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Greg Duncan06/04/14
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My ASP.NET MVC, How You've Rev'd

ASP.NET MVC is a web application development framework built on top of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. ASP.NET MVC framework is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework that is integrated with existing ASP.NET features.

Gil Fink06/04/14
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NDC Oslo TypeScript Session Slide Deck and Demos

I had the pleasure of delivering a TypeScript session today in NDC Oslo. In the session, I introduced the TypeScript language and talked about language features and how to use them.

Greg Duncan06/03/14
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Ook! The Visual Studio 2013 SDK Sample (and more)

I'm sure you saw my Coding4Fun Blog post today? The one where I highlight the just released Visual Studio 2013 SDK samples? Oh wait, grrrr... maybe you didn't since just found out I screwed up the schedule for it (7/2, 6/2, so close yet so far apart) doh! Well it's live now at least!

Jonas Gauffin06/03/14
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Easy and Performant Client/Server Communication with protobuf-net & Griffin.Framework

ProtoBuf is Googles open serialization format which can be used to serialize objects in a standardized way. With it, different platforms can communicate with a format that is much more efficient than XML. Combine the most popular implementation if it, protobuf-net, with Griffin.Framework and you get an easy and fast way of sending information between processes.

Greg Duncan06/03/14
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Visual Studio "14" CTP 1 Now Available

Today, we are making available a first community technology preview of the next version of Visual Studio, codenamed Visual Studio “14”. This early build is focused on enabling feedback and testing from the Visual Studio community.

Imran Baloch05/29/14
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A sample of Onion Architecture with ASP.NET Identity

I was working on a new ASP.NET web application. In this application, I was trying to use Onion Architecture. The application was also using ASP.NET Identity 2.0. Our goal was to create application that will easily replace(if required) the ASP.NET Identity system with any other Identity system or ASP.NET Identity Entity Framework store with any other Identity store without changing anything in our web application.

Jeremy Likness05/29/14
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An Introduction to Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser WinJs

You should note that I passed plain JSON to the list binding option. I do not bind directly to the object, but instead bind to the exposed dataSource property. As you can see, it was very straightforward to wire up a fluid user experience with selection, animated feedback and scrolling.

Sasha Goldshtein05/29/14
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iOS File Association, Preview, and Open In… with Xamarin

Many mobile apps need the ability to preview files — email attachments, web links, cloud photos, and other assets. Some apps even need the ability to open and handle files themselves.

Lohith Nagaraj05/27/14
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Announcing “WebEd14″ – A Premiere ASP.NET Focused Event by BDotNet

You would have heard of BDotNet if you are in Bangalore & you are a .NET developer. If you have not come across BDotNet let me tell you something about BDotNet. BDotNet stands for Bangalore .NET User Group.

John Sonmez05/26/14
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Get Up And Code 055: Staying Active With Troy Hunt

In this episode I got a chance to talk to Troy Hunt, way on the other side of the world. Troy had some great perspectives on staying in shape and living a healthy active lifestyle.

Michael Crump05/24/14
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My Top 10 Sessions for Developers From TechEd 2014

TechEd is officially over and Telerik was there covering the entire event. Now that we are all back home, it is time to catch up all of the sessions that we missed online. I’ve went through the entire list of developer sessions and hand picked my favorite sessions to share with you.

Merrick Chaffer05/24/14
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How to Determine Event Subscriptions at Runtime

Executing that in the immediate window will spawn you out a list of the attached event handlers to your event at runtime.

Jeremy Likness05/24/14
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Enterprise Typescript

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting for the Linked In .NET Users Group. The topic was TypeScript. My goal was to show how well TypeScript works to solve common problems in the enterprise to tackle it from the perspective of Return on Investment and how it scales teams, improves productivity, increases quality and reduces overhead.

Greg Duncan05/24/14
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Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools 2013 Adds "Syntactic Line Compression"

Today, we’re releasing an update to Productivity Power Tools 2013 on the Visual Studio Gallery. In this release, we fixed a number of customer-reported bugs and issues, and introduced a new feature called syntactic line compression.

Gil Fink05/24/14
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Use The Right Tool for Every Task

Lately I was involved in a few projects and was consulting to a few more. Most of the web developers I met are very confused with what is going today in the web platform.

Greg Duncan05/22/14
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Now That's Classic, Visual Basic [Classic] Tools for Visual Studio

Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio is a language service extension for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 allowing to work on classic Visual Basic projects within Visual Studio.

Joost Van Schaik05/22/14
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Windows Phone Emulator – “Unable to Create a Route Between the Waypoints”

The Windows Phone 8.1 emulator has a beautiful new option: if you want to simulate a route you don’t have to put in a gazillion points anymore, you just input two (or some more if you want specific waypoint), the emulator automatically calculates a route and off you go.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen05/22/14
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Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact (8) – Logging SQL Statements

I previously blogged about how to enable logging of INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements with SQL Server Compact and Entity Framework 4.

Greg Duncan05/22/14
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Visual Studio 2013.3 CTP 1 Released

By releasing periodic updates, we can enhance and expand Visual Studio to support the latest software development innovations for building and managing modern apps. For more information, see Visual Studio Updates and the Visual Studio Update KB Article.

Gunnar Peipman05/11/14
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Speculations on Universal Windows Applications and Beyond

I made introductory presentation about Universal Windows Applications to local Microsoft User Group. In the end of presentation I introduced some of my speculations about the future of Universal Windows Applications. Here’s my thoughts about what happens next.

Tim Murphy05/11/14
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Enhancing Your Model In MVC 5

Simple views in ASP.NET MVC 5 are simple, but once you start getting a lot of conditional content formatting in the view things can get very messy.

Gunnar Peipman05/11/14
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Using OneNote API to Count Degustated Beers

I am heavy OneNote user as OneNote is easybut still powerful application to keep important information and organize it the way I like. Not to mention powerful cloud back-end that makes my OneNote notebooks available for me on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Joost Van Schaik05/06/14
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MovedCheeseException – Where is StorageFolder.TryGetItemAsync in Windows Phone 8.1?

A quickie this time: when I finally started porting WpWinNl over to Windows Phone 8.1 (sorry, I was busy testing, preparing a talk and the Windows Phone Code Battle, so something had to give) and was getting into the nuts and bolts of some of my code I noticed something peculiar. Somewhere in my code the StorageHelper class, that sports this little method.

Greg Duncan05/06/14
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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Released

The .NET Framework 4.5.2 Developer Pack installs the multi-targeting pack for .NET Framework 4.5.2. Developers can build applications targeting the .NET Framework 4.5.2 using either Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012 or third party IDEs. You need to download the web installer instead of this package if you intend to redistribute .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Joost Van Schaik05/06/14
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Writing Behaviors in PCL for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1

I was happily adding Windows Phone 8.1 support to WpWinNl – or actually support for Universal Windows Apps - when I noticed that basically all I was doing was linking files from the Windows 8.1 project – without any changes. Convergence FTW!