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Douglas Rathbone09/27/12
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Integration Testing FTP Connections in .NET

Testing the way your code behaves under real world conditions makes integration tests important regardless of abstraction. Here’s a simple trick to test FTP code in the wild.

Michael Georgiou09/26/12
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Exporting CSV files in .NET

In development scenarios we often come across the need to export data from .net into CSV file format. A CSV file can be generated using different programming methods as follows.

Ricci Gian Maria09/26/12
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Entity Framework 5.0: First Steps and Impressions

In situations where the customer prefers to use only Microsoft Stack libraries, EF 5.0 is a good way to quickly write an efficient data access module in very few clicks.

Greg Duncan09/25/12
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When is XPS not XPS? When it's OXPS.

The XMLPaper Specification (XPS) was originally created by Microsoft and then adopted by ECMA TC46 as ECMA-388, the Open XML Paper Specification. This is also referred to as OpenXPS.

Juri Strumpflohner09/25/12
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Entity Framework Schema Translations

When you define a mapping in Entity Framework you'll get an EntitySet section. The problem comes when you try to work with hard-coded schema definitions.

Filip Ekberg09/25/12
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How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot with Tasks and Async

Since the release of .NET 4.5, you’ve been able to use the RTM version of Async & Await. There are some things though that can lead to very weird behaviors in your applications, and a lot of confusion.

Tim Murphy09/25/12
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Windows 8 - Initial User Experience Review

This is the first Windows OS that I have had to spend much time exploring to even get started. The first thing I ran into was when I clicked on the desktop icon - I was lost. Where is the Start menu? Where are my programs? How do I get back to the Metro environment?

Merrick Chaffer09/24/12
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Killing Visual Studio Quickly

Stick this in a batch file in your %systemroot%, then you can run it from anywhere.

Daniel Mohl09/23/12
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F# Templates And F# Tools for VS2012 Express for Web

The F# team announced the F# Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web. This tool set now makes it easier than ever to create web applications that use F# for the server-side heavy lifting.

Sony Arouje09/23/12
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DDPClient.NET– .NET Client For The Meteor Distributed Data Protocol

Using DDPClient.NET you can subscribe to published items or call a Meteor method and display the same in your ASP.NET or Desktop applications. Sony Arouje explains his approach.

Slobodan Pavkov09/23/12
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.NET Gotcha #1: List vs. Collection Constructor

If you check the MSDN documentation for Collection constructor that accepts generic IList you will see this text: Initializes a new instance of the Collection class as a wrapper for the specified list.

Sasha Goldshtein09/22/12
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Asynchronous WMI Queries: Stay Away From Them

WMI is known for requiring lots of attention to security. To establish a WMI connection to a remote machine, you need to muck around with registry settings, DCOM configuration, group policy details, and other infernal things which we developers like to defer to someone else.

Den D.09/21/12
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Build Is Coming Up. Here Is An Interview With Rick Barraza @ Build 2011

During the BUILD 2011 conference I got to see Rick Barraza, currently a technical evangelist at Microsoft. Here is what he had to say.

Den D.09/21/12
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Hackathons Make More Sense Than You Think

Hackathons are awesome. In this article I am sharing my experiences attending one and how that made me a better developer.

Den D.09/21/12
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"It’s Expensive Getting Hardware To Test On" Not An Excuse Not To Test

Bart van Zon put together a short blog post describing why some web developers, who chose Mac as their development platform, might attempt to avoid testing their product in Internet Explorer. Here is why the argument is not valid in the modern environment.

Greg Duncan09/21/12
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How To Host A Silverlight App In Dropbox

You're new to Silverlight App development. After struggling for a long time, the time to show it to the world has finally come. But, you don't have any web hosting account. So, what will you do? Host it on Dropbox, of course.

Jeremy Likness09/21/12
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Entity Framework: Expressing the Missing LINQ

In this post, Jeremy focus on two very subtle LINQ problems he sees people run into quite often when trying to leverage the entity access layer.

Senthil Kumar09/20/12
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5 LINQ for JavaScript Libraries

This article has several JavaScript Libraries that allow you to query JSON objects with LINQ.

Toni Petrina09/20/12
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Metro Studio – Your Modern UI Style Icons Paradise

If you ever needed to create those fancy Modern UI style icons for your Windows Phone 7 app, Windows 8 app, for your blog or some marketing newsletter, you will love this tool.

Greg Duncan09/19/12
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The "Windows 8 Store Apps Starter Kit" For VB.NET Released

This sample works with Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 or higher and targets the Visual Basic programming language.

Mitch Pronschinske09/19/12
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New MissionKit Raises the Bar for Modeling Tools

The 2012 MissionKit was just released today and it has several new features that bolster the toolkit that already has just about everything you might need for easing the process of working with data in XML and relational data stores.

Filip Ekberg09/19/12
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Things In C# That You Might Have Missed

C# comes with a lot of features, some of them not known to the average developer. Here is a list of interesting questions among other interesting things that you might or might not have have used in your day-to-day development.

Sasha Goldshtein09/19/12
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Runtime Representation of Generics — Part 2

After giving ample consideration to the design of Java generics and C++ templates, we can understand better the implementation choice for CLR generics. This article sheds some light on the internal aspect of CLR generics.

Dalip Mahal09/18/12
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Bug Tracker Hell

Whether you call it a defect or bug or change request or issue or enhancement you need an application to record and track the life-cycle of these problems. For brevity, let's call it the Bug Tracker.

Gerard Gallant09/18/12
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Our Experience at the Visual Studio Live NY Conf.

This was a very informative trip with a large amount of information to take in. I will be digging deeper into the information learned for weeks to come :)