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Dror Helper04/27/14
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What to Do When FakeItEasy Throws System.BadImageException

Today I had a weird problem at work. I’ve been working with a new team and they’ve been writing unit tests using FakeItEasy when they got a strange error message.

Ravi Kiran04/27/14
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Basics: Benefits of Writing Unit Tests

Quite often people ask the reasons of writing unit tests for their code. There are several benefits of writing unit tests that add value to the code as well as the developers writing the tests. I am listing a set of points here that came to my mind while thinking about the benefits of Unit testing.

Greg Duncan04/27/14
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NuGet, OneGet and MyGet is YourGet

At the Build conference, Microsoft announced the Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview which includes Windows PowerShell 5.0, updates to the PowerShell ISE, Network Switch Cmdlets and ... OneGet!

Greg Duncan04/27/14
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Building Brokered LOB WinRT App's, a Quick Guide and a Few Tips to Help You Keep Your Hair

This article shows step by step how to connect a side-loaded modern app to a legacy component via the “Brokered Windows Runtime Components for Side-Loaded applications” feature.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen04/25/14
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“Shop Talk” with Eric Sink, Zumero for SQL Server Founder

In my last blog post I introduced you to Zumero, an Enterprise solution, that allow you to replicate and sync SQL Server data across all your team's mobile devices. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Zumero founder, Eric Sink, @eric_sink at the recent SQL Saturday event in Copenhagen.

Greg Duncan04/25/14
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LOB Help in the WinRT World - "Brokered WinRT Component Project Templates"

This package contains project templates used to created Brokered Windows Runtime Components and their Proxy Stubs, which enables side-loaded modern applications to communicate with pre-existing desktop components.

Greg Duncan04/24/14
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"Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers" - Series With 19 Posts So Far

We will, during the next few weeks, together with Microsoft evangelist Peter Bryntesson post a series of blog posts regarding the new Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

Marco Siccardi04/24/14
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How to Send Mail From Your Windows Phone 8.1 App

Sometimes, we need to pass some values to a newly generated E-Mail. In Windows Phone, we always had the EmailComposeTask for that. This way was pretty straight forward. It will work in a Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight app, but not in a WINPRT app.

Daniel Mohl04/23/14
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F# Support for Web Projects

In December of last year, I announced a few templates that made it easy to create pure-F# MVC 5 and Web API 2 projects in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. In a parallel stream, the F# team was working closely with the F# community to improve the F# web development experience by adding features such as publish-to-web.

Greg Duncan04/23/14
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Want to be a Microsoft MVP? Here's a Couple What, Where and How's

It happens every three months, Jan 1, April 1, July 1, Oct 1. There's a flood of tweets and posts about how someone is now, or isn't, a Microsoft MVP. So how you do, the enterprising MS Dev, become one? Are there any tips, tricks and information about becoming a MVP? Oh yeah... Here are two.

John Sonmez04/22/14
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The Code Is NOT Greener On The Other Side Of The Cubicle

It’s really easy to become discontented with our current situation and to want to seek greener pastures elsewhere. I’m not saying that there aren’t necessarily better situations you could seek out, but finding a better job may not be your problem.

Greg Duncan04/22/14
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Prism Continues its Windows Desktop/WPF/MVVM Love with v5

Prism version 5.0 for WPF is now available. This version of Prism includes updates to existing and several new NuGet packages.

Jeremy Likness04/22/14
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Learn Angular JS, Explained with Answers, Videos and Fiddles

Having worked on various enterprise Angular projects our teams have been faced with myriad challenges to overcome and has quite a bit of “in the trenches” experience. I share what I can with other developers through my various blog posts, by on StackOverflow and through a large collection of JavaScript fiddles.

Marco Siccardi04/22/14
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How to Detect all URLs in a String to Match Twitter’s Requirements (Windows 8(.1) and Windows Phone 8(.1))

As you might guess, I am still working on that app I mentioned in my last blog post. As I was diving deeper into the functions I want, I recognized that Twitter does a very well url handling server side.

Sasha Goldshtein04/20/14
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Wrapping Up TechDays Netherlands 2014

What a crazy week it was! On Monday evening I was totally stuffed from the traditional Passover dinner at my parents’ house, and on Tuesday morning I was already flying to Amsterdam for TechDays Netherlands 2014 to deliver three talks on Azure Mobile Services and Notification Hubs.

Jonas Gauffin04/20/14
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How to Use CORS Requests in Internet Explorer 9 and Below.

This article explains how you can automatically proxy CORS requests (Cross-origin resource sharing) in jQuery without changing your existing code. The proxy is integrated in ASP.NET and works with all ASP.NET libraries like WebForms, Mvc and WebApi.

Greg Duncan04/20/14
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SQL Server 2014 Secret Killer New Feature, Cardinality Estimator

One of the gems introduced in SQL Server 2014 is the Cardinality Estimator (CE)—new! improved! & now with more cowbell. I'm thrilled to be a Technical Reviewer for a superb MSDN white paper authored by my friend, buddy, & pal Joe Sack (b|t).

Greg Duncan04/20/14
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PowerShell Gets Chocolatey NuGet with OneGet

You may have seen that we released the the Windows Management Framework V5 Preview and that one of the new features is Windows PowerShell OneGet. OneGet is designed to dramatically simplify how you discover and install software packages.

Michael Crump04/20/14
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Installing SQL Server 2014 on Windows 8.1 Update 1

I ran into a problem installing SQL Server 2014 on my Windows 8.1 Update 1 box. Here is how I solved it.

Michael Crump04/20/14
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Getting Sublime 3 To Launch your HTML page in a Browser with a Key Combo

I recently installed Sublime 3 Beta and created an .HTML file and wanted to launch it in Chrome from within the IDE without right-clicking the file and selecting “Open From Browser”.

Dror Helper04/20/14
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3 Windows Phone 8.1 Features I’m Already Using

There was a new and shiny (dev) release for my Windows Phone and I just had to install it. With trembling hands and a heavy heart I’ve installed Preview for Developers on my HTC 8x and dived right into the dreaded “download –> install –> reboot” cycle which took forever (or 30 min – hard to tell). After the final 8.1 installation finished “importing” my stuff I’ve tried turning my phone on and was genuinely amazed that it worked without a hitch.

Sundararajan Na...04/20/14
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Deploying SharePoint 2013 on Microsoft Azure Using IASS – Part 1

The objective of this article is to articulate the setup of SharePoint 2013 farm on Microsoft Azure platform using Infrastructure as a Service (IASS). Basically I pretty much followed the steps mentioned in the MSDN article. I’m using Microsoft Azure trial subscription for the entire setup of SharePoint on Azure.

Marco Siccardi04/20/14
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How to Use the WebAuthenticationBroker for oAuth in a Windows Phone Runtime WP8.1 App

After playing around with WP8.1 for a few days (like everyone else), I decided to dig a bit into development of WP8.1. As oAuth is the common authentication method nowadays for Apps and Websites, I was curios about the implementation of the WebAuthenticationBroker in a WINPRT app.

Joost Van Schaik04/20/14
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Windows Phone 8.1 – Moving Your Cursor. Don’t Panic!

No code today, but a simple how-to. I was caught off-guard by this, a lot of people – including people who I concern to be power users, are pretty much confused by the way you move your cursor around in Windows Phone 8.1.

Greg Duncan04/20/14
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Visual Studio 2013 Gets Installer Projects Support Back!

We have heard many customers express the desire that we bring back support for Visual Studio Installer projects. In fact this was one of the topmost voted on suggestions on User Voice for Visual Studio and with this extension release we hope to address your feedback both here on the blog and on UserVoice.