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Greg Duncan09/03/12
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Primer for Task Parallel Library- Task Parallel Dataflow

TDF provides high-level abstractions in the form of generic code blocks that generate and schedule the needed Task objects to handle simple to complex data flows.

Dennis Doomen09/03/12
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Asserting Object Graph Equivalence Using Fluent Assertions 2.0

Dennis Doomen explains the details behind the new extension methods for asserting that two object graphs are equivalent. These new extension methods are going to supersede the old ShouldHave() method in a next major version.

Ayobami Adewole09/01/12
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TDD Made Easy With NCrunch

Testing your code as you write them is more important than fixing bugs after you have deployed the application. And TDD can be real fun when you have the right tools to assist you, NCrunch being one of those.

Greg Duncan09/01/12
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Using .NET Assist's Quick Stopwatch

Often you need a quick way to time a function or block of code. In early versions of the .NET Framework you had to write some cumbersome code that relied on the DateTime object. Now, there are several more optimal alternatives to that.

Anders Abel08/30/12
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Keep Public Interfaces Away From Children

It is natural to think of the public methods and properties of a class making up the public interface of the class. When implementing a class that is meant to be derived there is also another interface – the one meant for child classes.

Ayende Rahien08/29/12
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NuGet Performance Problems: Part I

It appears that NuGet has some performance problems and Jeff Handley posted the problematic queries as well as the new, hand-optimized queries.

Pieter De Rycke08/28/12
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Caching In WCF Services: Part 2 - AppFabric Distributed Cache

You can deploy AppFabric in two ways on your network: on every application server hosting your application or as a separate infrastructure layer independent of your application servers. Read the article to find out how.

Mike Hadlow08/28/12
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Using Git And GitHub In A Microsoft Shop

The team at 15Below have been using Git and GitHub since last September. Although Mike has been using GitHub for open source projects for several years now, this is the first time he worked with it in a largish (20+ developers) team.

Douglas Rathbone08/28/12
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Visual Studio 2012 Web Deployment Projects are Dead – Long Live Publishing Profiles

With the launch of Visual Studio 2012 Microsoft has made the call to no longer support WDP moving forward. This made me sad; but I was just being naive. Visual Studio 2012’s Publishing profiles are even more powerful, and they bring all your old friends along for the ride.

Ricci Gian Maria08/27/12
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Location of Your VSIX Files in Experimental HIVE during Visual Studio Plugin Development

When you are developing Visual Studio plugin, your project is usually configured to launch a special instance of Visual Studio under the Visual Studio debugger (excellent example of dogfooding), this special instance is called experimental HIVE.

Prashant Khandelwal08/27/12
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Attribute Routing In MVC

Prashant Khandelwal shows how easy it is to implement routing in your MVC application. He also showcases the AttributeRouting NuGet package.

Dennis Doomen08/27/12
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Breaking With The Past - Fluent Assertions 2.0 Is In Beta

After many months of development, in particular during in evenings after work and in the weekends, we’re proud to present the first (and hopefully the only) beta of Fluent Assertions 2.0.

Greg Duncan08/26/12
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C# Yellow Book 2012 Released

The latest version of the C# Yellow Book is now available for free download. It is used by the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hull as the basis of the First Year programming course.

Jalpesh Vadgama08/25/12
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Func Delegate in C#

A Func delegate encapsulates a method that has one parameter and returns a value of the type specified by the TResult parameter. Jalpesh shows how you can use it in your application.

Jeremy Likness08/25/12
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Using OData in Windows 8 Apps for Windows 8 RTM

Jeremy Likness shows how to leverage OData services in Windows 8 applications, on the case of Netflix as the base service.

Gunnar Peipman08/24/12
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Hosting WCF Services In A Windows Service

Not many developers know that they can actually tie together WCF and Windows services. Gunnar describes one of the ways to do it.

Greg Duncan08/24/12
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Missing Macros In Visual Studio 2012? Convert Them To AddIns.

Visual Studio 2012 is really faster than 2010, this is due to an excellent work of the team to maximize performance and because in this release some of the older and less used part of the IDE were removed.

Douglas Rathbone08/24/12
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Up Log Creek Without a Paddle – Part 1: Windows Audit Logs

When bad things happen to either your website or your server you’re usually faced with a situation that either makes or breaks you. Much like having a good backup and restore plan, being able to filter and scan log files for what you need to help draw conclusions on how a situation occurred or by whom it was conducted, is an important part of your security plan.

Douglas Rathbone08/24/12
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Up Log Creek Without a Paddle – Part 2: IIS Log File Investigations

When it comes to reviewing visitor site usage, server bandwidth usage, or forensic security investigations; IIS log files often hold the answers. Here is how to take advantage of those.

Gunnar Peipman08/24/12
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Adding Multiple Data Importers Support To Web Applications

If you are building a web application, you are most likely handling some sort of data. Gunnar explains how you can import and export various data formats in a .NET web app.

John Cook08/23/12
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PowerShell for Developers

Doug Finke’s new book Windows PowerShell for Developers is “for developers” in a couple ways. First, the style of the book is geared toward developers. The book is small, less than 200 pages.

Amir Ahani08/23/12
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Installed Windows Services in C#

The following code checks whether a windows services installed on your machine or not.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen08/22/12
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Getting Started With SQLite In Windows Store / WinRT Apps

Erik Jensen shows how it is possible to work with SQLite in Windows Store/WinRT applications, with small tweaks.

Senthil Kumar08/22/12
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Namespace Alias Qualifier in C#

The Namespace Alias Qualifier in C# lets developers use the alias name instead of the complete namespace name. Here are some quick code samples.

Nick Haslam08/21/12
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Visual Studio 2012 Schema Comparison

Having recently been playing with the newly released Visual Studio 2012, one of the really nice features that I’ve seen is the Database Schema Comparison functionality. If you’d like to follow along with this...