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Michael Georgiou12/17/12
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WCF Service Application Documentation 2012

Using WCF, you can send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another.

Daniel Mohl12/17/12
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Using the New ASP.NET MVC 4 Template in MonoDevelop

In his last post, Daniel Mohl showed an example of an ASP.NET MVC 4 application built in MonoDevelop. Since that time, an ASP.NET MVC 4 project template has been created for MonoDevelop that makes it very easy to create a similar app.

Mike Hadlow12/16/12
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WebRequest Throws On 404 Status Code

WebRequest, or rather HttpWebRequest has the annoying behaviour or throwing a WebException when the server returns 404 ‘not found’ status, or in fact any unexpected status number.

Greg Duncan12/15/12
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Telerik Talks Wireframes and App Design

Learn more about the importance of creating wireframes before designing your applications, courtesy of Telerik.

Rob Galanakis12/14/12
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Is QA a Good Stepping Stone Into Development?

I’ve always heard that it was difficult to move from QA into development (game design/programming/art/production). I thought this was smart- QA people should be there to be QA people, not doing a job only because they hope it would lead to something else.

Rob Sanders12/14/12
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Building a Claims Aware Environment using ADFS 2.0 and WCF

This is going to be a multi-part series of articles with the end goal of producing a solution which handles security/identity claims across domain boundaries using WCF services and Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (with a federation trust) and Active Directory.

Jon Antoine12/13/12
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Windows 8 XAML Video Player: Easy Globalization / Translations

Now that you can easily stream videos from Azure’s blobs, you may want to translate the strings used in the player Framework. Here is how.

G. Andrew Duthie12/12/12
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Building Back-end Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps: ASP.NET Web API

In this post, G. Andrew Duthie is going to show you how he can implement a leaderboard service using a relatively new member of the ASP.NET stack, Web API.

Greg Duncan12/11/12
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Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 ALM VM and HOL - Demo Scripts Now Available

For anybody looking for training on the Microsoft Application Lifecycle tools one of the absolute best resources is Brian Keller’s ALM virtual machine. Full details about the virtual machine can be found here.

G. Andrew Duthie12/10/12
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Free 2-day Training: Windows Store App Dev for iOS Developers

Join the Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft for this free, two-day training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen12/09/12
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SQL Server Compact Merge Replication Library Alpha Released

This library simplifies the code and configuration to do Merge Replication from a SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 desktop client, with a number of useful helper methods.

Toni Petrina12/08/12
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I Wish That C# Didn’t Throw When Iterating Over a Null Collection

Toni Petrina explains how to iterate through a collection that can potentially be null from the very beginning.

Den D.12/07/12
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Visual Studio Achievements for Windows 8 in Private Beta – Ask To Join

Gamification in Visual Studio is here, with Visual Studio Achievements. Are you developing for Windows 8 and want to try the new achievements? Ping Karsten!

Greg Duncan12/07/12
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Hit Highlighting and Summarization with SQL Server Full Text Indexing/Searching

The ThinkHighlight add-in is implemented as a single SQLCLR assembly that exposes a pair of UDFs, HitHighlightContext and HitHighlight. The first UDF prepares a context. You only have to do this once per query, so this appears to be a nice optimization.

Filip Ekberg12/06/12
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Questions for a Software Engineer

Filip Ekberg answers some of the questions asked about the career of a software developer, related to his own experiences.

Michael Ceranski12/05/12
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A Neat Way to Set the Cursor in WPF

Michael Ceranski talks about a less known way of changing the application cursor used in a WPF application.

Greg Duncan12/04/12
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Visual Studio 2012 Image Library - 5,000+ Images Downloadable Now

The Visual Studio Image Library contains application images that appear in Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows, the Office system and other Microsoft software.

Alexander Beletsky12/03/12
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Retrospective of Trackyt.net or Best Project I Ever Accomplished

Alexander Beletsky talks about the lessons he learned from building the Trackyt.net project, including the tools and practices he applied.

Mike Hadlow12/02/12
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Using BlockingCollection To Communicate Between Threads

BlockingCollection is a class in the new System.Collections.Concurrent namespace that arrived with .NET 4.0. It contains a ConcurrentQueue, although you can swap this for a ConcurrentStack or a ConcurrentBag if you want.

Juri Strumpflohner12/01/12
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HowTo: Subscribe to Failed TFS Builds

When you use a build server it is a must to get notified in case of build failures. Microsoft’s Team Foundation server has different possibilities to achieve this: using the Build Notification Tool or through so-called Alerts.

Den D.11/30/12
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Leveraging Windows Azure Mobile Services Data for the WOWZAPP Windows 8 App

Den Delimarsky explains how Windows Azure Mobile Services were used in the WOWZAPP Windows 8 app to store the event data.

Greg Duncan11/30/12
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Branching Guidance in a VSIX Box

It is not simple to implement a consistent branching model, that complies with the VS TFS Branching and Merging Guide. Ultimately you would want support for this inside Visual Studio.

Senthil Kumar11/29/12
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DebuggerDisplay Attribute in C#

The DebuggerDisplay is useful to quickly view the customized output of a class which in turn can display more meangful text during debugging.

Toni Petrina11/28/12
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Extending Team Explorer 2012 – Introduction [0 of N]

This blog post is the first part in the series that aims to explain how to extend Team Explorer UI. Since there is no official documentation available yet, some information you find here might be redundant, obsolete or simply not considered as “best practice”.

John Sonmez11/27/12
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You’re Only a Beginner Once

Many of those developers who had significant experience in another field, but then switched to software development, very quickly acquired the skills required to become successful in software development.