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Mike Hadlow12/02/12
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Using BlockingCollection To Communicate Between Threads

BlockingCollection is a class in the new System.Collections.Concurrent namespace that arrived with .NET 4.0. It contains a ConcurrentQueue, although you can swap this for a ConcurrentStack or a ConcurrentBag if you want.

Juri Strumpflohner12/01/12
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HowTo: Subscribe to Failed TFS Builds

When you use a build server it is a must to get notified in case of build failures. Microsoft’s Team Foundation server has different possibilities to achieve this: using the Build Notification Tool or through so-called Alerts.

Den D.11/30/12
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Leveraging Windows Azure Mobile Services Data for the WOWZAPP Windows 8 App

Den Delimarsky explains how Windows Azure Mobile Services were used in the WOWZAPP Windows 8 app to store the event data.

Greg Duncan11/30/12
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Branching Guidance in a VSIX Box

It is not simple to implement a consistent branching model, that complies with the VS TFS Branching and Merging Guide. Ultimately you would want support for this inside Visual Studio.

Senthil Kumar11/29/12
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DebuggerDisplay Attribute in C#

The DebuggerDisplay is useful to quickly view the customized output of a class which in turn can display more meangful text during debugging.

Toni Petrina11/28/12
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Extending Team Explorer 2012 – Introduction [0 of N]

This blog post is the first part in the series that aims to explain how to extend Team Explorer UI. Since there is no official documentation available yet, some information you find here might be redundant, obsolete or simply not considered as “best practice”.

John Sonmez11/27/12
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You’re Only a Beginner Once

Many of those developers who had significant experience in another field, but then switched to software development, very quickly acquired the skills required to become successful in software development.

Greg Duncan11/26/12
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Book Review - What's New in SQL Server 2012

"What's New in SQL Server 2012" is not the end all, be all for getting up to speed on SQL Server 2012. But this book is a perfect onramp into knowing what you don't know about what's new in SQL Server 2012.

Rob Sanders11/25/12
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Thread Management in C#

Long before Microsoft .NET 4.5 was a reality, in the days when asynch programming was not a given, Rob developed a bit of a concurrency wrapper implementation which has been used on a variety of projects.

Greg Duncan11/24/12
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"Go To Definition" A Click Away With A Visual Studio Extension

If you have ever used Intellij Idea you might have noticed one useful feature of that IDE - you can press middle button on your mouse and that would lead you to the defenition, as if you pressed F12 in Visual Studio. Here is an extension, which allows you to do so in Visual Studio.

Den D.11/23/12
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Creating a Hub Experience in a Windows Store Application

Windows Store applications focus on a variety of content, and a part of presenting the content itself is organizing it in a good way on the main application page. Den explains how to build a simple dashboard in a Windows 8 application.

Anders Abel11/23/12
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[Flags] on Enums Make ToString() Smart

Putting the [Flags] attribute on an enum changes ToStrings behaviour. It generates a comma separated list.

Juri Strumpflohner11/22/12
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Lessions Learned: Don't Expose EF Entities to the Client Directly

When we refactored our main application architecture, one of our main goals was to keep things as simple as possible. We also learned that we should not expose EF entities directly to the client, and here is why.

Senthil Kumar11/21/12
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5 Good and useful .NET Profilers

Senthil Kumar documents the 5 most popular profilers for .NET developers. In software engineering, profiling is a form of dynamic program analysis that measures space (memory) or time complexity of a program, the usage of particular instructions, or frequency and duration of function calls.

Merrick Chaffer11/20/12
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WCF: The Underlying Connection Was Closed Unexpectedly

Merrick Chaffer shows how to solve one of the most common issues that might happen when developing a WCF service.

Greg Duncan11/19/12
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Enlightenment to Adaptation for the Portable Class Library

Portable Class Libraries enable you to create a single binary that runs on several (.NET) platforms. Unfortunately, it uses the "least common denominator" approach, which means your PCL is greatly constrained in what it can do.

Greg Duncan11/18/12
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Productivity Power Tools November 2012 Release

A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

Joel Cochran11/17/12
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CORS, AJAX, and POST data in Web API

Joel Cochran talks about the adventures of building systems on top of Web API by using CORS, AJAX, and POST data.

Den D.11/16/12
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Drawing 3D Helper Axes in XNA

Den Delimarsky shows how to integrate helper XYZ axes in an XNA game, both on Windows and Windows Phone.

Greg Duncan11/16/12
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Getting a Handle On Time with Noda Time

Joda Time is the industry standard date and time handling library for Java. Noda Time is an idiomatic port to the .NET platform.

Greg Duncan11/15/12
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Windows 8 Gestures Guide Released

This downloadable guide to the basic touch gestures available within Windows 8 from Official Windows Magazine can be a nice handout to give to end users not familiar with the conventions used for touch on Windows-based devices.

James Roper11/15/12
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Comments Complement Code

Comments complement code. Good code does not negate the need of comments. Good code includes comments where comments are needed.

Paul Hammant11/14/12
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Testability and Cost of Change

Google, by my reckoning, had an incredibly low cost-of-change engineering setup. They achieved this by having an incredible build infrastructure, a hard-core focus of development best practices, and a rabid code approval rule-set than meant that all devs became better all the time.

Alexander Beletsky11/14/12
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ELMAH.MVC 2.0.2 is out

ELMAH MVC 2.0.2 has been just pushed recently. This is a contribution by James Crowley which adds a special configuration key that prevents ELMAH.MVC to setup a global HandleErrorAttribute().

Jurgen Appelo11/13/12
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6 Rules for Employee Rewards & Extrinsic Motivation

These six rules for rewards give you the best chance at increasing people’s performance and engagement, while encouraging intrinsic motivation instead of destroying it. In my experience, an incidental compliment during a meeting for a job well done satisfies all six criteria.