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Greg Duncan03/20/14
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Do you LOB? Want to Shape the Future of Visual Studio? Got 30 Minutes?

We’re looking to speak with companies that are building internal, enterprise, LOB applications. If you can spare just 30 minutes to help us shape the future of Visual Studio, we’d like to get insights into what you’re doing today and what you’re company is planning for the future.

Marco Siccardi03/19/14
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How to Build a Button Based Windows Phone Pivot Header with Telerik RadImageButtons

In my recent project Voices Admin for Windows Phone, I used again a Pivot to display various data on different pages. I truly love this control (also with its glitches that happen sometimes), but I wanted a different design for the headers.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/19/14
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Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact (6)–Entity Framework Reverse POCO Code First Generator

The Entity Framework Reverse POCO Code First Generator is a customizable T4 template, that reverse engineers an existing database and generates Entity Framework Code First POCO classes, Configuration mappings and DbContext It is available directly in Visual Studio via the Tools, Extensions and Updates menu item.

Sasha Goldshtein03/18/14
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“Attacking Web Applications” at O’Reilly Fluent

I’ve just finished my presentation “Attacking Web Applications” at O’Reilly Fluent, a web developers’ conference in San Francisco. I’ve really enjoyed the conference atmosphere and had some great conversations. If you were at my talk, thanks a lot for coming! (I’d also really appreciate it if you rate the session and provide any feedback in the comments.)

Lohith Nagaraj03/18/14
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REBOOT – Cloud Camp by Community for Community

Reboot is the first ever full day community driven multi city, multi-track event happening in Namma Bengaluru. Reboot will witness great line up of speakers from different parts of India who are great community leaders, helping grow and shape the technical communities in their respective cities.

Gil Fink03/17/14
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New Speaking Engagement – NDC Oslo 2014

Yesterday I got a notification from NDC Oslo 2014 organizers that I was accepted as a speaker. I’m really excited since it is going to be my first visit to Norway and the first time in NDC conference.

Greg Duncan03/17/14
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"Windows Phone 8 Succinctly - The Practical Approach to Windows Phone 8 Development" eBook (Reg-ware)

The Windows Phone 8 operating system is closely tied to the hardware of Windows Phones, enabling the development of high-performance apps that provide excellent user experiences.

Marco Siccardi03/16/14
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Detect and remove Emoticons from Text on Windows Phone

In my recent project, I work with a lot of text that get’s its value from user input. To enable the best possible experience for my users, I choose the InputScope Text on all TextBoxes, because it provides the word suggestions while writing.

Greg Duncan03/16/14
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Bing it From VS - The Web Search Visual Studio Extension

Visual Studio provides one of the most powerful IDEs on the market. And it also allows us to extend the functionalities too.

Greg Duncan03/16/14
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Another LOB at You: Another Chance for Dev's and IT'ers to Chime in on Using VS to build LOB App's

Another chance (well likely the same chaace, but different email address) for you to chime in on using Visual Studio to build LOB app's and the problems you face (... cough like deployment problems you might now be having with VS 2012/2013 since the Package and Deployment Projects are gone... cough...).

Yunus Emre Keskin03/16/14
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Code Documentation in .Net Projects

Whether you are developing personal or enterprise applications, you must document from the smallest unit (methods) to the largest unit (libraries, modules, layers, etc.) of existing code. Preparing this document is an important factor in the adaptation of software engineers’ and projects’ future.

Yunus Emre Keskin03/15/14
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Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET (Mail Notification)

In my article,I’ll talk about Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET which is quite a popular library for scheduled task (CRON with the name in unix) and do a great sample project using this library

Ravi Kiran03/15/14
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A Closer Look at the Identity Client Implementation in SPA Template

Sometime back, we took a look at the identity system in ASP.NET and its support for both local and remote accounts. In this post, we will take a closer look at the way it is used in the Single Page Application template that comes with Visual Studio 2013.

Michael Crump03/14/14
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How to Share Your Windows Phone 8 Screen Over the Internet Using Nokia Beamer

This video walks you through step-by-step on how to share your Windows Phone 8 Screen over the Internet. The only requirements are that you are using a Nokia Device and the Nokia Black update is installed.

Jonas Gauffin03/14/14
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The Danger of Entity Framework

I introduced Entity Framework (Code first) to my team in the beginning of this week. The other devs have not used it before, but as they are a Microsoft focused shop it was the only option other than ADO.NET. EF is a great tool but yet again I’ve got an example of how it blinds developers. It’s not just a Entity Framework problem, but ORMs in general.

Sony Arouje03/13/14
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nginx and Elasticsearch in Windows

The system I was working might need more than one Elasticsearch node configured as Master or Load balancer. I wanted to come up with a logic to connect to a different node in case of node failure.

Dror Helper03/13/14
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Book Review: Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development

I’m always looking for ways to learn more about unit testing and TDD, I was elbow deep in a C++ project and I was looking to learn more about the tools & tricks of TDD in the unforgiving C++ world when this book was published and so I’ve started reading it.

Rob Sanders03/12/14
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Update: Entity Framework Generic Data Access

Hello and apologies for the long delay between articles, I am now returning to the Entity framework. Following on from the previous article (Entity Validation) I’m back to review the latest edition of the generic data access class.

Filip Ekberg03/12/14
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Reliable and Fast Applications by Introducing Parallel and Async

In this breakfast event that I spoke at which my employer Readify organizes, I talked about Parallel and Asynchronous applications. The idea here is to talk about what makes an application fast and reliable.

Greg Duncan03/11/14
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"Location Intelligence for Windows Store" - The Free eBook

Location Intelligence has been one of the fastest growing industries in recent years and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Seventy to eighty percent of all business data has some sort of geospatial context. Many companies want to make use of this data however most of them do not know where to start. Many of these same companies are planning to create Windows Store apps.

Gil Fink03/11/14
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New Article – Build End-to-End Apps with TypeScript

A few months ago I delivered a “Build End-to-End Apps with TypeScript” session in DevConnections 2013 conference.

Sasha Goldshtein03/10/14
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Back to Basics: Regular Expressions and Formal Languages

Regular expressions are a very powerful tool to have on your toolbelt. They have an arcane syntax and often end up looking like a random stream of characters, but they can save you a lot of time parsing and interpreting text.

Greg Duncan03/10/14
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A Windows 8.1 C# Code Snip Sheet, Vol 1

After a long experience with new developer students, I have seen some are thirsty for verybasic codes to startup their first apps. Some spend hours on search engines to find the codes they need from open source websites, and from professional point of view, being familiar with search engines is a great talent to have, while other fresh students are still not familiar and may give up from first time.

Greg Duncan03/09/14
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Visit the MIT OpenCourseWare eBook Shelf

More free books! On its blog, Open Matters, MIT OpenCourseWare shares a long list of materials on its OCW Bookshelf. This would be one to both explore now and note for future reference.

Greg Duncan03/09/14
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XNA for VS 2013? Yes, You Can

Nice to see this continue to get interest and that the VS2013 support is now available too. Say it with me, "XNA Lives!"