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Nick Haslam10/04/12
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T-SQL Tuesday #35 – Soylent Green – #TSQL2sday

Nick Haslam asks deverlopers - what is your most horrifying discovery from their work with SQL Server?

Rodrigo De Castro10/03/12
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What? You Don't Spend Most of Your Work Time Coding?!

This is something no one tells you in college: you will not be coding as much as you think.

Sony Arouje10/03/12
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Push Data in Real-time with SignalR

We've all spent plenty of time refreshing our browsers to see the updated score of a cricket match or fresh stock details. So it's particularly cool when the browser can display updated data without a manual refresh. But how do you implement that...

Troy Hunt10/03/12
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5 Ways to do Source Control Really, Really Wrong

If working without everything being under source control is not both a scary thought and a distant memory – STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Seriously folks, we’re well and truly beyond this as a profession and many VCS products are free. Many come with very minimal financial and effort outlays.

Ayende Rahien10/02/12
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Lucene.NET is Ugly

If you've ever had to go through the Lucene.NET codebase, I'm sure you’ll agree that it's quite ugly.

Toni Petrina10/02/12
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Iterate Over Enumeration Values in C#

I needed strong type and LINQ support for enumeration values, but the built-in method returns Array which is unusable.

Toni Petrina10/02/12
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Deserializing POC Objects From Strings Using RestSharp

RestSharp is a wonderful little library for communicating with REST services. There is one thing Toni likes about it in particular – the forgiving deserialization classes.

John Cook10/01/12
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Russian Novel Programming

For a given program, you may have a location in version control, a location on your hard drive, a project name, a name for the program executable...

Mark Needham10/01/12
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Testing XML Generation with vimdiff

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a bit of time writing a Ruby DSL to automate the setup of load balancers, firewall and NAT rules through the VCloud API.

Merrick Chaffer09/30/12
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How to Create DataContracts and Translators for Entity Framework Objects

I've just come up with a fool-proof method for creating data contracts and associated translator logic from Entity Framework generated objects.

Samuel Jack09/30/12
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A Quick Guide to Registration-Free COM in .Net (and How to Unit Test It)

A couple of times recently I’ve needed to set up a .Net application to use Registration-Free COM. So, as much for the benefit of my future self as for you, I’m going to summarize my know-how before it becomes used-to-know-how.

Sasha Goldshtein09/30/12
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Sync Block Diagnostics with PSSCor2 (or PSSCor4)

In case you haven’t seen them, PSSCor2 and PSSCor4 are WinDbg extensions that augment and extend SOS functionality for .NET 2.0 and 4.0 applications, respectively.

Ricci Gian Maria09/29/12
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Entity Framework 5 First Steps – Mapping

Suppose you want to specify a maximum length for the various columns, specify not-null columns, and you want them to be named with a convention. Finally, you don't want to use identity columns.

Senthil Kumar09/28/12
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.NET Link Roundup: NFC, Diablo III API, and more

A collection of recent .NET-related links courtesy of Senthil Kumar, including posts on NFC in Windows 8 and a C# wrapper for Diablo III API.

Simone Chiaretta09/27/12
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Web.NET European Conference: Agenda Now Available

I firmly believe that the future of web development will move away from enterprise features and the needless over-engineering typical of the last decade. That’s why I’m putting so much effort into this conference.

Filip Ekberg09/27/12
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Let's Write Better Software

If consumers want to buy new phones every second year, why should vendors make phones that work for more than two years? This has gone too far, and I’m not just talking about mobile phones, but technology in general.

Daniel Mohl09/27/12
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A Single Page App With Backbone.js, ASP.NET Web API, and F#

In this post, Daniel Mohl introduces a simple example of a single page application built with Backbone.js, ASP.NET Web API, F#, and more. The example is an overly simple contacts app that allows you to view contacts and create new ones.

Filip Ekberg09/26/12
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What’s the difference between doing this and that in C#?

I often get the questions or enter discussions where the topic is: What is the difference between doing this and that in C#? It's not always that easy spotting the difference between code samples.

Douglas Rathbone09/26/12
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Integration Testing FTP Connections in .NET

Testing the way your code behaves under real world conditions makes integration tests important regardless of abstraction. Here’s a simple trick to test FTP code in the wild.

Michael Georgiou09/25/12
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Exporting CSV files in .NET

In development scenarios we often come across the need to export data from .net into CSV file format. A CSV file can be generated using different programming methods as follows.

Ricci Gian Maria09/25/12
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Entity Framework 5.0: First Steps and Impressions

In situations where the customer prefers to use only Microsoft Stack libraries, EF 5.0 is a good way to quickly write an efficient data access module in very few clicks.

Greg Duncan09/25/12
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When is XPS not XPS? When it's OXPS.

The XMLPaper Specification (XPS) was originally created by Microsoft and then adopted by ECMA TC46 as ECMA-388, the Open XML Paper Specification. This is also referred to as OpenXPS.

Juri Strumpflohner09/25/12
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Entity Framework Schema Translations

When you define a mapping in Entity Framework you'll get an EntitySet section. The problem comes when you try to work with hard-coded schema definitions.

Filip Ekberg09/25/12
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How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot with Tasks and Async

Since the release of .NET 4.5, you’ve been able to use the RTM version of Async & Await. There are some things though that can lead to very weird behaviors in your applications, and a lot of confusion.

Tim Murphy09/25/12
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Windows 8 - Initial User Experience Review

This is the first Windows OS that I have had to spend much time exploring to even get started. The first thing I ran into was when I clicked on the desktop icon - I was lost. Where is the Start menu? Where are my programs? How do I get back to the Metro environment?