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Michael Crump03/08/14
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Setting Up GitHub to Work With Visual Studio 2013 Step-by-Step

I’ll admit that the easier you make something, the more I will use it. While I know enough about the command line to work with Github, I’d much prefer it to be integrated inside my IDE. In this tutorial, I’ll show you just how to do that using Visual Studio 2013.

Greg Duncan03/08/14
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Here's Your Shortcut to the Windows Phone Emulator Shortcut Keys

When working a lot on Windows Phone Emulator, it is sometime easy to use the computer keyboard to perform some specific tasks instead of tapping onscreen display on the Emulator.

Dror Helper03/07/14
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call_once for C#

One of the useful gems that made it into C++11 Standard Template Libraries (STD) is call_once, this nifty little method makes sure that specific code is called only once (duh) and it follows these 3 rules.

Pieter De Rycke03/07/14
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Jace Now Available for Xamarin.Android

Most of you probably already heard of Xamarin. Their products allow to develop in C# for IOS and Android. The core of Xamarin is based on the Mono CLR, so although you will not have 100% compatibility with standard .NET code, must applications and frameworks should run with some minor modifications.

Joost Van Schaik03/06/14
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Drawing Circles on Windows Phone Here Maps and Windows Store Bing Maps

One of the areas where the mapping systems for Windows Phone and Windows 8 are lacking, is the ability to draw circles. In particular in Windows Store apps, where you have the ability to use geofences, it would come in pretty handy to be able to draw the outline of a geofence (typically a circle, as this is the only supported type right now) on the map – if only for testing purposes.

Sony Arouje03/06/14
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Indexing and Searching with ElasticSearch

Last couple of days I was experimenting with ElasticSearch and different client libraries for .NET. In this post I will detail the implementation of Indexing and searching using ElasticSearch in .NET. For detailed documentation of Elasticsearch visit the official site or read this Joel Abrahamsson post.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/05/14
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Entity Framework 6 (& SQL Server Compact) (5) – Entity Framework 6 Extensions

This is a list of some of all the nice Entity Framework 6 extensions out there that expand the functionality of the Entity Framework 6 runtime. Code generator tools and Frameworks using Entity Framework are not included here, only libraries that extend DbContext or similar.

Tim Murphy03/05/14
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How Software Architecture Is Like Photography

I have found over the years that many of the IT people that I work with have photography as a hobby. Recently I stopped and realized how similar the skill of a good architect are similar to those used in photography. Below I explore what I see as common traits.

Michael Hidalgo03/04/14
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SafeNuGet in Action: Finding Packages with Known Security Vulnerabilities on Top of Visual Studio 2012

As software applications get more distributed and complicated, there is a need to rely on third party components in order to make your application scalable and reliable.

Sasha Goldshtein03/04/14
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Canada Tour 2014: Toronto User Groups and ConFoo

I spent a great week in Canada despite the super-cold weather for my taste. After all, in Israel, sub-freezing temperatures are enough of a reason to cancel school and bring public transportation to a halt. So for me, stepping outside in -15 degree weather was pretty much of a shock.

Toni Petrina03/04/14
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XNA and Visual Studio 2013

This is definitely the coolest thing I found today: running XNA in Visual Studio 2013. Thanks to the unofficial contribution, it is possible to use XNA 4.0 in Visual Studio 2013, 2012 and 2010. Find the appropriate download links at codeplex.

Gil Fink03/03/14
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Pro Single Page Application Development – Writing a Book

A few months ago Ido sent me a mail that Apress asked him if he want to write a book about Single Page Applications. Because Ido is more server oriented, he thought that this book writing is more suitable to me.

Greg Duncan03/03/14
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24 Cloud Design Patterns and 10 Related Guidance Topics, One eBook - "Cloud Design Patterns" (PDF, ePub)

This guide contains twenty-four design patterns and ten related guidance topics that articulate the benefits of applying patterns by showing how each piece can fit into the big picture of cloud application architectures. It includes code samples and general advice on using each pattern.

Rajveer Singh R...03/02/14
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ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC: Differences You Should Know!

Since the day Microsoft started working on the ASP.NET MVC framework, one of the major concerns for developers was its ability to reuse features from ASP.NET Web forms. There are many people who believe that ASP.NET MVC has replaced conventional Web Forms. Unfortunately, this perception is totally wrong!

Filip Ekberg03/02/14
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Understanding Sorting

This is the third piece in the back to basics series that I’ve been doing and this time we’re looking at one of the most fundamental algorithms out there. Arguably one of the first one you’d learn in school; sorting.

Greg Duncan03/01/14
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"Biggy: SQLite for Documents and .NET"

I've been using NeDB (a file-based document store for Node) for a few projects and I utterly love it. Such a simple idea, so fast, so elegant and many times just what I need! I had assumed that such a thing must be around for .NET because there are about 100 different kinds of lists in C#... someone must have made one with a persistent backing store!

Greg Duncan03/01/14
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Windows File System and Whitespace Characters - Do You Know The Rules?

This is something I run into all the time, Windows' automagic handling of beginning/trailing whitespaces, and code that doesn't honor that (cough... like mine sometimes).

Greg Duncan02/28/14
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Bypass the Windows Phone Store in Your App Beta Testing With Build It Beta for Windows Phone 8

Yesterday I announced that Build it Beta is now public for Windows Phone app developers, but what is Build it Beta?

Joost Van Schaik02/28/14
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A Behavior to Replace LayoutAwarePage in Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps

Sometimes I think up things all by myself, sometimes I have to read something first to let the ole’ light bulb in my brain go ‘ping’. This post is of the 2nd category, and was inspired by this brilliant piece by C# MVP Iris Classon.

Rob Sanders02/27/14
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Entity Framework 6.1.0 Beta

Some exciting news to share – for those interested in pre-releases, the next iteration of the Entity Framework – v6.1.0 has been released as a Beta just recently (Feb 11th, 2014). For those who are curious about the new features, check out this link or read the summary I’ve copied from that original article, below.

Greg Duncan02/27/14
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Bing Your IDE to This New C# Code Search Visual Studio Extension (from Bing)

Imagine wanting to read a file line by line, and process those lines. Today, we’d most likely load up a web browser, visit our favorite search engine, and start crafting a well-designed set of keywords that helps the search engine understand the problem we’re trying to solve.

Merrick Chaffer02/26/14
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How to Query Active Directory from SQL Server

Querying Active Directory from SQL Server is not as complicated as it might seem. Check out this article to find out how.

Sasha Goldshtein02/26/14
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Productivity, Exploration, Diagnostics, and Collaboration: Visual Studio 2013

On Thursday I had the pleasure of delivering a session at the High-Tech Mizpe Ha-Yamim event for decision makers (VP R&Ds, CTOs, and CIOs) in the beautiful and tranquil Safed/Rosh-Pina area.

Filip Ekberg02/25/14
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Calculating Document Distance

Previously we looked at the first part in my Back to Basics series where we understood and implemented Peak-Finding. This time we are going to talk about something slightly different; Calculating Document Distance. I really recommend you to take a look at the MIT course on Introduction to Algorithms, for this post I really recommend watching the part about document distance.

Ravi Kiran02/25/14
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Consuming ASP.NET Web API OData Batch Update From JavaScript

Consuming OData with plain JavaScript is a bit painful, as we would require handling some of the low-level conversions. datajs is a JavaScript library that simplifies this task.