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Greg Duncan08/21/12
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May the [.Net 4.5] Source be with you...

If you haven't already done so, make sure you get your hands on the new releases of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5.

Senthil Kumar08/21/12
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How to Play Default Windows Sounds in your .NET Application

If you want to play different sounds defined in the Sounds and Alerts section of the control panel in your .NET Application , you can utilize the System.Media.SystemSounds class that is defined in the System.Media namespace.

Nick Haslam08/20/12
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Visual Studio 2012 Schema Comparison

Nick Haslam discusses the Database Schema Comparison functionality, available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Greg Duncan08/20/12
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Windows 8 Unleashed Events in SoCal

Greg Duncan lists a series of events in Southern California that will help developers get a head start in Windows Store application development.

Jon Antoine08/20/12
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WPF 4.5 – Part 8: Solving Airspace Problems

With this 4.5 release, the WPF team solves airspace problems. In this post more explanation and an example of how it improves developers’ life will be given.

Anders Abel08/20/12
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EF Migrations Command Reference

Entity Framework Migrations are handled from the package manager console in Visual Studio. The usage is shown in various tutorials, but I haven’t found a complete list of the commands available and their usage, so I created my own. There are four available commands.

Prashant Khandelwal08/20/12
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ASP.NET Postback Issue With Colorbox jQuery Plugin

While working on a project I came across a weird problem while working with Colorbox jquery plugin and ASP.NET. The problem is not only with Colorbox but also with another famous plugin called Fancyox.

Punit Ganshani08/18/12
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TFS Preview: Creating an Account & Projects

Recently did I acquire the key to TFS Preview from Microsoft when I started exploring TFS and its features. Not much is known about the pricing plans, but so far as the functionality and user-experience is concerned it seems to be really impressive.

Mitch Pronschinske08/17/12
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19 Videos To Get You Up To Speed With VS 2012 and .NET 4.5 this Weekend!

If you haven't been watching the developer news out of Microsoft recently, you should probably know that the final versions of .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 are now available for download by MSDN subscribers. You should spend your weekend getting acquainted with the next big step in the MS development stack by watching these 19 videos!

Pieter De Rycke08/17/12
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Implementing an HTML5 Drag & Drop Based File Upload in ASP.NET MVC 3

In this article, I will show you how we can implement drag & drop in an ASP.NET MVC3 web application. We will create a webpage containing a simple drop area that changes of color when the user is dragging a file over the page and we will update the content of the page if the file upload was successful.

Boyan Kostadinov08/16/12
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SQL Server Scheduled Backups with NAnt

When installing and using production web applications, backup is always a must. The main goal here is to create a solution using NAnt that periodically backs up your database.

Anders Abel08/16/12
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Null Sematics in LINQ’s Sum

C# LINQ code is not always executed as C# code. With LINQ-to-SQL or Entity Framework it is translated into SQL instead. This can bring unpleasant surprises when things that can’t happen do happen.

Krishna Kumar08/15/12
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Characteristics of Great Programmers

It is useful to understand how some programmers never manage to channel years of experience into writing good code.

Greg Duncan08/15/12
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Java hates TFS 2012? NOPE! TFS 2012 SDK for Java

The first preview release of the Team Foundation Server SDK for Java includes documentation, samples and redistributable components to help you develop software products that integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012.

Jon Antoine08/15/12
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WPF 4.5 – Part 7 : Accessing Collections on non-UI Threads

Here is the seventh (OMG !) post on the WPF 4.5 new features. Collections are a part of every application and their management is probably the first thing you learn to deal with in WPF.

Ryan Alford08/14/12
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C# – XML Element Value Generic Extention Method

Recently, I was working on integrating a help desk API into one of our applications. The API would return XML and I was using LINQ-To-XML to get the values of the elements. However, a number of the elements in the API were allowed to be null, like a field for the completed date of a help desk ticket.

Jeremy Likness08/13/12
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Synchronous to Asynchronous Explained

How do you make a task asynchronous? When and where do you use the async keyword? The answer is not simple because the need to process asynchronously depends on a variety of factors.

Jon Antoine08/13/12
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WPF 4.5 – Part 6 : Markup Extensions for Events

In this post we will discover what is meant by “Markup Extensions for Events“ in Windows Presentation Foundation.

Jon Antoine08/12/12
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WPF 4.5 – Part 5 : The New BindingExpression Information

BindingExpression is a useful API when working with Bindings from code. In WPF 4.0 it lacks some information which would have made it even mode helpful. Let’s discover what WPF 4.5 brought with him on this class.

Samuel Jack08/11/12
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What’s new in C# 5.0 and VB.Net?

Microsoft now have a policy of language parity for C# and VB.Net. So both languages get Windows Runtime support, Asynchronous programming and a brand new feature, Caller info attributes. VB.Net plays catch-up, and finally gets support for Iterators.

Paul Stack08/10/12
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Why delay the VS2012 release, Microsoft?

The date is 10 August 2012. Developers have been wondering for weeks when the release of VS2012 and ASP.NET 4.5 will happen. Somasegar, cvp of dev div in Microsoft, has just announced that the final build version of VS2012 is complete.This means the product is ready for release.

Mike Hadlow08/09/12
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Sprache – A Monadic Parser For C#

Sprache is a little monadic parser by Nicholas Blumhardt that I’d encountered last year when I was writing about Monads. The lovely thing about Sprache is that you write your parser in readable C# code and build the sematic model directly in the parser code.

Troy Hunt08/09/12
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Stronger Password Hashing in .NET with Microsoft’s Universal Providers

A lot of this has to do with project templates and the best way to illustrate what’s changing is to take a look at a web project in Visual Studio 2010 and compare it to one in 2012.

Douglas Rathbone08/08/12
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Using ASP.Net MVC Validation Attributes outside of ASP.Net

Some people love them, others absolutely hate them, but if you ask me one of the coolest features in ASP.Net MVC is the Data Annotations that you use to decorate your ASP.Net MVC classes for validation. But one of the coolest things that came along in .Net 4.0 was support for this across the whole framework – even outside of ASP.Net MVC!

Paul Stack08/08/12
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Controlling IIS7 Programmatically

Being able to interact with IIS means a simple script could be run to create the required setup – both locally and on a build environment. I was able to create the following Powershell script.