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Sundararajan Na...04/20/14
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Deploying SharePoint 2013 on Microsoft Azure Using IASS – Part 1

The objective of this article is to articulate the setup of SharePoint 2013 farm on Microsoft Azure platform using Infrastructure as a Service (IASS). Basically I pretty much followed the steps mentioned in the MSDN article. I’m using Microsoft Azure trial subscription for the entire setup of SharePoint on Azure.

Marco Siccardi04/20/14
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How to Use the WebAuthenticationBroker for oAuth in a Windows Phone Runtime WP8.1 App

After playing around with WP8.1 for a few days (like everyone else), I decided to dig a bit into development of WP8.1. As oAuth is the common authentication method nowadays for Apps and Websites, I was curios about the implementation of the WebAuthenticationBroker in a WINPRT app.

Joost Van Schaik04/20/14
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Windows Phone 8.1 – Moving Your Cursor. Don’t Panic!

No code today, but a simple how-to. I was caught off-guard by this, a lot of people – including people who I concern to be power users, are pretty much confused by the way you move your cursor around in Windows Phone 8.1.

Greg Duncan04/20/14
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Visual Studio 2013 Gets Installer Projects Support Back!

We have heard many customers express the desire that we bring back support for Visual Studio Installer projects. In fact this was one of the topmost voted on suggestions on User Voice for Visual Studio and with this extension release we hope to address your feedback both here on the blog and on UserVoice.

Sundararajan Na...04/20/14
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Deploying SharePoint 2013 on Microsoft Azure Using IASS – Part 2

This post is the continuation to my previous post – Deploying SharePoint 2013 on Microsoft Azure using IASS–part 1. The focus of the part2 of this series to cover the steps required to configure Domain Controllers (both Primary and Backup) in detail.

Jalpesh Vadgama04/14/14
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How to Convert C# Object Into JSON String with JSON.NET

Before some time I have written a blog post – Converting a C# object into JSON string in that post one of reader, Thomas Levesque commented that mostly people are using JSON.NET a popular high performance JSON for creating for .NET Created by James Newton- King. I

Simone Chiaretta04/14/14
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Speaking About Katana and OWIN at NCrafts Conference in Paris

Lately I’ve been digging deeper into the OWIN specs and in particular into the implementation done by Microsoft: Katana.

Jakub Misek04/13/14
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Phalanger 4.0

After the long break we are happy to announce progress on Phalanger and the new version 4.0. There are some major changes in functionality and planned changes in Phalanger API. Following blog post should summarize them and describe Phalanger 4.0 advantages and improvements.

Imran Baloch04/13/14
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A Sample of Onion Architecture with ASP.NET Identity

I was working on a new ASP.NET web application. In this application, I was trying to use Onion Architecture. The application was also using ASP.NET Identity 2.0. Our goal was to create application that will easily replace (if required) the ASP.NET Identity system with any other Identity system or ASP.NET Identity Entity Framework store.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen04/13/14
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An Alternative to Merge Replication with SQL Server and SQL Server Compact – Zumero for SQL Server

While looking for a migration path for a customer currently using Merge Replication with SQL Server and Windows Mobile, I came across the recently released solution from Zumero, Zumero for SQL Server.

Greg Duncan04/13/14
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[Book Review] Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook

The team at Packt have given me another opportunity to review one of their just released titles, Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook. As I usually do, I'm not going to give you a chapter-by-chapter review or rundown. Instead I'm going to give you my overall feelings and impressions about the book, what I liked and didn't and why you might want to check it out yourself.

Bruno Terkaly04/13/14
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How to Create Universal Applications with Azure Mobile Services That Leverage Push Notifications and Database Insertion and Data Retrieval

A universal application allows you to share code between tablet and phone applications. Visual Studio solution contains three projects. One project is for Windows 8 desktop, notebook, or tablet-based applications. The second project is for phone applications. the third project is the shared code base between the other two.

Gil Fink04/12/14
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Upcoming Front-End.IL Event – TypeScript and WebGL

In one month, we are having our ninth Front-End.IL Meetup. In the upcoming Meetup, we are having two one hour sessions about TypeScript and webGL.

Daniel Mohl04/11/14
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TypeScript in First-Class F# Web Projects

I was recently asked about how best to use TypeScript within a pure F# web project. Currently, there are two steps that are needed to make this happen.

Filip Ekberg04/11/14
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Xamarin and REST APIs

I was invited to the Brisbane C# Mobile Developers by Glenn, a tutor I met during my first Xamarin University course. He’s a great tutor and the Xamarin University lectures are of really high quality, if you can I’d really advice you to join the program!

Greg Duncan04/11/14
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Roslyn Gets Mono

Last week, Microsoft open sourced Roslyn, the .NET Compiler Platform for C# and VB.

Toni Petrina04/11/14
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MVP Status, Build, Conferences

It was April 1st, but the mail was real – I was re-awarded the MVP status for Visual C#. It was about time I replace the stickers on my devices anyway I hope that this year will be filled with more C# development now that Roslyn is officially available.

Greg Duncan04/08/14
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Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 Lets You Build Your Own Scaffolder

With the release of Visual Studio 2013 last October, we introduced the concept of Scaffolding to Web Application projects. Scaffolding is the framework on which code generation for MVC and WebAPI is built.

Greg Duncan04/08/14
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Mads Must Have Web Dev Visual Studio Extensions List

This year at the //build/ conference I gave a session on Visual Studio Web Tools and Web Essentials. It’s now online on Channel 9 in case you want to watch it.

Gil Fink04/07/14
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DevWeek 2014 Experience Summary

I’ve arrived back home a few hours ago after a great week in DevWeek 2014. This year DevWeek location was Central Hall in Westminster, London. What a great location for a conference!

Dror Helper04/07/14
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Faking a Long Running Asynchronous Call

A few days ago I needed to make sure that a specific method would only get called once no matter how many times it’s caller is invoked.

Filip Ekberg04/06/14
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Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler

This is truly an extremely exciting time, Microsoft is Open Sourcing the C# Compiler (Roslyn). Even without being open source, the new C# (and VB) compiler have had some proven potential. We have seen some exciting things such as semantic merge and powerful plugins for Visual Studio.

Joost Van Schaik04/06/14
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Code Sharing Strategies Between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with the New Universal Windows Apps

With the announcement of the new SDK for Windows Phone Microsoft now really starts to stress the companionship of Windows and Windows Phone, and makes it a lot easier to build apps that run on both platforms.

John Sonmez04/05/14
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How To Get Started Programming

Breaking into the software development industry can be rather difficult. It is difficult to get a job without experience and it is difficult to get experience without a job.

Filip Ekberg04/05/14
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Cross-Platform Development Using C# and Xamarin Studio Australia Tour

Are you keen to learn more about Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio? I have had a lot of interest in my Xamarin Introduction video, which was released in March, and I am very happy to announce that I will be doing a Xamarin tour in Australia!