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Greg Duncan03/30/14
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"What is Open Source" - the LEGO Movie

If you're having a problem getting the idea of open source across, there's nothing like a fun video to help... and hey, it's LEGO's!

Gunnar Peipman03/27/14
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Speaking at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, Sofia

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaker at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at Sofia, Bulgaria this year. I have two real-life based presentations there (you know well I don’t like those hello-world-presentations) and I have some valuable field information plus real-life code to share with you. Here’s few words about my presentations.

Filip Ekberg03/27/14
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Xamarin Introduction

Do you struggle with cross-platform development? Should we just use html and JavaScript? Should we write once for every platform? Enough with that. Come along and get an introduction to Xamarin’s unique approach on how to solve the headaches of cross-platform development.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/26/14
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Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact (7) –New features and fixes in version 6.1

Entity Framework 6.1 is now available on NuGet, and this blog post by Rowan Miller, Program Manager for the Entity Framework team, covers the major new features in this release. Most of the new features are also applicable to SQL Server Compact users, for example Code First Model from Database in the EDM Wizard, which is also available with SQL Server Compact if the latest SQL Server Compact Toolbox version is installed.

Greg Duncan03/26/14
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Business Users Building for Windows 8.1 with Project Siena Beta 2

This would be AWESOME if there was an internal business store, where my users could create internal app's with this and publish them. Find out more about the Project Siena plans in this article.

Greg Duncan03/26/14
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OneNote Dev isn't Dead by a Long Shot

One of the core principles we have on our team is customer transparency. We understand that you are trusting us and taking a bet on our platform when you use our API.

Greg Duncan03/25/14
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"Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET" Free Web eBook

With this digital Early Release edition of Programming JavaScript Applications, you get the entire book bundle in its earliest form—the author's raw and unedited content—so you can take advantage of this content long before the book's official release. You'll also receive updates when significant changes are made, as well as the final ebook version.

Marco Siccardi03/24/14
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How to Create a Time Based & Cancelable BackgroundWorker for Windows Phone (and Others)

While working on my current project, I needed a solution for a running code with a time offset. Well, you might say, no problem after all, and it is true. The challenge at this point was to find a way to keep it cancelable at any time. And so the fun started.

Greg Duncan03/24/14
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MEF'ing With WP8

Microsoft’s Managed Extensibility Framework is somewhat of an unsung hero in the .Net world in my opinion. The framework itself is insanely powerful and magical but when you combine it with other patterns and frameworks like MVVM it becomes pure sorcery.

Rob Galanakis03/23/14
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Introducing Host The Docs

Host the Docs is a simple way to host static code documentation. Its main use is as a self-hosted server for your organization’s private documentation. Better alternatives are available for open source projects, such as Read the Docs or Github Pages.

Anders Abel03/23/14
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Speaking at NDC 2014

I’m honoured to have two sessions approved for NDC 2014 in Oslo in June. I’ll be talking on “Strangling the Legacy out of an Application” and “Using the Scrum Rules Against your Boss”.

Marco Siccardi03/22/14
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AppAdditives PromotionalCodes, Telerik Trial Reminder and How to Let Users Unlock the Full App on Windows Phone

I love it when I am discovering new awesome stuff to provide a unique User Experience in my apps. AppAdditives by ExGrip LLC are the newest tools I felt in love with.

Chip Bates03/22/14
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Data Security and Securing Your Emotions

I was reading an article in the NY Times about the resignation of Target’s CIO due to the massive data breach that was made public back in December. This is a big hammer to drop at Target and probably one of many others that will not be publically announced. I began to wonder about how human nature and hubris affect decisions regarding data security.

Greg Duncan03/21/14
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Feel That Code Regions are the Devil's Work? Exorcise them with Regionator for VS2012

Regionator - removes (with vengeance) all the regions from your source with a simple click or keyboard shortcut (default Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K). Regions often hide code that should be open, organized and readable; other times they simply get in the way with unnecessary grouping that sometimes scross scopes.

Greg Duncan03/21/14
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Going Gaga for Google APIs Client Library for .NET (Because it's Gone GA)

I've been using their .Net Library for the better part of a decade, but it wasn't as uber (i.e. as Google API wide) as this one. Anyway... Good to seem them push this forward and give it some love (kind of/mostly, but better this then dead I guess!).

John Sonmez03/20/14
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The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts

After scouring the internet for a good, updated list of developer podcasts, I have come up empty. It seems that the best list is an old closed Stack Overflow question which is far out of date. The second and third results are also pretty old and stale.

Greg Duncan03/20/14
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Do you LOB? Want to Shape the Future of Visual Studio? Got 30 Minutes?

We’re looking to speak with companies that are building internal, enterprise, LOB applications. If you can spare just 30 minutes to help us shape the future of Visual Studio, we’d like to get insights into what you’re doing today and what you’re company is planning for the future.

Marco Siccardi03/19/14
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How to Build a Button Based Windows Phone Pivot Header with Telerik RadImageButtons

In my recent project Voices Admin for Windows Phone, I used again a Pivot to display various data on different pages. I truly love this control (also with its glitches that happen sometimes), but I wanted a different design for the headers.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/19/14
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Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact (6)–Entity Framework Reverse POCO Code First Generator

The Entity Framework Reverse POCO Code First Generator is a customizable T4 template, that reverse engineers an existing database and generates Entity Framework Code First POCO classes, Configuration mappings and DbContext It is available directly in Visual Studio via the Tools, Extensions and Updates menu item.

Sasha Goldshtein03/18/14
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“Attacking Web Applications” at O’Reilly Fluent

I’ve just finished my presentation “Attacking Web Applications” at O’Reilly Fluent, a web developers’ conference in San Francisco. I’ve really enjoyed the conference atmosphere and had some great conversations. If you were at my talk, thanks a lot for coming! (I’d also really appreciate it if you rate the session and provide any feedback in the comments.)

Lohith Nagaraj03/18/14
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REBOOT – Cloud Camp by Community for Community

Reboot is the first ever full day community driven multi city, multi-track event happening in Namma Bengaluru. Reboot will witness great line up of speakers from different parts of India who are great community leaders, helping grow and shape the technical communities in their respective cities.

Gil Fink03/17/14
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New Speaking Engagement – NDC Oslo 2014

Yesterday I got a notification from NDC Oslo 2014 organizers that I was accepted as a speaker. I’m really excited since it is going to be my first visit to Norway and the first time in NDC conference.

Greg Duncan03/17/14
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"Windows Phone 8 Succinctly - The Practical Approach to Windows Phone 8 Development" eBook (Reg-ware)

The Windows Phone 8 operating system is closely tied to the hardware of Windows Phones, enabling the development of high-performance apps that provide excellent user experiences.

Marco Siccardi03/16/14
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Detect and remove Emoticons from Text on Windows Phone

In my recent project, I work with a lot of text that get’s its value from user input. To enable the best possible experience for my users, I choose the InputScope Text on all TextBoxes, because it provides the word suggestions while writing.

Greg Duncan03/16/14
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Bing it From VS - The Web Search Visual Studio Extension

Visual Studio provides one of the most powerful IDEs on the market. And it also allows us to extend the functionalities too.