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Greg Duncan02/24/14
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Microsoft Open Specifications Posters v2 Released

The Open Specifications Posters (PDF format) make it easy for interoperability developers to explore the Open Specifications overview documents for Office client, Lync, SharePoint, Office file formats, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Windows.

Lohith Nagaraj02/24/14
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BDotNet Wednesday Hangout – Scaffolding in ONE ASP.NET

Bangalore DotNet User Group or BDotNet as we call it is one of the premiere and most active .NET User group in India. I am glad that I am associated with this group. We have some exceptional individuals who are passionate about technology and community and make this group stand out from others.

Douglas Rathbone02/23/14
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Who Said Building Visual Studio Extensions Was Hard?

My final VSIX was a little more involved than the above show as I extend mine to actually contain a WPF window and some more logic to add a web.config transform. As I also reused some of the great codebase over on Sayed Hashimi’s project Slow Cheetah as part of my project and Sayed’s project is open sourced using the Apache 2.0 license, I’ve decided to open source my project as well.

Anders Abel02/23/14
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Rerunning all Unit Tests with Different UI Culture

I was recently made aware that some unit tests for Kentor.AuthServices were failing on non-English computers. To handle that, I set up an Azure VM with Swedish installed and made a special unit test that would run all other tests with different UI cultures.

Punit Ganshani02/22/14
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[Solved] TF271001: Connection Timed Out Type SmtpException

The default delay in notifications is 2 minutes. If you are experiencing more than 2 minutes of delay, you can check for following solutions

Greg Duncan02/22/14
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VSO EAP++ (Visual Studio Online Early Adopter Program Extended)

At this point, we know we have some large schema changes coming this summer as we enable process customization and other important features people are waiting for. We are not going to be able maintain the the “downgrade” code path through those changes.

Jonas Gauffin02/21/14
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Introducing the Data Mapper in Griffin.Framework

As you might know I’m running a .NET exception service called OneTrueError. When I moved from a NoSQL db to SQL Azure I had to be able to work with the database in some way. I’m not using OR/Ms any more.

Greg Duncan02/21/14
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Setting up Your Windows VM debugger Support, a Cheat Sheet

Some nice steps that might not be obvious for those who don't usually setup external debuggers. Read more to get the link to the cheat sheet.

Greg Duncan02/20/14
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[Limited Time] The TFS 2013.2 RC Upgrade Weekend is Coming

You might want to consider scheduling your TFS upgrade for Friday February 28th and Saturday March 1st. During those days, Microsoft experts will be standing by to help support you in the event that you have questions or something goes wrong.

Sasha Goldshtein02/20/14
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Diagnosing a Non-Paged Pool Leak with Asynchronous I/O

I spent a few hours last week chasing a non-paged pool leak caused by a simple Win32 application. After some divide-and-conquer work, we were able to pinpoint the line of code causing the leak — a seemingly innocent WSARecv call that performs an asynchronous socket receive. How can a user-mode application cause a non-paged pool leak that quickly accumulates to dozens of megabytes of kernel memory? Read on for the details.

Greg Duncan02/19/14
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Exceptionless Error Reporting Service is Now Exceptional++

We are super excited to announce that we are open sourcing the Exceptionless code! That’s right, now you can hack on our real-time error reporting tool yourself.

Joost Van Schaik02/19/14
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Build for Both – An Instruction Video Pivot Page for Windows Phone Apps

For Windows Phone apps, the same goes a for Windows 8 store apps – a picture tells more than a thousand words and a video even more. So as promised earlier, I am going to show you how to make a video instruction pivot for Windows Phone, that works as showed here below.

John Sonmez02/18/14
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Get Up And Code 41: North Pole Expedition With Austin Dimmer

In this episode of Get Up and CODE, Iris and I got to speak to Austin Dimmer about his experiences on his expedition to the north pole. Austin has a remarkable story of persistence and determination that we can all learn from.

Greg Duncan02/18/14
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101 [+ 7] C# LINQ Samples - One Project

All MSDN LINQ 101 Samples and few more samples consolidated to Single project and given required comments for each topic.

Ravi Kiran02/17/14
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Batch Update Support in ASP.NET Web API OData

The ASP.NET Web API 2 OData includes some new features including the support for batch update. This features allows us to send a single request to the OData endpoint with a bunch of changes made to the entities and ask the service to persist them in one go instead of sending individual request for each change made by the user.

Joost Van Schaik02/17/14
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Build for Both – An Instruction Video Pivot Page for Windows Store Apps

For my game 2 Phone Pong – and its Windows 8.1 counterpart 2 Tablet Pong, that at the time of this writing is going through some interesting certification challenges – I created a page with video instructions. I did not feel much like writing a lot of text on how to connect the apps and play the game – a short video usually tells so much more.

Michael Crump02/16/14
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An Interview on How I Got Started in Programming for WP and Windows 8

I was recently interviewed by Marco Siccardi on all sorts of topics ranging from how I got started in programming to why I started developing for Windows Phone and Windows 8. He asked other great questions, that you might want to check out.

Greg Duncan02/16/14
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Visual Studio Android++ (Think "Build Android NDK Based C/C++ in VS" [Closed Beta] Extension)

Android++ is a freely distributed extension that comes with MSBuild scripts that enable Android application development within Visual Studio. It is aimed primarily at NDK based C/C++ applications, though it also incorporates customisable deployment, resource management, and integrated Java source compilation.

Daniel Mohl02/15/14
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Running D3 in Node.js on Windows Without Python

Unfortunately, the D3 NPM package has a dependency on the jsdom NPM package, which has a dependency on Contextify, which has a dependency on Python and C++.

Greg Duncan02/15/14
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If You've Ever Dealt with a "Project Type Unknown", You'll Love This List - Visual Studio Project Type GUIDs

Knowing these GUIDs will allow you to edit .csproj files to easily change a project type in cases where Visual Studio will not allow using the GUI.

Rob Galanakis02/14/14
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What a Powerful Thing Metaprogramming Is!

While editing a chapter of my book, I was introducing the concept of metaprogramming using Python’stype function. It occurred to me that I had already introduced metaprogramming several chapters earlier when introducing decorators.

Greg Duncan02/14/14
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Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP 1 Now Available [NOTE: This is NOT Go-Live!]

Awesome to see the cadence continues. I would expect that if there's another CTP that that might be Go Live (i.e. okay to use in production) but we'll see. RTW date? My WAG is at Build 2014, April 2nd.

Rob Sanders02/13/14
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A Lightweight Implementation OWIN OAuth for ASP.NET Web Forms Using Visual Studio 2013 – Part 1

Late last year I wanted to implement Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN) OAuth functionality for an administrative subdomain. As it happened, I wanted to specifically integrate OWIN/OAuth authentication/authorization for an existing Dynamic Data site (using the .NET Framework v4.5 and the Entity Framework v5) but to just authenticate using just the Microsoft API for Microsoft Accounts.

Greg Duncan02/13/14
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Windows Azure Pack (#WAPack), Related Blogs, Videos and TechNet Articles Wiki Round-up

There is a lot of info out there, but very scattered. Hopefully we can keep this WAP Wiki updated every now and then. Feel free to add to this Wiki!

Greg Duncan02/12/14
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JSON Debugger Visualizer Coming in VS 2013 Update 2

JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a popular format for transmitting data between server and client applications. The new debugger string visualizer displays JSON encoded strings in a treeview control and allows meaningful user interaction like search and highlight, copy key value pairs and copy path.