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Gunnar Peipman10/20/12
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Generating Radial Indicator Images Using C#

In one of my projects I needed to draw radial indicators for processes measured in percent. I solved the problem by creating images in C# and saving them on server hard disc so if image is once generated then it is returned from disc next time.

Anders Abel10/19/12
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Make the DbContext Ambient With UnitOfWorkScope

The Entity Framework DbContext (or LINQ-to-SQL DataContext) are Unit Of Work implementations. That means that the same DbContext should be used for all operations (both reading and writing) within a single web or service request.

Maarten Balliauw10/19/12
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From API Key to User with ASP.NET Web API

Say you wanted to protect your API and make use of the controller’s User property to return user-specific information. You probably will add an [Authorize] attribute (to ensure the user is authenticated) to either the entire API controller or to one of its action methods, like this...

Mikael Koskinen10/18/12
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Callisto Dialog Helpers for Caliburn.Micro WinRT

Callisto is excellent open source UI Control library for the Windows 8 Store apps. Caliburn.Micro is a powerful framework for building Windows Phone, Silverlight and Windows 8 Store apps. These helpers make it easier to combine Caliburn.Micro with the Callisto's dialogs.

Jeremy Likness10/18/12
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So What's Your Take on the Surface?

What do you think about the recent announcements? What are your thoughts on features, specifications, and price points? How about all of the other manufacturers releasing their line of Windows 8 products?

Ayende Rahien10/18/12
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Multi-Threaded Design Guidelines for Libraries

There are vastly different rules for multi-threaded design with frameworks and libraries. In general, frameworks manage their own threads, and will let your code use one of their threads. On the other hands, libraries will use your own threads.

David Shepherd10/18/12
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Search It Sando Style - C#, C, and C++ Code Search Plugin for VS 2010

  If you're going to search, please do it with style.When fixing bugs most software developers start with a search.  I know.  I've watched them. They read the bug report, reproduce the problem (sometimes), and then search for relevant code. This is...

Eric Genesky10/17/12
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A New Suite of Dev Tools for Windows 8 and VS 2012 from Telerik

Today, Telerik announced the release of a suite of tools for use with its software application, lifescycle, and content management solutions.

G. Andrew Duthie10/17/12
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Microsoft DevRadio: Using Blend to Help Design Your Windows 8 Apps (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the Using Blend for Windows 8 apps series, Andrew Duthie and Kirupa Chinnathambi take a deep dive into how you can use Blend to easily design your Windows 8 apps for various devices.

Rodrigo De Castro10/17/12
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Software is the Art of Beautiful Solutions

The problem lies in environments where software is viewed only as a tool, where achieving a result is more important than anything else -- even if that result is totally shortsighted.

Christophe Geers10/17/12
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A Single-Page App with Knockout.js, Part 3

The next logical step after enabling users to add timesheets is to allow them to edit the new records. Time to implement some update functionality.

Filip Ekberg10/16/12
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Dealing with Code Complexity

Last week I discussed how we could join new projects efficiently. This week, we're going to see how we can actually find complex code in our applications.

Justin Bozonier10/16/12
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Breaking Up with IoC Containers

I've stopped using or caring about IoC containers. I used to use them because they were so quick and easy and they kept my code looking pristine and beautiful. Now I do manual dependency injection and the results on non-trivial systems are very interesting and look even more beautiful.

Greg Duncan10/16/12
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Get Mentally Unbound With "XAML Binding Basics 101"

XAML is a declarative UI language; it's most powerful feature is surely data binding. But with such power comes a lot of things to know. Let’s take a minute to step back, smell the roses, and build out some simple bindings.

Michael Georgiou10/15/12
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Verifying Visual C++ Redistributable Files in Custom .NET Applications

This article will be a landing page for developers looking for methods to verify the VCR’s (Visual C++ Redistributable files) in their custom .net application starting with VCR 8 up to VCR10.  

Den D.10/15/12
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Using The Windows 7/8 Taskbar Progress Indicator Outside The WPF Stack

Den Delimarsky shows how it is possible to integrate a progress indicator with the Windows 7/8 taskbar in the Desktop shell.

Robert Maclean10/15/12
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Windows Store App Development: In-App Feedback Links

Robert Maclean explains how to better integrate feedback information retrieval in Windows Store apps, including dispatching specific views through the Settings charm.

Mike Hadlow10/15/12
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A Functional IoC Container

I’d had a go at implementing a functional IoC container, but soon got bogged down in a tangled mess of spaghetti reflection code and gave it up as too much bother. But the C# type system is powerful enough to do all the work for us.

Nick Watts10/15/12
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How to Handle Heavily Nested XML Tags with XSLT

The issue that was tripping me up involved transforming heavily nested tags in my source XML file. Here's how I fixed it.

Greg Duncan10/14/12
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proprt - A C# Snippet To Speed Up Writing Windows 8/MVVM Properties

Visual Studio provides a bunch of good code snippets for creating boilerplate code. For example if you type “prop” you get the ability to create a property harness. Here is how that extends.

Christophe Geers10/14/12
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A Single-Page App with Knockout.js: Part 2

Let’s proceed with the next step in our little CRUD application and add support for creating new timesheets.

Anoop Madhusudanan10/14/12
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The Problem with Being Passionate about Technologies

I believe in being a passionate developer, and I appreciate having passionate people on my team and around me. The real problem is being subjective about something just because you are passionate about the same.

Senthil Kumar10/13/12
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How to Log Off Windows Programmatically Using C#

A simple program that lets you log off Windows programmatically using C#.

Greg Duncan10/12/12
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10 Tips To Avoid The Typical Windows 8 Design Traps

The launch of Windows 8 on 26 October will provide an exciting new platform for designers and developers. Brent Schooley introduces the key things you need to know to start creating Windows 8 applications

Toni Petrina10/12/12
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Why You Should (Almost) Never Write Void Asynchronous Methods

I came across this interesting post by Christian Jacobsen in which he says that simple refactoring can introduce serious bugs in async code. His example can teach us something.