. However, you need to construct them manually, make sure that they do not throw unhandled exceptions etc.

Joost Van Schaik06/25/14
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Building Multi-Resolution Popups in an Universal App

With the advent of Windows Phone 8.1 multiple resolution are now also becoming a fact of life for Windows Phone developers (as they already were for Windows Store developers). This has a few side effects, which will require you to think about the size of things that need to cover part of the screen.

Joost Van Schaik06/25/14
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Using SensorCore and MVVMLight to Build a ‘What Did I Do Where and When’ Windows Phone 8.1 App

As you might have seen, the SensorCore SDK has been released. I intended to bring out a full fledged app utilizing this new and exiting SDK, but I found out that I first had to explain a bit about the ‘supporting acts’ I was going to use – if you study my last four posts you will see they all contain parts of the sample app that goes what this post.

Jeremy Likness06/20/14
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Programming the Windows Runtime (WinRT) by Example

In 2011 I heard the first rumors about Windows 8 and knew immediately what my next book would be about. Unlike Designing Silverlight Business Applications that captured years of experience writing Line of Business (LOB) apps in Silverlight, this book would be an introduction to an entirely new platform.

Rob Sanders06/20/14
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Debugging Lync 2013

This morning I struggled to get Microsoft Lync 2013 to work. The symptoms consisted of the application running normally – I could authenticate, and the contact list would load – but after a few minutes the application would hang.

Merrick Chaffer06/20/14
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Fingerprint CSS in MVC Web Sites

Optimizing for website performance includes setting long expiration dates on our static resources, such s images, stylesheets and JavaScript files. Doing that tells the browser to cache our files so it doesn’t have to request them every time the user loads a page. This is one of the most important things to do when optimizing websites.

Anders Abel06/17/14
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Understanding the Owin External Authentication Pipeline

Owin makes it easy to inject new middleware into the processing pipeline. This can be leveraged to inject breakpoints in the pipeline, to inspect the state of the Owin context during authentication.

Michael Crump06/15/14
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My Talk at AltConf 2014 on Enriching the iOS SDK

I was recently in San Francisco, CA to deliver a presentation at AltConf 2014 and attend WWDC 2014. The title of the presentation was “Enriching the iOS SDK”. Feel free to check out the video below and hit the “Like” button if you like it.

Greg Duncan06/12/14
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C++ a Little Overkill for Your Next Great Windows App? Check out AppStudio!

Building applications isn’t easy, especially if you are not a developer and do not know how to. To help boost the number of apps on its ecosystem, Microsoft has provided a very way to build applications that can target Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Anders Abel06/12/14
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NDC 2014 Highlights

Last week, I was in beautiful Oslo in Norway most of the week for NDC 2014. It was a great conference and I’d like to point out a few highlights.

Greg Duncan06/12/14
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dotPeek Introduces Process Explorer, Decompile Running .Net apps, in v1.2 EAP

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into a process running on your machine? We have. That’s the reason why the new dotPeek 1.2 EAP build introduces Process Explorer.

Greg Duncan06/12/14
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VS 2012, VS 2013 and .NET Framework Doc's for Offline Installs

This download includes an ISO image file of the Visual Studio and .NET Framework documentation—overviews, how-to articles, API reference pages, sample code, and more—to help you in your development efforts

Dennis Doomen06/12/14
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QCon New York Day 1: Micro-services, Team Latency and the Lean Enterprise

So now that I've got the unofficial part of this trip behind me and I managed to get through a very in-depth full day workshop on reactive extensions in JavaScript with my limited JavaScript experience, it is time for the main part of the conference.

Diganta Kumar06/07/14
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How to Improve SEO for a SPA Using a .NET Back-End?

When Google and other search engines index websites, they don’t execute JavaScript. This seems to put Single Page Application (SPA) — many of which rely on JavaScript — at a tremendous disadvantage compared to a traditional website.

Greg Duncan06/04/14
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Not Your Usual Succinctly Book: "Neural Networks using C# Succinctly"

I wrote a new book titled “Neural Networks using C# Succinctly”. It was published this week. There are many existing books on neural networks but no good ones (in my opinion) that focus on how to create neural networks from a software developer’s point of view.

Greg Duncan06/04/14
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My ASP.NET MVC, How You've Rev'd

ASP.NET MVC is a web application development framework built on top of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. ASP.NET MVC framework is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework that is integrated with existing ASP.NET features.

Gil Fink06/04/14
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NDC Oslo TypeScript Session Slide Deck and Demos

I had the pleasure of delivering a TypeScript session today in NDC Oslo. In the session, I introduced the TypeScript language and talked about language features and how to use them.

Greg Duncan06/03/14
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Ook! The Visual Studio 2013 SDK Sample (and more)

I'm sure you saw my Coding4Fun Blog post today? The one where I highlight the just released Visual Studio 2013 SDK samples? Oh wait, grrrr... maybe you didn't since just found out I screwed up the schedule for it (7/2, 6/2, so close yet so far apart) doh! Well it's live now at least!

Jonas Gauffin06/03/14
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Easy and Performant Client/Server Communication with protobuf-net & Griffin.Framework

ProtoBuf is Googles open serialization format which can be used to serialize objects in a standardized way. With it, different platforms can communicate with a format that is much more efficient than XML. Combine the most popular implementation if it, protobuf-net, with Griffin.Framework and you get an easy and fast way of sending information between processes.

Greg Duncan06/03/14
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Visual Studio "14" CTP 1 Now Available

Today, we are making available a first community technology preview of the next version of Visual Studio, codenamed Visual Studio “14”. This early build is focused on enabling feedback and testing from the Visual Studio community.

Imran Baloch05/29/14
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A sample of Onion Architecture with ASP.NET Identity

I was working on a new ASP.NET web application. In this application, I was trying to use Onion Architecture. The application was also using ASP.NET Identity 2.0. Our goal was to create application that will easily replace(if required) the ASP.NET Identity system with any other Identity system or ASP.NET Identity Entity Framework store with any other Identity store without changing anything in our web application.

Jeremy Likness05/29/14
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An Introduction to Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser WinJs

You should note that I passed plain JSON to the list binding option. I do not bind directly to the object, but instead bind to the exposed dataSource property. As you can see, it was very straightforward to wire up a fluid user experience with selection, animated feedback and scrolling.

Sasha Goldshtein05/29/14
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iOS File Association, Preview, and Open In… with Xamarin

Many mobile apps need the ability to preview files — email attachments, web links, cloud photos, and other assets. Some apps even need the ability to open and handle files themselves.

Lohith Nagaraj05/27/14
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Announcing “WebEd14″ – A Premiere ASP.NET Focused Event by BDotNet

You would have heard of BDotNet if you are in Bangalore & you are a .NET developer. If you have not come across BDotNet let me tell you something about BDotNet. BDotNet stands for Bangalore .NET User Group.

John Sonmez05/26/14
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Get Up And Code 055: Staying Active With Troy Hunt

In this episode I got a chance to talk to Troy Hunt, way on the other side of the world. Troy had some great perspectives on staying in shape and living a healthy active lifestyle.