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Dalip Mahal09/18/12
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Bug Tracker Hell

Whether you call it a defect or bug or change request or issue or enhancement you need an application to record and track the life-cycle of these problems. For brevity, let's call it the Bug Tracker.

Gerard Gallant09/18/12
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Our Experience at the Visual Studio Live NY Conf.

This was a very informative trip with a large amount of information to take in. I will be digging deeper into the information learned for weeks to come :)

Filip Ekberg09/17/12
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Roslyn CTP 3 Released — Breaking Changes

Microsoft has released yet another CTP version of Roslyn and this doesn’t come as a big surprise. Since the previous CTP (CTP2) does not work very well with Visul Studio 2012.

Christophe Geers09/17/12
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Getting Started With GitHub On Windows

GitHub is constantly growing in popularity as a source control and project management system. If you are running a Windows system, you will be happy to find out that you can use GitHub natively on the box.

Toni Petrina09/16/12
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FastSharp – Building A Fast C# Prototyping Tool Using Roslyn And AvalonEdit

LINQPad can be used to test LINQ queries against lots of data sources, but it cannot provide fast code prototyping. The obvious solution is to go and build a custom tool. Open source to the rescue.

Shayne Boyer09/16/12
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SimpleIOC And The Messenger Service In MVVM Light

The SimpleIoc addition in the most recent version of MVVMLight is a great add and really simplified the ViewModelLocator across all of the platforms supported in this framework.

Greg Duncan09/16/12
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Torque3D Is Open Source

The big news coming out of GarageGames today is that Torque 3D will be going open source under the MIT license.

Den D.09/16/12
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Querying Public Content In The Xbox Marketplace

Xbox Live Marketplace features a wide variety of game and media content. Den shows how to leverage the stock query service to get title information.

Greg Duncan09/15/12
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Easy MVVM Examples (In Extreme Detail) Available

This project will give you crash course on WPF MVVM that you can do in your lunch break! Everything you need to know about binding, INotifyPropertyChanged, Dependency Objects & Properites, POCO objects, Business Objects, Attached Properties and much more.

Merrick Chaffer09/15/12
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DataContract Attribute Gotcha

If you annotate a class with the DataContract attribute, then you must also ensure that the members you want to have serialized are also annotated with the DataMember / EnumMember attribute as well.

Toni Petrina09/15/12
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Never Return a Null Collection

The distinction between an empty collection and a non-existent collection is rarely required. However, a null collection might cause more problems than you think.

Greg Duncan09/15/12
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Why You Need To Try TFS Team Project Manager

TFS Team Project Manager automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. If you find yourself managing multiple Team Projects for an organization and have recurring tasks and questions that repeat themselves over and over again, Team Project Manager probably has some answers for you.

Rob Sanders09/15/12
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AZR331 – Casablanca: C++ on Azure

Casablanca is a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design.

Anders Abel09/14/12
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You’re a Top Developer!

Nowadays blogs and other web resources have largely overtaken books as the main source of information. Did that solve the problem? Do people read more? In my experience: Unfortunately not. The basic pattern persists: Most developers don’t care.

Rob Sanders09/12/12
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What’s new in .NET 4.5

Not a minor release.. great support for Windows 8, Async, and performance improvements. Let's dive into this very succinct guide to what's new in .NET 4.5

Ayende Rahien09/12/12
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On Professional Code

To write professional code, you need to make it easy to look under the hood.

Nick Haslam09/11/12
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T-SQL Tuesday #34: Help! I Need Somebody!

In the past few years, Nick started working more and more with SQL, and found that it is such a huge product that no one can know the whole thing (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS included), and because of that, he found several ways to get help if I need it.

Martin Hinshelwood09/10/12
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TFS 2012 – Issue: TF30063: You Are Not Authorized To Access And Can’t Trace Permissions

No matter what permissions you set or what permissions you have you get a “TF30063: You are not authorized to access /Services/v3.0/LocationService.asmx” in SharePoint 2010. Here is how to fix it.

Greg Duncan09/10/12
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Fiddler Acquired by Telerik

In a move to bolster its software testing capabilities, Telerik, a maker of software development tools, has announced its acquisition of the Fiddler Web Debugger, a popular tool created to inspect Web traffic and “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data.

Robert Maclean09/10/12
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22 Comparison Points: LightSwitch vs. Dynamics CRM vs. SharePoint vs. ASP.NET MVC

I am going to compare LightSwitch against Dynamics CRM, SharePoint & ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding in thier ability to rapidly build business applications. If you are not aware of these different products see my older post for a brief overview of them.

Greg Duncan09/09/12
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Five Free For Friday - SQL Server Tools

Need free SQL Server development tools? There are a couple of resources that might help you with this. Read this article to find out how to make the DBA life easier.

Den D.09/09/12
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KinectContrib Templates Available Through NuGet

Developing NUI applications with Kinect SDK? You might find it a bit easier to create those applications if you install the Visual Studio templates, that provide the basic skeleton for them.

Punit Ganshani09/09/12
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dI.Hook – Creating A Dependency Injection Container

Creating a dependency container is very simple. You can either choose a default implementation of Container, or you can implement the interface IContainer and write your own definition of a container.

Den D.09/09/12
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DEP2300: The Case of The Failed Remote Debug Session

In case you are having problems with your remote debugging session in Visual Studio, make sure that you are using compatible toolset versions on both the client and the server machines.

Greg Duncan09/08/12
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Branching and Merging Guide v2 for Visual Studio 2012 Released

The purpose of this guidance is to provide insightful and practical guidance around branching and merging with Team Foundation Server by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, a special group with members from the Visual Studio Product group, Microsoft Services, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP) and Visual Studio Community Leads.